Lovable sisters - Chapter 35

Published at 10th of July 2019 10:08:23 AM
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Chapter 35

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In the parking lot, Yu grabbed Gia's hand . Yu yelled,

"Why did do you do this?"

Gia with the grin, "I am pregnant with your baby . This time you don't do anything like this . "

Yu released her and saw someone came; they look like reporters . Yu thought "Oh no . I am in trouble . "

Yu: "Don't act like this . Someone came . Get in the car calmly . We will speak later . "

Gia smiled and kissed forcefully . Yu was trying to push her . Reporters came near and took photos .

After a few seconds, Gia slowly released him and put her hands around his neck . Gia asked with a smile, "Is it tasteful? "

Yu touched his lips and said, "You naughty girl . " Yu pretended to be smile and whispering, "Don't make noise . Get into the car . "

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Both were getting into the car and started to drive . The car left the building, and it was going to the highway .

Yu touched his lips and said, "Yeah it's tasteful . "

Gia asked, "You want more . " and placed her hand in thighs .

Yu stopped the car on the roadside . He stared Gia and asked, "What you want?"

Gia: "Nothing . you said you need my help . "

Yu: "That offer is not valid now . "

Gia's hand move between two thighs .

Yu: "Gia, take your hand . "

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Gia took her hand and said, "You don't like it . "

Yu: "I know you are not that type of woman . "

Gia: "I need money and power . "

Yu: "So"

Gia: "I want to marry you . "

Yu: "Rejected . Next . "

Gia: "Why you reject me?"

Yu: "I am not in love with you . "

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Gia: "You will love me?"

Yu: "No . I can't . Already I am in love in Ria . "

Gia: "When"

Yu: " why I will tell you . "

Gia: "I give 5 minutes to decide to marry me . "

Yu: "Gia you have a lot of guts . "

After 5 minutes, Yu said, "my decision is the same . I can't marry you . "

Gia called Lily through phone and said, "Do" .

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Yu got upset and said, "whats your plan . "

Yu phone was ringing . Gia said Yu, "Attend the phone . "

Yu attended the phone and got shocked .

Gia raised her eyebrows and said, "now what are you decide . "

Yu tried to call Ria many times, but it said switched off . He called Ria friends and asked them about Ria . Everyone didn't know where Ria is .

Yu got tensed and said, "Are you threatening me?"

Gia: "Yes . Accept my marriage proposal?"

Yu: "I will accept your contract marriage . Don't hurt Ria . "

Gia: "Ok fine . We will go to register our marriage . "

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