Lovable sisters - Chapter 45

Published at 10th of July 2019 10:08:13 AM
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Chapter 45

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In Gee's house, She was sitting idle in the hall . Her baby was playing with the toy . Her mother came and knocked her head . She woke up from her dream .

Lua: "What are you doing?"

Gee: "Lua, What lunch today?"

Lua: "Don't Change the topic?"

Gee: "Nothing, I lost my job . "

Lua: "What happened? How did you lose? Because of Xue"

Gee laid on the floor and said, "No mom, its Jingxi . "

Lua: "I have an idea . We have to move to another city . You will get a nice job in that place . "

Gee: "Lua, I don't have money . Do you have money?"

Lua: "why?"

Gee: "If we move, we need money . "

Gee saw the baby, and she was thinking fastly .

Gee: "Lua give your phone . "

Lua gave her phone to Gee . She got shocked to see Lua's phone .

Gee: "Lua, What happened your phone is broken?"

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Lua: "It's Chen, who took the phone and threw it . "

Gee looked at her baby and said, "Why did you do this?"

Chen: "sorry mom . "

Gee: "See, How I contact with your dad?"

Chen: "I want . . . see"

Gee: "Lua, see how he speak . "

Gee stood up and said, "Lua, I will go to market place to repair the phone . " Chen also stood up and saw Gee

Gee: "You want to come with me . " Chen shook her head and said, "I . "

Gee: "Wait for me . I will go and get a new toy . " Chen started to cry, and she could not stop him . So she took him to the market place .

The market place not crowded today, So she could quickly walk with Chen . She went to the handphone service shop . They told her, it takes time to repair, please come the day after tomorrow . She sauntered in that place . Chen asked her, "Mom, Ice cream . " She saw the shop and went in .

She ordered the server one chocolate ice cream . Suddenly she recognized that the girl, who served the ice cream .

Gee: "Are you Biyu?"

Biyu: "Yes, you?"

(Biyu is Ki Ba's secretary daughter . Three years ago, His secretary got an accident and passed away . )

Gee: "Gee, Ki Ba's daughter . "

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Biyu: "Ohh, Sorry I could not recognize you . How are you?"

Gee: "Not bad . What are you doing?"

Biyu: "Sorry . I can't speak to you now . So many customers . "

Gee: "No problem . I am waiting . "

Biyu left that place . Chen took more time to eat the ice cream . Biyu came and said, "My working time is over . "

Gee said with a smile, "Come on . We will go . " and she took Chen to carry .

They walked a few minutes silently .

Gee: "Biyu, How is your life?"

Biyu: "It's tough to live . When did you release from jail?"

Gee: "Three months before . "

Biyu: It's your child?" Chen started to sleep . So she carried him in the shoulder .

Gee: "yes . "After a few minutes, they reached Biyu's home . It's a very tiny place, and only two persons could live .

Gee saw the place and said with worry, "Why you live like that?"

Biyu: "We have lost my mother in childhood days . Three years ago, We lost my father also . No one came to help my sister and me . We have no money, no place to live . I have got a job in the shop . But the salary is not enough to live . "

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Gee: "Where is your sister?"

Biyu: "She went for a job . "

Gee couldn't say anything because of sorrowful, and she controlled her tears .

Gee: "How your father?"

Biyu: "My father said to me they put the case against you and he has evidence to prove your innocence . " . The tears came from Biyu's eyes .

Gee: "And then . "

Biyu: "That night, One lady came and visited my house to get the evidence . He refused to give her . Next day I got the news from cops . He said your father got accidents . "

Gee came to close and comforted her . She thought carefully and took the decision .

She said, "Please move house and come to stay with my family . I will support you . "

Biyu said immediately, "I will come with you . I need someone support . "

Gee: "Go and pack your things . "

Biyu: "I will pack, and we will wait for my sister . "

Gee laid Chen on the bed, and she helped Biyu to pack things .

Suddenly someone came and closed the door . Gee got shocked and said, "What are you doing? Why you close the door . "

Biyu: "It's my sister, Bao . "

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Boa was panting .

Gee: "oh, Hi Bao . "

Bao took some time to speak because of her breathed and said, "Cops chased out me . So I run . "

Gee: "For what?"

Biyu: "She always like this . She becomes a con artist . "

Gee got sad and embraced her

"In future, Don't do like this . "

Bao confused and asked Biyu, "Who is she?"

Biyu: "Dad's boss daughter, Gee . "

Bao got angry and said, "Because of her, we suffered like this . "

Biyu: "Don't get angry . In the future, we will live under one roof . "

Bao: "No, I am not . "

Gee: "Go and catch by cops . "

Biyu: "Don't behave like this . We will go and live with her family . "

Bao had thought fastly and desired to go to Gee's house . They vacated that house and moved .

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