Lovable sisters - Chapter 49

Published at 10th of July 2019 10:08:09 AM
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Chapter 49

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Wu was driving very fastly . Xue got tensed and sat calmly on the back seat of the car . Tian Yu sat on the front and tried to call Ria .

Xue watched Yu and grabbed the phone from his hand .

Yu: "Please give it to me . "

Xue threw the phone through the window .

Yu: "Idiot, Why did you do this?" and hit Xue .

Wu: "Stop that"

Yu: "Stop the car . I need my phone . "

Wu stopped the car in the roadside . Yu came down from the car and walked towards the phone . But it got stuck in another car's tire and broke into pieces .

Wu and Xue watched that and got laughed .

Yu became mad and pulled Xue's collar started to fight . After a few seconds, everyone got laughed .

Yu: "Great relief . No phone . No tension . "

Wu: "Come on and get in the car . "

Xue: "Where we go?"

Wu: "Somewhere"

They reached the newly built apartment .

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Yu: "Bro, you got the condo . "

Wu: "No, It belongs to Lei Wei . "

Xue: "See, he is waiting for us . "

Lei Wei came, gave the condo key to Tian Wu .

Lei Wei: "I bought some food for you . Please enjoy it . "

Wu: "Thank you . "

Xue: "Be sure, No one knows we are here . "

Lei Wei: "Its new one, few condos are occupied . In the 8th floor, except for mine, all are vacant . "

Wu: "Okay, We are leaving . "

Yu: "Room No and door password . "

Lei Wei: "Room is on the left side near the lift, and door number is 8888 . "

He bowed and left that place .

Yu: "I need wine or beer . "

Xue: "I also . "

Wu: "Go and buy . "

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Yu: "What? I go and buy . "

Wu: "If you want, you go and buy . "

Yu: "I am the laziest person . "

Xue: "Okay, Yu, and I go to buy . "

Wu: "I will go to the room, Which room?"

Yu: "Right side near the elevator and password is 8888" . Both took the car to buy drinks .

Wu went to the 8th floor using the elevator . Elevator opened, he saw the right side of the room, using that passcode to open the door .

Meanwhile, Xue asked Yu, "Why you said to Wu wrongly?"

Yu said, "Using that passcode, the right side room can't open . He is waiting for us in the lobby . "

Xue: "If he had a problem . he calls Lei Wei and asks about the room . "

Yu: "No, he can't . I took his phone from the coat pocket . "

Here Wu entered the room and saw everything . He thought

"Newly, he arranged everything . "

"No one is here . First, we will take a bath . "

He removed his dress and opened the wardrobe . He saw many ladies clothes are in the closet . He got confused, took the towel, and wore it .

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He walked towards the bathroom and heard water splashing sound . He opened the door forcefully . He saw someone was taking a shower and he recognized its Biyu .

Biyu got shocked and shouting .

Biyu: "What are you doing?"

Wu: "What are you doing in my house?"

Biyu: "Stupid, it's my home . "

Wu: "It's your home? how"

Biyu: "I will call the police . "

Wu:" First, put some dress . "

She was looking down her body and realized she didn't wear anything . She capered and moved all over the place . She left the bathroom and took the bedsheet to cover her body .

She saw his dress on the floor

He came from the bathroom and saw her .

Wu: "Nice dress . "

She got annoyed and said, "How do you come to my home?"

He said, "Your uncle give me passcode"

Biyu: "My uncle?" and she thought, "Its Lei Wei . Why he gave her . It's also part of the plan . What will I do? Seduce him and marry him . "

"My mind is not working fastly . I approach him . How?"

She saw her top to bottom and turned back

She approached him and started to kiss him . He accepted her . He moved his hand and removed the bedsheet cover . She shouted suddenly, "Ohh Its dream . "

Wu: "Why you are shouting . You thought I would take advantage . "

Biyu: "Nothing"

Wu: "Your body is not attractive . You look very skinny . "

Biyu: "Go, wear your dress and get out my place . " said with loud .

Wu: "Get out . I am your boss . "

She got mad and took his dress .

Wu: "Why you took my dress . Put it down . "

She opened the door and threw it in the lobby . Wu got angry and asked, "Why you threw like this?"

She pushed him to the lobby, closed the door, and locked inside .

He was fuming and saw her action . He started to knock on the door . But no response from her .

The lift opened, Tian Yu and Xue came and saw him . Yu said with laughing, "My plan works out . "

Xue: "Come on, bro, our room is on the opposite side . "

Yu opened the room, and they walked to his condo .

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