Love Betrayal - Chapter 16

Published at 24th of August 2019 09:54:25 PM

Chapter 16

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Day 7 (cont . . . ):

I walked down the staircase and saw Third Senior smiling at me . I threw the book at him and he caught it .

"You found the book . " he said happily .

"There's nothing!" I yelled .

"Yeah, there's supposed to be nothing . " he said .

I got pissed and said "So you knew the whole entire time and still made me go up there . "

"Yup . " he said as he nodded his head .

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I got up and striked at him .

"Woah, you should calm down . I think I told you the wrong number, you need book 3568, book 3568 had all of the moves . "

"I opened my palm and book 3568 appeared . "

Third Senior looked at me in confusion and I said " I knew it already, you're tricks won't work on me . "

I smiled and opened the book .

"How did you know?"

"Well, I had some help . . . . "

1 HOUR AGO . . . .

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"What the heck, 3569 is empty . "

At that moment, Snow appeared and the book 3568 fell to the floor . I walked to where the book dropped and picked it up .

"This is the book?"

Snow nodded and everything made sense .

"He was gonna make me walk down, then walk up, that idiot wait till I get down there and deal with you . "

I looked at Snow and stretched out my hand . Snow came forward and layes down, "Thank you" I whispered and he disappeared .

I took 3568 and it sunk into my palm . I took 3569 and started to walk down the staircase .

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NOW . . . .

"That Crystal Bear helps, it even saw through my trick . "

I punched him and said "That's what you get . "

"But be careful, there are many people who would want a Crystal Bear . But Crystal Bears only choose one owner and when the owners die they die . "

"So if I die, Snow dies?"

"Yup . "

"Wait, why should I trust you? How do you know that I have a Crystal Bear?"

"Mr . Liang Feng told me . I was once in contact with one but it's owner probably died cause when I saw it, it was starting to disappear . This cause me to be interested it in and help Crystal Bears that are still living . "

"So that's why Mr . Liang Feng made you my Senior . "

"Probably . "

I smiled, "I'm grateful to have a Senior like you . "

"You better!" he said .

"Then I'll take that back . "


I ran out the library and he followed me .