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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:51:14 PM

Chapter 102

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Yu Yan widen her eyes, his face is close, and she can clearly see his clear scarlet eyes that looks like full of blood while his breath is sweet and hot that touches her face .

Se . . seduce? . . .

Who's seducing you?

A jumping rabbit keeps on rushing inside her heart, Yu Yan shook her head as a response to Li Fu Jin's question but without a warning, her head slightly knock on the closet .

Yu Yan: " . . . "

Li Fu Jin pressed his lips into hers with a little bites like he will pierce his teeth but it did not take too long when he stopped and retreated while looking straight to her eyes .

"Don't make me break what I said" he said with a threatening voice .

Yu Yan: " . . . "

'What did I do?'

After saying his words, Li Fu Jin let go of her and turned to leave . Yu Yan almost fell on the ground because of nervousness .

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She was so frightened when Li Fu Jin suddenly pounced at her while she is just wearing nothing else but a bathrobe .

Yu Yan took a deep breath and went to her own closet, wearing her red pyjamas and went out of the bedroom, but she did not see Li Fu Jin in the living room .

Wandering around their new home, Yu Yan started to feel hungry, therefore, she went to the kitchen and tried to cook something to eat .

However, just like when she tries to cook on her apartment, the pan suddenly burn that almost flash on her face!

Fortunately, there was a strong arm who pulled her away, bumping her back on his chest but before she can turn head . . .

"Don't cook if you can't" ,Li Fu Jin's voice are still cold,

Yu Yan lowered her head with embarrassment and faintly said, "Sorry . . . "

"Hungry?" ,his voice didn't change .

Feeling embarrassed that she is hungry but cannot cook, Yu Yan lightly nod without looking at him .

"Kiss me and I'll cook"

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Yu Yan: " . . . "

Yu Yan subconsciously raise her head to turn to her right and look at him with disbelief .

What is he playing?!

Watching Li Fu Jin's expressionless face, Yu Yan's reflection become dim . She narrowed her eyes but it widened after a quick kiss landed on her lips .

"Paid" he said without changes on his voice or expressions .

Yu Yan: " . . . "


With her surprise looks, Yu Yan doesn't understand what Li Fu Jin is thinking, and he keeps on kissing her .

Thinking about it, Yu Yan's face become gloomy, she is about to remove his arms around her but . . . .

"Ahh!" ,Yu Yan screamed,

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She was startled when Li Fu Jin suddenly lifted her, but Li Fu Jin just looked at her coldly and walk towards the living room to put her down carefully in the couch .

"Never step in the kitchen" After his words, Li Fu Jin kissed her again!

Yu Yan: " . . . "

'Stop kissing me!!

Are you addicted?!'

Yu Yan wanted to say those words but it can't leave her throat . She is afraid that Li Fu Jin might get mad and kill her .

Li Fu Jin's mouth twitched while watching every reaction on her face . He left the living room and went to the kitchen to cook .

Yu Yan can only wait, but her uncomfortable feeling made her lay in the couch and suddenly fell asleep .

When Li Fu Jin is done cooking, he went back to the living room but saw Yu Yan sleeping while her legs are hanging in the couch .

Li Fu Jin: " . . . "

He walked forward and bend his knees to sit beside her while looking at her sleeping face .

"Troublesome" ,he mumbled .

Running his fingers to sway her hair from her face, he felt her skin is hot . He holds her forehead and found out she still has a fever .

Li Fu Jin: " . . . "


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