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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:49:59 PM

Chapter 125

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Zhiyuan chuckled while watching her frightened expression, "Don't worry, even if I bite you, you won't turn into a Gǎnrǎn . . "

Yu Yan: " . . . "

"Why . . . . ?" Yu Yan woke up from her fear, but her voice sounded scared .

He smiled sweetly while enjoying Yu Yan's adorable face, "Because you're special . "

"You . . . know something . . . about me?" Yu Yan tried hard to calm her voice .

"Oh, you're not aware?" Zhiyuan chuckled while he looks at her cute curious face .

Yu Yan shook her head while despondency surfaces on her eyes . "Can you tell me everything you know?"

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Zhiyuan is reluctant to answer her question, however, watching her pitiful face he sighed . "I don't think I'm the right one to tell you, it's hard to explain but I will try . . . "

"Please . . . I want to know everything . " she said faintly .

Zhiyuan rouse his eyebrows, he tries to think of a simplified explanation . "You have a body of a human, but your blood is mixed with a blood of Xuè shòu, but you are not a Xuè shòu . . . Does that make any sense?"

Yu Yan: " . . . "

How is it possible?

Right after listening to his explanation Yu Yan's face shows bewilderment . It was out of her imagination that it is possible to mix a human and Xuè shòu's blood without turning into a Gǎnrǎn, what is worse is that it is running through her veins .

Knowing that Xuè shòu are a powerful beast, there are no other information about their kind, and not even where they came from .

Therefore, Yu Yan still did not speak, she open her mouth, but she doesn't know what to ask or how to understand what he was saying .

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Fortunately, Zhiyuan understood that Yu Yan is still confused, he continues to smile while adding more details about his kind . " You should know that a Xuè shòu are blood drinking beast, but I can't tell you where we came from . "

Yu Yan: " . . . "

Drinking blood?!

With disbelief, there were no words came out from Yu Yan's mouth that made Zhiyuan continue . "Don't worry, you are not a (1)Bàn xuè shòu . . . I never heard of a Xuè shòu succeeded to have a child with a human, unless . . . "

An idea came up to his Zhiyuan's mind, he continued while smiling mischievously . "We can try to make one . "

Bàn xuè shòu are half human and half xuè shòu, this kind of combination never happened . Aside from a human turning into a Gǎnrǎn whenever they meet, it is a prohibition in their nature .

Listening to his explanation, Zhiyuan's last words made Yu Yan's face turns dark like a pot, even if she has no idea how to make a child, she knows it's something that only a husband and wife can do .

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Finally, Yu Yan speaks after ignoring Zhiyuan's last sentence, she took a deep breath, but she can't continue to finish what she wants to say . "Then how did you know that I . . . . . " .

"The fragrance of your blood . . . " he interrupted with a thirst on his words .

Yu Yan: " . . . "

"Fragrance of my blood?" she murmured while in daze .

Zhiyuan chuckled, "Surprised? Don't you know that your scent is very tempting? . . "

"It feels like I will go crazy when I smelled your blood, just like the night when I saved you . " he continued .

Not hearing a response from Yu Yan, Zhiyuan suddenly asked, "Did you ever meet a Gǎnrǎn?"

Zhiyuan's question took Yu Yan's attention, she nodded after remembering the night she met Li Fu Jin . "It immediately attacked me right after he sees me . . "

"That's because your blood smells tasty, and your body scent is different, it might be the effect of combining a human and a Xuè shòu's blood . "


Wait . . . Blood?

Yu Yan suddenly remembered the times that she have a taste of blood in her mouth when she wakes up . "Do I . . . . drink blood?"


(1)Bàn xuè shòu - Chinese word for half-blood beast

Xuè shòu - Chinese word for blood beast

Gǎnrǎn - Chinese word for infected

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