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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:45:30 PM

Chapter 207

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For the past few years, Fa Liling secretly has a deep admiration for Li FuJin ever since she has seen him, but she always failed to approach or get near him more than three steps .

Henceforth, a deep loathing began to warp Fa Liling against YuYan, especially the time that Li FuJin took her into his arms that she felt she should be the one on her place .

Narrowing her eyes, Fa Liling said with sarcasm . "Mo YuYan, don't be too confident . . You're no longer paired with Li FuJin . . "

An unpleasant atmosphere immediately covered the platform right after Fa Liling's words, but a chuckle was promptly heard from Zhiyuan .  

Watching the murderous eyes looking at YuYan, Zhiyuan feel excited for the battle to begin, but there's a unknown flash on his clear blue eyes .      

What the two girls didn't know is that Zhiyuan can clearly sense their pumping heart that is full of hatred, while their blood unceasingly rushing though their veins .      

"It seems someone's jealous . . . Don't worry, I'll just watch . . Let's see if you'll match her . . " Zhiyuan said with confidence while he smiled mischievously .      

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YuYan: " . . . "      Jealous?

After his words, he hooked his arm around YuYan's shoulders while he whispered on her ears, but the other two girls did not even hear what he said despite their martial art skills .

Hearing Zhiyuan's words, YuYan blinked her eyes innocently then she slightly turned her head to nod without hesitation .        

Not long after, her cute black eyes turned to look at the two girls standing ten steps away from them while she continued listening to Zhiyuan .        

"Understood?" Zhiyuan said with excitement after whispering on her ears .        

YuYan immediately nodded, while the timer for evaluation started that will only last a maximum of one hour unless one of the pair can no longer fight before time runs out .        

With an enchanting smile on Zhiyuan's lips, he stepped back away from YuYan giving her a sign to fight alone while he will watch behind her .

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Surprisingly, YuYan's innocent eyes suddenly changed into a cold eyes that seems to evoke her inner desire, while her lips curved showing a mocking smile .  

"No killing . . " Zhiyuan suddenly reminded while he keeps on smiling enchantingly, but looking scary .        

Hearing Zhiyuan's reminder, Fa Liling laugh like she heard a joke . "No killing? Are you kidding me? Does she even have the strength to fight?" She said with disdainful voice .      


Like a lightning, a swift heavy blow to her abdomen unexpectedly came from YuYan making Fa Liling stepped back away from Tang Shisu .

There was an unknown excitement that runs through YuYan's veins right after Zhiyuan whispered his words that made her heart seems looking for blood .

Recovering from shock, Fa Liling did not expect that YuYan would suddenly attack after she speaks, while the quick move against her was not what she imagined .

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Boom! Boom! 

Without a warning, YuYan moved fast like a thunderbolt that hits Fa Liling continuously, making her unable to react .

YuYan continued to strike, hitting her back followed by a powerful force on her palm straight to Fa Liling's chest making her slam down on the ground .      

Tang Shisu: "!!!"  Since when did she learn to move fast?       


Tang Shisu swiftly attacked YuYan after recovering from disbelief, sending a powerful wave of fist towards YuYan's chest, making her step back few steps away from Fa Liling .  

Spitting a mouthful of blood, YuYan wasn't able to dodge after her attack landed on Fa Liling, but her body felt stiff after feeling a murderous eyes watching her .  

YuYan: " . . . "   Li FuJin!  Don't even dare to kill!    

Feeling Li FuJin's murderous gaze, YuYan's heart began pumping fast, she recalled how warning not to get hurt or else he will kill them .

Boom! Bang! 

Being distracted because of Li FuJin's gaze, a strong force hits YuYan on her chest that made her step backwards, while another strike is about to hit .  

She immediately raised her arm to block Fa Liling's legs that almost hit her face, while she counter attack by sending her own strong kick .

Boom! Boom! 

Dodging and blocking each others attacks, the two girls worked perfectly together against YuYan, sending persistent heavy blow on each strike .

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