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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:55:34 PM

Chapter 25

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Suddenly, Lou ShenRu felt a murderous gaze that he don't want to know if who it was . So he just touch his nose and said:

"Fine . . Fine . . If you say so, I will take care of your big brother . "

Yu Yan looked back at Mo Yu Min who is still on her arms and said: "You will visit me okay? . "

However Mo Yu Min did not answer, he just looked at Yu Yan with a blank expression .

After a minute Mo Yu Min smiled like a sun shinning after a storm . He kissed Yu Yan on her nose then kissed her forehead and embraced her tightly .

"You should go . You will miss your flight . . "

After saying this, Mo Yu Min released her from his arms but a strong arm behind Yu Yan wrapped her waist pulling her away .

When Yu Yan looked at the owner of the arm it was Xiao Feng Yun . She sighed tried to smile looking back at Mo Yu Min .

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Yu Yan turned around to leave and started to walk forward without looking back at Mo Yu Min, afraid that she will run back to him .

MouJin who was standing beside Lou ShenRu stepped forward and bowed down to Mo Yu Min giving him her respect .

"Take good care of her . . " Mo Yu Min said .

"Yes Master . . "

She looked at Lou ShenRu and they just nod with each other .

MouJin turn around and followed Yu Yan and her twin brothers together with the dark guards that was sent by their father .

Mo Yu Min and Lou ShenRu stood on the same spot watching them disappearing on their sight . When Yu Yan and the others were gone, Mo Yu Min turned and left followed by Lou ShenRu .

. . . . Back in (1)Villa

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Following Mo Yu Min, they both entered his study room .

He sat on the sofa while Lou ShenRu sat across him in a relax position .

"You've acted very well . "

Lou ShenRu chuckled "Don't you think I should have joined the entertainment industry?"

Mo Yu Min didn't respond to his joke but said: "Take it off . "

"Right now?"

Lou ShenRu smiled mischievously, then slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing his body with eight pack abs and a firm toned chest .

Mo Yu Min stood up and sat beside Lou ShenRu . He guided Lou ShenRu on how to lay on his lap comfortably .

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He raised his hand and place it on Lou ShenRu's chest using his fingers to press on on Lou ShenRu's flesh exploring it carefully .

After a couple minutes Mo Yu Min's fingers stopped, gently pressing on his right chest then Mo Yu Min took a knife out of nowhere and cut Lou ShenRu's flesh .

"Ah!" Lou ShenRu cried in pain .

Blood rushing through his skin when Mo Yu Min cut his flesh vertically with a five inches long wound .

"Shut Up!"

"Are you kidding me? It hurts!! What kind of knife is that?"

Mo Yu Min did not answer, he also cut his palm releasing a lot of blood dripping on Lou ShenRu's wound .

Mo Yu Min slid his fingers on Lou ShenRu's wound and began to explore inside his flesh .

Lou ShenRu has been grinning his teeth in pain, his face is pale and big drop of sweat are forming on his forehead .

After a couple of minutes Mo Yu Min pulled out his fingers taking a (2)spiderleech out of his body placing it on his palm .

In an instant, a black flame appeared on Mo Yu Min's hand burning the spiderleech leaving nothing .

Mo Yu Min made a fist making his hand drop more blood on Lou ShenRu's wound .

In less than a minute, Lou ShenRu's wound started to heal fast making the wound disappear without a trace .



(1) Villa - Mo Yu Min's Mansion

(2)Spiderleech - from the word itself, a leech that looks like a spider .

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