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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:41:52 PM

Chapter 267
Mo YuMin said with an unbearable cold voice . "Lock her down" he stood up, but he paused his steps when he is about to leave . "Don't lose her on your sight" Lou ShenRu: " . . . " Lou ShenRu is dumbfounded! Although he grew up and been with Mo YuMin all the time, he never imagined for his best friend being so possessive . Mo YuMin commanded . "Don't let her get near to YuYan . She will kill MouJin if she founds out" He disappeared without giving a chance for his best friend to speak . Lou ShenRu: " . . . " Now you're afraid of your sister! Knowing how possessive YuYan was to her first older brother, Lou ShenRu doesn't know if he will laugh or cry because of his best friend's complicated situation . With YuYan's tantrums when it's about Mo YuMin, Lou ShenRu knew she will not hesitate to kill MouJin for being with her favorite big brother . At the same time, YuYan's words in the airport when he mentioned about Mo YuMin will get married one day rang on Lou ShenRu's ears . 'No! My big brother will not! He is only mine!' Nevertheless, a smile appeared on Lou ShenRu's lips when he recalls that YuYan keeps on sneaking into Mo YuMin's bedroom in the Villa every night to sleep beside her big brother when he is already asleep . With those wonderful times they had before in D country, Lou ShenRu can only sigh, he can't help but to miss the old days while he continued to drink his tea . . . . . . Back to YuYan (last night) . . . Being held by Lu JunShi who knew that she is feeling thirsty for blood, a sharp tooth instantaneously penetrating his flesh while she started to sip his blood . After a mouthful, the thirst on her throat did not dissipate while she let go of his neck, but the taste did not satisfy her that made her want more . Letting go of YuYan on his arms, Lu JunShi looked at her while he gently wiped the remaining blood on her soft lips . Feeling her rushing blood through her veins, Lu JunShi feel complicated . "You want something else?" He asked with a worried voice . Looking at Lu JunShi, YuYan did not speak, but her mind is debating with her heart because of the taste that seems different from what she remembers . "I want to be alone . . . " YuYan finally speaks while a suspicion began to spread on her heart . Hearing her words, Lu JunShi started to feel nervous while he felt complicated knowing that YuYan might be looking for the taste of her ex-fiancee's blood . "But if I leave . . . Promise me you'll stay here . . " Lu JunShi said while he worries that YuYan might go out of control and ended up killing someone . Staring at him without any expressions on her eyes . "I can handle myself . . " a serious voice emerged from YuYan's mouth . With her request, Lu JunShi can only nod before he stood up and walked towards the bedroom door, but he looked back at YuYan before he completely left . Staying in bed while staring at nowhere, YuYan noticed a presence on outside the balcony, but she did not move while waiting to see who it was . Not long after, the balcony door was slowly opened, while in just a couple of seconds, a familiar beautiful face appears on YuYan's eyes . Looking at the young man who suddenly came, there was a sweet enchanting smile on his lips while he started to walk towards her . "Zhiyuan . . . " YuYan faintly cried while with unknown reason, tears suddenly fall on her eyes . "I don't feel well . . . " She complained . Watching her tears falling on her cheeks, Zhiyuan swiftly pulled YuYan on his arms while he smells blood from her that made him worried . Seeing her crying face, hatred began to spread through his veins while his heart keeps pumping fast like he wanted to kill Mo YuMin . Burying her adorable face on his chest, Zhiyuan wanted to take her away, but the prohibition around the mansion is too strict .
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