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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:37:20 PM

Chapter 331
"Ahh!" Lao Daquan screamed in pain when she suddenly dig her fingers that seems been sharpened . She pulled out both of his eyes without mercy .   Taking Lao Daquan's eyes out of his face, YuYan sees him like a stuffed toy that doesn't suit his eyes . "Let's take this out . It doesn't look too good . Then let's place something else . . "  Li FuJin: " . . . "  Li FuJin is stunned after seeing YuYan's unanticipated inhumane activity towards Lao Daquan . He has never imagined that YuYan has this side .   His body instantly frozen in shock while he continued to stare at YuYan's face, but her lips shows an inhumane smile while she watches Lao Daquan screaming in pain .   At the same time, YuYan keeps on ignoring Lao Daquan who is screaming on pain, but she ripped his shirt to dig her sharp nails that came out of nowhere, on Lao Daquan's flesh .   She mercilessly peels off his skin on his chest . "Eh? Your skin is not soft like my teddy bear . . I'll take it off okay?"  YuYan opened up Lao Daquan's body revealing his internal organs . "Huh? What are these . . " She pulls his liver with amazement . "And this is? My doll doesn't have it . . "  "Uh, And these? They're soft . . " YuYan keeps on mumbling while she took out Lao Daquan's intestines . "Why do you have big soft threads? My toys don't have those . . "  "Oh! I remember the books big brother showed me . . Toys don't have those . . " Laying in pool of blood, YuYan took out everything until she pulled out his heart . "Found your heart!" But she suddenly stopped . She felt Lao Daquan's beast while a sudden drop of temperature immediately spread towards the forest that made YuYan turned her head to look where it came from until . .   Boom!  A heavy blow made the ground shaking, but it did not hit YuYan when she instantly vanished from Lao Daquan's dead body in a pool of blood .   "Master!" Huski screamed with a shaking voice while he knelt down beside Lao Daquan's lifeless body . "Master . . I'm sorry I'm . . . . " He chocked .   A soft little hand suddenly gripped his neck followed by a crackling sound, his body suddenly fell on the ground while his head is hanging in the air .   Holding Huski's hair on her left hand, YuYan threw it way . "Your head is ugly!" She kicked his headless body and digs her hand on its chest to take out his heart . "Found yours!"  YuYan stood up and stares at Lao Daquan and Huski beneath her feet with an opened body that reveals its bones, while their internal organs are scattered outside their bodies . As for Li FuJin, he was shocked the whole time while watching how cruel and violent did YuYan treated the two beings, was completely frozen like a statue .   His eyes constricted while staring at YuYan wearing the green robe that he gave her to wear, is no longer the same color, but it already has a mass of blood .   "Now you know how cruel she is . Will you still love her?" Lilo suddenly whispered on Li FuJin's ears that made him came back to his senses .   However, Li FuJin's eyes did not leave YuYan's face while his thoughts are still digesting what he sees . His heart still can't believe that this is what will came into his sight .   Considering that he is a merciless beast hunter, Li FuJin did not go to this extent, but what he saw is completely out of his imagination .   "What is she?" Li FuJin asked with a shaking voice but he remained staring at YuYan's innocent face . "How did she end up like this?"  A chuckle came from Lilo . "Does it matter? Will you be willing to stay with her?" Lilo continued to whisper with a mischievous voice on Li FuJin's ears .   "Is she aware of what she's doing?" Li FuJin continued to asked but he is still unaware that his voice is trembling . "Is this why she is sealed?" 
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