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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:52:57 PM

Chapter 72

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Xi Ran pouted his lips and alleged with disappointment . "I'm not planning to do anything bad to her . "

MeiFen narrowed her eyes, "it's not like I don't know you!"

"Why? Are you jealous?" with a playful smile on his lips while looking at MeiFen .

"Jealous my a . s . s! You're not my type!" she scorned .

Within those years that they were always in pair for evaluation, Xi Ran did try to take advantage of it to get closer to MeiFen, unfortunately, he never succeeded .

If there was a girl who doesn't like Xi Ran, despite his beautiful appearance, it will be MeiFen, without knowing why, she never put him in the eye .

"If you're not jealous, then let me enjoy my baby . " he looked back at Yu Yan with a sweet smile .

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Yu Yan can only blink her eyes, she doesn't know what Xi Ran is doing, after all, they need to follow their father's order .

"She's not your baby!" MeiFen pinch hard on Xi Ran's ears while pulling him away from Yu Yan .

"Ah! It hurts!" Xi Ran cried, "Hey it's not my fault that my seat is in front of her desk!"

Finally, Yu Yan speak, "You're . . . . from this sector?"

Xi Ran nodded while he holds MeiFen's wrist but her fingers did not let go of his ears .

Big bother is my classmate?

No wonder he told me to let him join whenever I make troubles .

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There was a quick twinkles on Yu Yan's eyes but it did not miss on MeiFen's eyes and made her worried .

"Yu Yan, stay away from him, he only wants to bed you . "

Bed . . . bed me?


Yu Yan have no idea about adults bed exercises, therefore, she only thought about 'literary sleeping' .

Xi Ran chuckled, and said with an exciting voice, "I won't bed her, but I would love it if she can sleep beside me!",

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'Feng Yun always keeps her to sleep beside him on his room, it's so unfair!' Xi Ran complained on his heart .

'This time, it's my turn, I'll enjoy being with my baby sister and take her away from Feng Yun!'

Watching Xi Ran smiled while on his thoughts and looking at her, Yu Yan subconsciously smiled back and had a light nod that made MeiFen misunderstood .

"No! Yu Yan, wake up! He is a playboy, he loves playing with women's body! Don't be fooled by this monster!" MeiFen worries, she thought that Yu Yan liked Xi Ran too .

Xi Ran finally broke free from MeiFen's fingers, he is rubbing his ears that already turned red after being pulled by her .

After hearing what MeiFen said, Xi Ran's face become gloomy, and said to himself, 'How can you ruin my reputation in front of my baby sister?!

"I'm not fooling her . " Xi Ran claimed with annoyance .

As for Yu Yan, she just blinked her eyes, those words still confused her and have no idea what it means .

My big brother loves playing with women's body?

Playing with women's body?


With questions on her mind, Yu Yan didn't know what the other students think about, just like MeiFen, with her innocent looks, they were thinking that Xi Ran approached her because he is interested to bed her .

While Xi Ran is arguing with MeiFen about Yu Yan, neither they know that there are pair of eyes who's beginning to have hatred towards Yu Yan .

Out of nowhere, a voice was heard from the door entrance of the homeroom .

"Xiao Xi Ran, I didn't expect that there will be a day that I'll see you inside the homeroom . "

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