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Chapter 73

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The argument between Xi Ran and MeiFen immediately stopped and all of them quickly turn their attention to that person .

It was a 30 years old woman who's wearing eye glasses with her hair tied up neatly on her head stepped into the homeroom .

Ms . Cheng is one of the fourth sector's professors . With her age, she still looks young and her appearance is average .

Wearing a white collar blouse and a black slacks that fits her round hips and legs like her body seems owns by a woman at age of 25, she walks graciously that makes any to man drool .

Xi Ran's eyes sparkled while looking at her from head to toe . His imagination of her being with him rolling in bed started on his mind .

However, his imagination was interrupted when MeiFen spoke with scorn, "You're drooling . "

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He came back to god and turn his head to MeiFen with an evil smile saying, "then you should go with me instead . " ,then he started to look down from her face to her chest .

Without any notice, a fist touched his face, hitting his left cheek while he fell on his chair and stumble on the floor .

It was MeiFen who punch him on the face with aggravated face with a narrow eyes watching Xi Ran sitting on the floor while his palm is on his cheek that was hit .

Yu Yan who was sitting on their back was surprised with MeiFen's punch . She wanted to rush to Xi Ran and help him up, but she again remembered that she can't get associated with her siblings .

This sucks!

I really don't understand why father is doing this to me!

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She can only complain to her self, after all, none of her brothers are willing to tell her anything .

"How could you suddenly hit me?" Xi Ran looked at MeiFen with pitiful eyes .

"You're such a pervert!" MeiFen screamed with anger .

"I only ask you to go with me, not to sleep with me . . . . !!! . . " he shamelessly said but did not continue when he suddenly remembered that Yu Yan is around .

He slightly coughed and stood up like nothing happened . 'My baby didn't get what I meant right?'

Xi Ran looked at Yu Yan with a smile before he went back to his chair but not looking at MeiFen who's still mad and sitting beside him .

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Ms . Cheng ignored Xi Ran's eyes on her and started the class . First half of the day went smoothly, but Li Fu Jin did not arrive .

What happened to him?

Yu Yan thought while she glances on the empty chair next to her . She's been glancing on the door from time to time, wondering why Li Fu Jin did not come .

Was he embarrassed because if what he did?

Thinking about those things, she didn't notice that the class was over . She was startled after a kiss on her cheek landed out of nowhere .

When she looked at the person who's leaning on her desk, it was Xi Ran who's smiling at her .

In just a few seconds . . . . .


There was a strong kick that landed on his waist, making him sent flying down on the floor .

"You stinky person! Stay away from Yu Yan!" MeiFen angrily screamed after her kick reaches Xi Ran .

Xi Ran gritted his teeth, he threatened MeiFen while getting up from the floor with an angry expression . "Hit me again and I'll take you to bed!"

His words startled her, MeiFen subconsciously stepped back, then turn around Yu Yan's desk and pulled her fast out of the homeroom .

After watching the two girls leaving the homeroom, Xi Ran is about to follow but a hand holds his arm that made him turn his head .