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Loving Asia's Multi-Talented Queen: The Path to Stardom

Loving Asia's Multi-Talented Queen: The Path to Stardom
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"I've always been crazy about you..."

Xu Jia Li gazed at the man in front of her with eyes full of tears. The words left her speechless. She wanted to listen to that soft voice in the deepest part of her heart but what happened before hardened her heart...

things turned a different slope as it turned in shambles...

All that's left was a seething pain and a longing for revenge...

"If you decided to give this novel a try, please read...

This story is the product of my passion for writing, a dedication and hard work bestow upon achieving a dream. Before you leave unwarranted reviews,

First, I am a new author. An aspiring writer. A newbie. So, any flaw you'll see, I hope you'll be kinder to forgive.

Second, I am not being paid for this. This is merely an act of love. This novel is solely written for the very reason of loving writing.

Third, I have life outside the four corners of my room. I'm not bound to the nook and cranny of my laptop. The stability of my updates depends on my free time because as I've said in the above statement, I AM NOT BEING PAID.

Fourth and last, writing is hard. It's not something you produced in a whim nor something you could have in a tick of a second. It takes effort, time, energy, and love to produce a single chapter. So before leaving a review, please be considerate.

Please, keep in mind that this is an original story, written by a newbie author."

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