Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 106

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Chapter 106

Bohr took over the duties of taking care of the tower from Lu Zhiyu . As he had been practicing medicine and compiling medical books for a number of years, he was already familiar with the structure of the human body and the mysteries inside the body .

When he was in his hometown, Bohr had completed his elementary studies in medicine within a few years . Many professional doctors arose from the Duchy of Gracchus . There were even large clinics in the area . The Kelermo Medical Coding, written by Bohr, had been accepted by the doctors as being likened to the bible of medicine . Within five years, the information therein had spread throughout the entire human world . Even the orcs had heard Bohr Kelermo’s name .


Bohr Kelermo had also been known as the founder of medicine . He had been traveling to the different countries in order to practice medicine and promote healing . Other than training medical students and setting up clinics, Bohr seldom appeared in public . Beyond this, he was quite secretive with his whereabouts . Many had thought that Bohr was busy promoting medicine or writing his book, but no one had suspected that he was an evil wizard, who had gone to the Wizard Tower and become a trainer for the wizards .

These years, Bohr had developed many ways to alter the body . He had improvised the plants illustration handbook as well . What he wanted most, was to collect the characteristics of the plants in Maria’s World and change the illustration handbook completely . This could not be easily done by just one or two generations . Rather, it required a lot of people to work on it continuously .

When the plants illustration handbook had been improvised, Bohr broke down the items on alchemy further, and expanded on the study of pharmacy . Bohr had invented a large amount of medicine that was practical, much of which could be used on the wizards .

After returning to the Wizard Tower, Bohr gathered all the wizards and his ex-classmates, and proceeded with the development of his second big project . He wanted to collect the illustrated handbook of the animals in Maria’s World, including those magic beasts, which were to be listed out separately . This was the most important task of all .

In the 16th year of the San calendar, an extraordinary power existed in Maria’s World . It had been a few decades ago, 50 years ago in fact, when the descendants of sakun appeared in large quantities on the surface of the sea . These were extraordinary sea beasts, which, as they grew and mutated, gradually turned into sea monsters .


The sahagins, dragon rajas, and the different types of monsters that Lu Zhiyu had created, had gradually appeared in the human world and in the lands these few years . Specifically, they had appeared in the eastern prairie, the swamps of Maria Kingdom, deserts, and many other places .

These monsters crossbred with other species, most of them producing deformed offspring . Some were ordinary wild beasts, but a new monster race continued to be born from it as well .

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These extraordinary monsters started to move around, and had been discovered by mankind . Men called them monsters, which meant that they were wild beasts that had the power of the devil . They were vicious and powerful, and were notorious among mankind . As they had only started to multiply in the past 10 years, only a small number of them had appeared before men . Although they had affected the people’s lives, they did not create trouble .

The dragon rajas, which Lu Zhiyu had bred, had turned into youth . They were the intelligent race . They knew the dragon language, and were able to use special witchcraft that belonged only to the dragon rajas . As they grew, their extraordinary powers would slowly be awakened, and they would become more powerful .

Those that were below five years old were known as whelps . Those five to 15 years old were known as fledglings . Those who were over 15 years old, and about to enter into their youth, could only fight with their breath and claws . To the ordinary men and wild beasts, they were powerful . However, to the wizards, priests, and monsters, they were weak . After they were past their youth, the extraordinary powers of the dragon rajas would be awakened . As they became even older, they would be more powerful and formidable . It would be then that they would display their dragon characteristics .

They were now hiding in the remote mountains, oceans, and deserts, training their claws . When they had matured, and possessed the different extraordinary powers, this group of sensitive people, including the wizards, would sense a drastic change in the world .

Bohr was starting to feel the change, which was why he had started to create the animals illustration handbook, the most important of which was the monsters illustration handbook . He started to research on the source of the monsters’ extraordinary power, and during the process, he researched more into the animal cells and human cells . Bohr had hoped to develop a power system that belonged to the wizards from the research .

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The Wizard Tower and the beast prison (or it should be more appropriate to call it the beast circle, or base for breeding the young), when Lu Zhiyu built this prison, it was not meant for locking up the monsters . He had meant to use it to breed and observe the monsters . Most of them were young or impregnated beasts . He observed their growth and corresponding extraordinary powers within the prison .

After they had grown up, they would be released into the dark woods . Sometimes, Lu Zhiyu would capture special beasts or new monsters, locking them up in the prison if they were destructive . When Lu Zhiyu built the beast prison, he had built different beast circles for the different types of monsters . He had designed it specifically to ensure that they would not be able to escape from the prison .

The beast prison had not been of much use to Lu Zhiyu in the later stages . Those monsters that had been locked up were low level monsters . He had let the students in the Wizard Tower use it in order to identify the different species, and to study the extraordinary powers of the monsters .

Bohr knelt beside the prison of a small monster, writing on the sheep scroll with his quill . “Mountain rift beast, extraordinary power, break down rocks, pedigree of monster…”

“Pipi demon, extraordinary power, control the skin color and visibility…”

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Uruk stood beside him, bored, and said, “Bohr, you come here daily, and whenever you are here, you spend the whole day watching them . I don’t think you can find out anything . What are you trying to do? Are you trying to mix the blood of the monsters? Have we not tested this before? It is useless . Those few apes have all died . ”

Bohr shook his head and said, “I have a new discovery . The abilities of the monsters were not as what we had first perceived . They were not stimulated from the blood, but from their organs . Every monster has its own special casting organ . ”

Bohr looked at Uruk and said, “If we can discover their secrets, we will be able to merge their strengths and control their extraordinary powers . We will then be able to develop a new field of witchcraft . ”

Uruk was stunned for a while, then asked, “Do you think this is possible?”

Bohr nodded and said, “I have a theory, but I have to try it out . What do you think I have been doing for the whole day, while watching them? I have decided to name this witchcraft the Blood Witchcraft . This witchcraft has been developed from the body transformation technique created by Teacher . This body transformation technique was indeed all-powerful . We can derive multiple witchcrafts from it . ”

Should Bohr be able to develop the Blood Witchcraft, they would then reach the level of extraordinary power, placing them on the same level as the priests and monsters, and giving them the ablity to release their witchcraft through any media . This power would be truly extraordinary .

Bohr had not known that his discovery would cause the first division among the wizards . Previously, the wizards had released sub-standard witchcraft . However, when the Blood Witchcraft had been developed, a large batch of real Blood Wizards would be formed .