Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 214

Published at 16th of July 2019 04:30:07 AM

Chapter 214: 214

The high platform in the central hall of the divine palace had fifteen steps, all of which were nearly twenty meters high and were paved with huge stones . The ceiling of the palace was inlaid with precious crystals, which looked like stars, and Lu Zhiyu observed that this was actually a star map!

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On the surrounding walls, there were some abstract murals . These murals depicted gods fighting or falling from the sky and people praying to gods for eternal life .

The murals made Lu Zhiyu think of the barbaric era thousands of years ago, when the early human beings had witnessed the battle between these silicon-based lives and worshiped them as gods .

Lu Zhiyu’s research taught him that, thousands of years ago, the destroyed silicon-based lives fell from the sky . Then, their scattered bodies were picked up by tribes in the Amazon Basin, and their heads were worshiped as gods by the tribes .

Currently, the right hand that Lu Zhiyu held was from from a human-like creature whose bionic form was very similar with human beings . When Lu Zhiyu looked at it, it was also observing Lu Zhiyu!

Its electronic bionic eyes were constantly sending out signals to scan Lu Zhiyu, trying to gather energy to attack him . However, it could not harm him, as it was locked up in his mind power force fields .

Why is an extraterrestrial silicon-based life so similar to human beings? Either they were made by a kind of life form that was close to human beings, or the emergence of human beings had some connection to them… .

Suddenly, Lu Zhiyu frowned, as he had all kinds of thoughts racing through his mind…

Are human beings also the products of experiments, and are we also just like guinea pigs in laboratories?

“Warning! We are approaching a dangerous, dark red target . Danger! ”

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“Code recognition . ”

“Found…Enemy aircraft…”

“Destroyed… Self-destructive device damage… No self-destruction…”

The silver metal head in front of Lu Zhiyu was constantly struggling to send out information that it had collected, but it was being blocked by Lu Zhiyu .

Since Lu Zhiyu couldn’t understand its language, he used his mind power to penetrate into its core . Only then did he discover something very striking…

How could a silicon-based life have no awareness? Is your head just an ornament, like the ghost copper toys I made?

You clearly are a life form, but how could a wise life form have no awareness?

Lu Zhiyu had always thought that this kind of silicon-based life must be a perfect intelligent creature and a complete life form . If it was not man-made, then, just like other ordinary life forms, it must have awareness .

After all if it had no awareness, Lu Zhiyu could not use unconventional methods to access its memory and information, but could only take it back and let others decode it in a conventional way . Lu Zhiyu’s desire to know the origin of this silicon-based life grew even stronger .

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Lu Zhiyu held the silver metal head tightly in his hand and saw a layer of Kyanite gradually cover its surface, freezing it thoroughly . Even the transmission of information inside the metal brain was stopped at this moment .

At this time, the entrance sparkled with a torch light, illuminating the entire hall . Several mercenaries, who were carrying green backpacks, guarded the panicked guide and slowly went inside .

Everyone was shocked by the presence of Lu Zhiyu and started shooting at him . Lu Zhiyu ignored them and said to the guide, “I need everything, including the star map and all of the materials that have words on them . Take them all back!”

The guide was terrified and kept nodding nonstop . In his view, the man in front of him was not a human being at all, as no one could resist such an attack! After all, it was beyond the science and technology of the modern era! Moreover, the man in front of him was completely uninjured .

When Lu Zhiyu finished speaking, he opened the dimensional door and returned to the Pacific Ocean .


Byrne Island underground base .

Now, the entirety of Byrne Island had been transformed into a completely different shape . It had become a huge sea fortress, where every day a large number of robots were constantly doing work .

Meanwhile, at the Robot Manufacturing Research Institute, Lu Zhiyu sat off to the side and watched Fabio Rossi, who was standing in front of several computers . At the center of the laboratory, a silicon-based life brain had been dismantled into dozens of parts .

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“Oh, that’s wonderful! The plasma gun can be reduced to such a small size, and the bionic metal brain computer at the core has far exceeded our imagination! I want to see…” Lu Zhiyu exclaimed .

In addition to Fabio Rossi, scientists from many other departments had gathered here . Among them were two linguists who had been specially invited by Lu Zhiyu .

As many of the people present couldn’t stand Fabio Rossi’s amped up energy, they stepped far away from him . This guy had been excited ever since yesterday! Even without rest, he had kept a state of constant excitement, and there was no sign of decline!

Lu Zhiyu asked, “Fabio, when can you crack it? I want to know the information inside its brain…”

Fabio immediately said, “Its electronic password is somewhat similar to some of our ancient numbers . Da*n it! Do these guys use our human numbers, too? I’ll be ready in a minute!”

There were a lot of codes appearing on the computer screen . Lu Zhiyu even used the SS Eternity sub-brain to help him analyze the internal information of the silicon-based life brain . He was very eager to know what was in that brain!

Lu Zhiyu then turned towards a linguistic expert, who held a large number of pictures and was doing comparative analysis on a computer . He then asked, “Any progress?”

One of the older white men said, “This language is very similar to one of the languages we saw in Egypt . During the days of the early Pyramid construction, a similar language was used . It was known as the language of the god of the sun, but I need more samples to do a true comparison . ”

When Lu Zhiyu heard that, he was not happy at all . Instead, he felt a little sad . Sure enough, these things were closely related to the origin of human beings and the development of their civilization .

At this point, Fabio suddenly turned around and said to Lu Zhiyu, “Boss, it is not a robot, but a silicon-based life! You thought they had the ability to live and think by themselves, and I actually think you were right!”

Lu Zhiyu did not want to mention awareness yet, so he said, “But, at present, we found that they do not have the ability of self-thought, and they were operating in accordance with established procedures…”

Fabio said to Lu Zhiyu, “Boss, this kind of mechanical life can’t be treated as a normal life form!”

When Lu Zhiyu looked at Fabio, he immediately understood that he might have been wrong before . “You say this kind of life is similar to artificial intelligence, and that it is commanded by a master brain that can think and have intelligence . So, these machines are only part of them?”

Fabio snapped his finger and exclaimed, “Yes! Boss, they are no different from AI . Everything is controlled by a master brain that has an enormous computing capacity, one that is far beyond our imagination . All other machines are just tools and consumables! This is AI and mechanical civilization!”

He took a breath and then continued, “But, I am sure that this intelligent brain must have problems or has left the earth long ago . Otherwise, there would be absolutely no room for our human development and survival . This kind of existence, even if it is only the primary artificial intelligence and mechanical civilization, is not something that human beings could confront . Moreover, their current science and technology level seems far more advanced than we could even imagine!”

At this time, Lu Zhiyu saw a row of blue characters suddenly appear on the computer in front of Fabio . Immediately, Fabio jumped up from the swivel chair and shouted, “Success!”