Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 24

Published at 17th of April 2019 11:14:05 AM

Chapter 24

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"How can I extend life? How can I achieve immortality?" Lu Zhiyu said to himself . He was sitting in the yard, sunbathing . He felt that no matter how smart or how powerful he was, he could never dream of fighting against the flow of time . He would die sooner or later . Even though he could add inserts into his genes to strengthen himself and give himself different talents, he could not extend the maximum limits of his lifespan . Put aside the limitation of the genes that controls lifespan, he was unable to even prevent the failure of his organs over time - one of the primary reason why people died .

The first step to preventing death would be to prevent the organs from shutting down . And after that, the metabolism and cell renewal could come into the picture . However, those were only the initial steps . If he would like to achieve true immortality, there would be a long and difficult way to go .

Even though Lu Zhiyu had a sub-brain, it was only for calculating things he already knew . He had to give the sub-brain directions and plans, and the sub-brain could then help by providing speedy calculation and expansion . He was perplexed and had no idea which direction he should go in for immortality . Without his directions and orders, the sub-brain wouldn't be of much help .

Lu Zhiyu had done his research . He knew that there was a part of the genetic code called FOXO3A that controlled human lifespan . If a mutation happened to that part of the code, human life could be extended, earning this gene the name "longevity gene . " However, the genetic code could only do so much . It could only allow the person to live a little over a hundred years old, but even then, it was still limited . This gene that governed lifespan existed inside the DNA of every living creature .

Other than that, Lu Zhiyu, through his observation of human genes, knew that there were a few dozens other parts of the genes that could affect human lifespan . All these genes took different paths to prolong life, but they all had their limits . There was still a cap on how long he could extend his own life . This kind of longevity would be something an average person would dream of, but Lu Zhiyu felt it was completely meaningless .

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"Wait a moment . How did the insect queen live for so long?" he wondered out loud . He began to recollect how the insect queens extended their lives . Normally, those queens should only have been able to live a little over twenty years, but he knew that some of the dead queens he had seen had lived for more than seven hundred years . If it wasn't for the war and them dying in battle, they might have lived even longer .

That was extending their lifespans tenfold, even hundredfold . That was not a normal case of longevity, nor were their lifespans within a normal boundary . They had changed themselves fundamentally . The insects had achieved true immortality . Lu Zhiyu felt a little scared thinking about the insects . Lu Zhiyu was shocked by how little he knew about genes compared to the insects .

"How did they do it . Recall it, recall it, Sub-brain . Find everything we have on the insects!"

"Here's the outcome!"

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"These are the gene structure of the insect queen . But there wasn't anything specific in their genetic code that was related to the lifespan!"

The intelligent sub-brain instantly gathered Lu Zhiyu's memories about the relevant insect queen . Lu Zhiyu immediately opened his eyes, "What was important was not to prolong the lifespan, but to maintain and repair, and to totally rewrite the genetic code itself . "

His memories were slowly returning . He looked over all the information he had back and forth . Finally, he found what he needed from the trove of information .

"That's right, there is a limit to the lifespan set by the genes no matter how long one tries to extend it . The only way to prevent that is to constantly change and rewrite the genes, making sure that the genes are always active . I have to think of the body as a machine that needs constant maintenance . Otherwise, even if I could extend my lifespan, the organs in the body would gradually shut down which makes death inevitable . Only by continually repairing and maintaining the genes can one stay young eternally!"

This was the first step toward extending the lives of the insect queens . But these queens understood that immortality achieved that way was an illusion, a machine would eventually break down one day, no matter how well it was maintained . Their solution to that was to change the very composition of their genes .

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If a body was a machine that was originally made of wood that could easily decompose, then the queens would swap out the wood and rebuild it with iron, steel, or other more durable materials . This fundamental change would ensure that the machine would always survive, no matter how much time has passed, or how harsh the living conditions were .

However, the insects were only at the early stages of their experimentations . Even though Lu Zhiyu had found traces of this in their genes, he knew that they had not took the critical step forward . But he also knew he was still far from achieving anything like what the queens had achieved . He was far behind compared to the insects .

What he knew right now was merely fixing and maintaining the current state of his genes, which could extend his life by thousands of years . At this moment, this was good enough . This was just Lu Zhiyu's theories . It would probably take a long time to make these ideas a reality . But with a direction and a goal in mind, time, in Lu Zhiyu's hands, was nothing but a toy!

Li Wei and Lu Zhiyu were in the honeymoon phase of their relationship and were completely infatuated with each other . They hardly wanted to be apart from one another . Lately, Li Wei had begun thinking about moving in with Lu Zhiyu . This was right up Lu Zhiyu's alley . Since he had moved everything into the dimensional castle, he wasn't worried about Li Wei finding anything .

Lu Zhiyu was constantly in a good mood and really wanted Li Wei to move in with him, but he knew that it wouldn't happen anytime soon . Moving itself was difficult enough . Lu Zhiyu's place was far from the hospital where Li Wei worked . Li Wei didn't have a driving license, which meant Lu Zhiyu would have to drive her to work and back every day if she moved in .

This day, Lu Zhiyu was toiling away at the pet shop and playing with the cats and dogs . He bathed the dogs and groomed their hair . Lu Zhiyu quite liked these animals, or put it another way, he liked the vitality from them . The energetic creatures were the proof that life was a miracle . After working with genes for a while, he now appreciated life so much more than before .

The only bad thing was that Xia Fan had been visiting his shop a lot lately . Whenever she came, chaos followed . She would play with the animals despite Lu Zhiyu's warnings, and she flirted with him right in front of Xiao Le . Her flirting had made him feel uncomfortable, and he didn't know how he should react to it . However, he did not feel frustrated, nor did he push her away . Instead, he felt quite flattered . This made him feel as though he was born to be a scumbag!

At noon that day, a car stopped in front of the shop . A bespectacled man in a suit walked into the shop . He looked around and found Lu Zhiyu, "Old Lu, Old Lu, come here quick . Get in the car!"

"Wang Yi? Why are you here today?" Wang Yi was his old friend from elementary school who worked at a research center . Lu Zhiyu had asked for his help previously when he was in the process of purchasing equipments .