Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 245

Published at 19th of August 2019 05:35:28 AM

Chapter 245

“Tephis Weekly! For just one silver coin, you can have the latest news from home and abroad . It also publishes the latest knight novel, the Legend of the Dragon Knight Rooney, written by the renowned gleeman Toll . Get to know the legendary life of Rooney!”

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“The chaos that was caused by the Church of the True God broke out again in Pusuote . The Church of the True God has enticed hundreds of poor people to offer sacrifices to evil gods and is now being driven out by the priests of the Church of the Sky!”

“The Prime Minister again issued a region-wide notice in the hopes that the domestic alchemy apprentices would respond . All alchemy apprentices can get an official job that offers the same benefits as senior officers receive!”

“I have admission information on Akkad Alchemy College! If you miss it, you won’t get a second chance!”

Several newsboys, each carrying a large cannabis sewn bag, ran down the streets of Tephis and shouted headlines at the corner of every intersection . A large number of morning passers-by took out a silver coin and bought a newspaper from them .

“The Legend of the Dragon Knight Rooney has come out again . I want to read it!”

“How did the old base of the Church of the True God appear again!”

“I must get into Alchemy College this time . Even if I can’t become a great alchemist, I can at least be a knowledgeable scholar . ”

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People in Tephis kept discussing the news while reading their newspapers . Some people who bought the newspapers were telling their illiterate friends what was happening as well .

Since an alchemy apprentice from the Alchemy Academy had invented printing a few years ago, numerous paper mills had spread all over the country . Books, which originally were only owned by nobles, had gradually become affordable to the common people in the Sean City State Alliance .

Although the price of books was still not cheap, this greater accessibility at least gave the common people an opportunity to learn . Also, about a half a year ago, the newspaper that was originally only circulated at Akkad Alchemy College was brought outside . It then became known as Tephis Weekly .

However, Tephis Weekly was an irregular publication, printed usually only once a week, and even then only when there were some notable events happening . Also, its price was expensive, making the average family reluctant to buy it .

Moreover, not many common people could read . So, most of the people who bought newspapers were workshop owners or nobles . If ordinary people bought a copy, they would keep it as a treasure .

It is said that many other city-states heard of this and began to print their own versions of Tephis Weekly . At the same time, some newspapers that directly imitated the Tephis Weekly appeared .

However, these periodicals were only circulating in the upper class, so they had little influence over the majority of the people . If they wanted to become truly universal, a higher literacy rate must first be realized in Tephis .

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At the moment, Marina was teaching in the hall on the first floor of Akkad Alchemy College in Tephis . After completing her world tour, Marina had taken over Akkad’s position and become the dean of the holy place .

Marina now wore her long hair in braids and had glasses . As she was still young and beautiful, Marina attracted the attention of countless students and alchemists . As such, the whole hall was crowded with people .

Nearly half of the students and mentors present were her admirers . Throughout Tephis, even throughout the entire Sean City-State Alliance, countless people worshiped her .

Marina’s independence and adventurous spirit were unique to the women of Tuten, especially in this era . Her legendary adventures, her alchemist accomplishments, and her position as dean of Akkad Alchemy College had made her a spokeswoman for the Sean City-State Alliance .

Countless women in the Sean City-State Alliance were eager to be like her . She had encouraged a large number of female alchemists in the alchemist community and also elevated the status of women in the Sean City-State Alliance .

Today, Marina was on stage explaining some important knowledge about alchemists . The most important subject regarded the properties of various substances . Many people didn’t understand it, but they were still filled with excitement as they listened to her .

“The core idea of alchemy is to understand the properties of any substance . Based on the characteristics of each substance, you can create the stuff you want! I recently got some information from the Western world, where they began to carry out the study of materials’ origins . They call this study the origin element . ”

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She paused to see if she still had the room’s attention, then continued . “We don’t know how many elements we have at present yet, which means that all of us alchemists, generation after generation, must study and explore further! I hope that one day you can understand the composition of the world and the ultimate essence of the world . That is the ultimate goal of all alchemists!” She finished her lesson, smiling broadly .

She then said, “Since the advent of the first generation of the alchemy table, alchemists have changed their ways of studying alchemy . Now, what I want to tell you is that the second generation of the alchemy table is ready to be used! It will completely change the future of alchemists!” Marina was clearly very proud .

The second generation of the alchemy table was just a common metal table . Compared with the first generation’s, it had a much less complex structure . It also was not large or heavy . When Marina started to operate it, everyone was amazed .

The sand on the alchemy table slowly converged and melted, gradually forming a glass puppy . The original ordinary glassware, after being recast on the alchemy table, seemed to have changed its entire essence!

Marina then threw it straight to the ground, revealing that it was still complete! Some of the damaged swords were then added on the alchemy table, along with other materials, all of which immediately turned into new and beautiful alloy swords!

“With this second generation alchemy table, as long as you understand the nature and characteristics of the substance, you can recast at will with your imagination!” Marina explained .

Many alchemist mentors rushed to the stage to watch the operation of the second generation alchemy table . Their hands trembled as they touched it, as if they were worshiping a sacred object .

“Can this be true?” An old alchemist could not help but weep at this awe-inspiring sight .

“It’s not about changing the substance, it’s about understanding and utilizing the properties of the substance . The substance itself doesn’t change!” Marina further explained .

“This is real alchemy . Only with such a table can we be called true alchemists!” All of the alchemists near the stage were discussing this phenomenal alchemy table .

“How can I get one?” an alchemist couldn’t help but ask .

“All of the mentors at Akkad Alchemy College will have the opportunity to get one, but only after they have accumulated some points and have succeeded in their audits,” Marina answered .

“Are there any restrictions on using it?” another apprentice asked .

“Alchemy apprentices can use it . Here, put your hand on the alchemy table . It can sense your mind power, which activates the recast . But, most of its other functions are too advanced for apprentices,” Marina answered .

Marina then incorporated her transplanted rhinoceros horn fossil into the second generation alchemy table . This could be regarded as a witchcraft object . As such, every second generation alchemy table must incorporate the horn of a rhinoceros . Although it’s expensive, for alchemists, it’s a necessity .

By the end of the presentation, the second generation alchemy table had thoroughly impressed and thrilled all of the alchemists . After that day, countless alchemists returned to Akkad Alchemy College to lead the second generation into further pioneering endeavors . The second generation alchemy table would also be used to bring enormous changes to the future of alchemists and the whole world .