Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 306

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Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Finished Starship

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Lu Zhiyu came back this time because he didn’t want to delay things any longer . Lu Zhiyu’s desire to leave the world in order to inspect the universe was getting stronger and stronger . Hence, it was time for him to head to the solar system and explore the universe .

Byrne Island on Pacific Island had already been transformed into the prototype of a giant Floating-space City . Lu Zhiyu found out that things had changed after he came back .

The intelligent sub-brain David that Lu Zhiyu had left immediately set a back-up plan in motion after finding that the original plan had been hindered . The entire Byrne Island had been transformed into a Floating-space City under the island, and the entire Byrne Island had been emptied . Then, when the cover around the city was unveiled, it could be seen that it was an enormous starship .

“What happened?” Lu Zhiyu asked the person in charge of the base, Gu Chaoran .

It had been more than two hundred years in Maria’s World, and it had been around two hundred days since Lu Zhiyu had left the base . After more than half a year of construction, the internal side of the base looked kind of different, but not that much .

However, there were many fresh faces here, as there were over a thousand people in the base now . The inner portion of the base was completely monitored and directed by the intelligent sub-brain David .

Gu Chaoran said to Lu Zhiyu, “Our space station plan was hindered, and the rocket launching plan was elbowed out . Besides, more and more people are paying attention to our project, and there are always strangers showing up . ”

Lu Zhiyu nodded, then asked, “What about the Vatican Clan?”

Gu Chaoran replied, “The Vatican Clan has been supplying us with resources, but they’re also stealing our technology and even trying to sneak a peek into our core technology . It seems that they’re conspiring behind our backs somehow . ”

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“Well… There’s no need for us to worry about them at the moment . How’s the construction of the starship going? When can we start to fly it?” Lu Zhiyu asked him .

Then, as Lu Zhiyu looked around the base, he found that the Floating-space City in front of him now was very different from the one that he saw in Maria’s World . This one looked much more scientific and modern and was shaped like a gigantic wheel .

It was quite spacious inside, and there were many different areas and levels within it . The tubes at the middle were connected by elevators, and there were many maintenance robots that looked like octopuses inside . Aside from those, there were many life robots, architecture robots, and intelligent cars inside it .

The trains within it were commuting up and down the tracks, while many scientific researchers in white gowns were walking around . They nodded at Gu Chaoran, yet they didn’t recognize Lu Zhiyu .

There were also many living areas, restaurants, research labs and other facilities inside . Aside from these things, there were also sports centers and city farms .

Each of the city farms had been created by combining many cities and farms, which made them look like tall buildings, yet also felt a bit like a giant botanical garden that was self-sustaining . This was because it had water, food, air and space to move, so it could hold at least 10,000 people!

Everyone inside it was wearing an intelligence bracelet, and the chip inside the bracelet was directly connected to the neurons in the people’s skin . As such, everything inside was controlled by intelligence and information, as if the inner area of the starship was a completely digitalized world, which was perfectly organized by the intelligent sub-brain David .

In this way, the intelligent sub-brain David was able to monitor everyone’s psychological conditions and health conditions so that it could cater to everyone’s needs . Also, wherever the internal staff members went, they could hear clear instructions and notifications about water, food, travel and rest . Everything was assisted by the robots, while the bracelet represented their access authority .

Sounds of prompts could be heard everywhere, and the automatic doors and elevators were running all of the time . The robots always delivered the services in time, and the canteen would provide food and drinks based on voicemails . Even the lighting, temperature, and people’s attire could be changed at any time in the snap of a finger!

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As for food, it was all artificial . Though the appearance and taste of this food was not much different from real food, this food was made by machines .

This place felt like a futuristic world, and everything that happened in it seemed like a miracle that perfectly manifested the efficiency of the intelligent sub-brain David and the alchemy machine life .

“We originally planned to send the city to space by rocket after dismantling it, and after that, we figured that we could assemble it again in outer space . But, we couldn’t do that without you being here . So, David told us that you have a way to send us and the entire starship to space, so we only executed the second step of the plan,” Gu Chaoran explained .

As Lu Zhiyu came to the main control room of the starship, David’s projection immediately showed up beside him .

“Welcome back, master!” David said .

Lu Zhiyu nodded, then commanded him, “Give me all of the latest information about this starship!”

All of a sudden, Lu Zhiyu saw the projection of the structure of the starship, while a large amount of information was transmitted to his brain . When Gu Chaoran saw Lu Zhiyu being completely silent, he naturally felt pressure and was at a loss for words .

David then said, “The main body of this starship was made of activated metal cells, and currently, they can respond to all of the environments in the space . The cells can also be regulated to the changes in the environment . As such, the metal cells will be strengthened continuously, thus allowing them to adapt to the environment around them . ”

Gu Chaoran then said, “The nuclear fusion bioenergy machine that you gave us was already installed in the starship, and it powers this entire starship beyond our expectations . However, we still can’t understand its ability to transform and use energies, nor can we comprehend the power of nuclear fusion . So, we also used some parts of the silicon-based life, Cain, on this starship . ”

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Gu Chaoran then added, “The starship is using a magnetoelectric slurry power propeller . However, even with the technology that we have, it’ll still take us almost a hundred years to leave the solar system . The starship generates its weight through the spinning outside, and the gravity is designed to be the same as earth’s . ”

Gu Chaoran then said, “However, there’s still a big problem . The resistance of the metal cells is indeed impressive, but the defense of this starship is still weak . If it is hit by aerolites, it might be destroyed . ”

Lu Zhiyu looked at Gu Chaoran, who did not seem at all confident, and asked, “What else do we have?”

Gu Chaoran became more nervous, and there was sweat on his forehead as he replied, “Well… The starship that we designed can only travel in the universe theoretically . We aren’t sure what kind of situations we might run into in the real universe, so we need to examine that further . ”

He shook his head, then added, “After all, this is the first time that such a giant starship has ever been built, so it is already beyond everyone’s imagination! Still, we can’t say for sure what kind of situations it might run into after it ascends into outer space . ”

He then added, “And… The most important thing to consider is that we don’t know how you are going to send such a giant ‘universe city’ from the earth to space!”

Lu Zhiyu looked at Gu Chaoran and said, “You’re afraid that I’m going to take you away from the earth to that mysterious universe! Just relax! I will only take away a few people who volunteer of their own accords . If you don’t want to go with me, you are free to stay . ”

Lu Zhiyu smiled, then added, “Besides, we won’t leave the solar system right away . Instead, we will explore within the solar system first, so you will all still have a chance to decide if you want to proceed further before committing yourself to the final destination . ”

Gu Chaoran shook his head, then said, “Well… Even though we are a bit afraid, we’re still looking forward to it as well! So, I guess that you could say that we are expectant, but with some trepidation!”

Gu Chaoran gradually calmed after saying this . Lu Zhiyu then nodded and asked, “Well… When can we leave?”

“We can leave right after we finish the final testing and examination . We have enough energies now, but we still need to gather some more goods and materials . I estimate that we will be ready in one month!” Gu Chaoran said .

He then added, as if he had just thought of something important, “Boss, Cain and the silicon-based life have some follow-up news for you . ”

Lu Zhiyu then asked, “Did that Dr . Matt come back from Antarctica?”

Gu Chaoran shook his head . “No… He died . ”

Lu Zhiyu wasn’t really as disappointed as he was interested, so he asked “How did he die?”

“I don’t know . I only know that there was a great amount of chaos after he died, and all of the countries sent research teams and military forces to Antarctica, even violating the treaty of Antarctica by doing so!” Gu Chaoran said .

“What did they find?” Lu Zhiyu asked .

“I heard that they found a spaceship!” Gu Chaoran exclaimed with wide eyes .