Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 397

Published at 18th of October 2019 06:00:10 AM

Chapter 397

After the emergent of Arcane Kingdom’s Elf Queen Wendy, there emerged a second Mythical Arcanist, the Space Magic genius, Mientte Ambrose .

Mientte broke the limitations of Mythical Arcanist; he captured space and drew onto the elements of the Astral World to create his realm of Mythical Arcanist, and in turn created his Fairyland of Elves .

The first Witchcraft Garden of Wizard Alliance relied on the theory of Mientte Ambrose’s creation of Fairyland of Elves, as well as the reference from Fhartasil’s Fairyland and the arcane system .

Mientte’s Fairyland of Elves was much smaller than Fhartasil’s Fairyland . It was just like a garden, it wasn’t like Fhartasil’s Fairyland which was a huge kingdom that could accommodate millions of people .

But Mientte’s Fairyland was located within the bitwall and thus it was freer and more mobile than Fhartasil’s Fairyland . The drawback was that he couldn’t be a top Mythical Arcanist like Wendy; to own a formidable mythical territory and mythical combat power .

He could only use the theory of portal, through repeatedly exploration of Astral World; he used Astral World Telescope to look into the bitwall in the Astral World from afar . He looked for life forms and material energy beyond Starsoul World to gradually build and perfect his fairyland, expand it slowly, but until now, it was only by chance that he had summoned a special life of Astral World . And by replying on that life of Astral World, he had succeeded in building his Witchcraft Garden .

After thousands of years of development, Fhartasil hadn’t expanded its area, but the mythical territory and fairyland boundary had been perfected . In Fairyland City, two beautiful creatures, elves and fairies danced with each other, it had embellished the world into a real dreamland .

Within Fhartasil’s Fairyland, there were a large number of professionals above Level Four who had been transformed after their death . They survived for various reasons, but they could stay alive for more than a thousand years until the soul had completely lost its vitality .

As a result, elves, fairies, spirits, the ancient tree danced together, it was really worthy of its name as a fairyland .

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A conference was being held at the Central Palace in Fairyland City, it was a building which looked like a cake with a tier upon another tier . A large number of top professionals gathered on the top floor of the open garden of the palace .

There were goblins with transparent wings, Kings wearing crowns and Grand Dukes of other kingdoms under the governance of Arcane Kingdom, or the Lords of independent city states, and several souls floating in the air in white robes .

All of the people present were professionals at least above Level Four . Some of them could set off storm in the whole world easily . And a somewhat old and gray-haired elf was hastily reporting something to the Elf Queen .

“Whether it’ true or false, we must pay attention to it, Her Majesty, for the Wizard Alliance, this may be an important discovery and chance for us, but if it isn’t true, the impact on the Wizard Alliance isn’t that great either!”

“But for our elves, this is an opportunity that can never be missed . Her Majesty, it’s really too difficult for us to produce a Mythical Arcane . It’s hard to cultivate to the Mythical Level and acquire the knowledge of a Mythical Arcane . What’s even harder is that it’s difficult for us to build an Arcane Fairyland unique to us . ”

“At present, we only have two Mythical Arcanists, and the rising stars aren’t showing signs of advancing . But the Wizard Alliance has three Mythical Arcanists, and has several preparatory Mythical Arcanists . At any time, there may be new Floating-Space Tower being built . They’re increasingly stronger, but we’re increasingly weaker . However, both sides are still maintaining peace and restraining conflicts to ensure stable development, but no one can be sure that they’ll be able to maintain this so-called peace and restrained potential conflict . When they’ve more than a dozen Mythical Arcanists which suggests that they’ve completely triumph over us; when they happened, will they still maintain the alleged peace?”

It was Mientte Ambrose, the Mythical Arcanist, who was speaking . When he had advanced, he was already near 1000 years old; he was stuck at the last stage of advancement . Perhaps he was accustomed to the appearance of aging, or perhaps it was a self-reminder of his difficulty in advancement and the difficulty of Mythical Arcanists’ advancement, he still retained his aging appearance .

Mientte’s words immediately resonated with the high-ranking members of the Arcane Kingdom . Everyone was widely discussing about it . The goblins exchanged words and spoke at great length . The Kings and Grand Dudes were worried about the strength of the Wizard Alliance .

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Mientte Ambrose continued, he turned back and shouted, “And this time, if there really exists the so-called World of Titan, between the creators, we’ll be able to relieve the worries of the elves’ arcanist in the future . We can really get rid of elves’ Mythical Arcanists’ difficulty and boundary of advancement . ”

At the mention of that, Mientte Ambrose looked at Elf Queen Wendy, “At the same time, we can also lift our Fhartasil’s Fairyland into the bitwall, into that huge half bitwall, completely freed from the oppression and bondage of the core world, and I’m willing to integrate my fairyland into it too, and the same will happen for the future generations!”

“Every Mythical Arcanists will integrate into this half bitwall to create our common, and massive Fhartasil’s Fairyland!”

“Some day in the future, maybe we can upgrade Fhartasil’s Fairyland to a truly well-regulated world with perfect rules, a fairyland which completely belongs to the elves!”

“Now, we need to make a decision,” Mientte Ambrose said excitedly .


The Arcane Kingdom was having a conference about what happened half a month ago . A fairy Summoner in the Wizard Continent had accidentally communicated with an existence outside the core world . She thought she was communicating with a creature from the Astral World, or an existence in the legendary Maria’s World .

But after communicating with each other, the fairy Summoner found that it was a Troll named Colin, it made her extremely depressed . After all, communicating with the existence in the Astral World or another world, through establishing an agreement, it could allow the Summoner to gain enormous benefits; whether it was through another world knowledge system or simple barter through portal could make both sides profitable .

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But if it was a troll of her own world, it would be meaningless . She would rather establish an agreement with a powerful magical beast that she could summon its elemental projection at a critical moment in warfare .

But the troll told the fairy Summoner that he wasn’t in the core world, but in a magical place, that was, the legendary Lost World of Titan .

The Troll refused to lock in or establish an agreement with the fairy Summoner . The fairy Summoner couldn’t determine his specific coordinates . He made a request for the fairy Summoner to help him contact the Dual-Headed Troll Kingdom . Then, he hoped that the fairy Summoner would go to the core land of the Elven Kingdom, the Sylve Continent, in hope of striking a deal with Arcane Kingdom .

Whether it was the fairy Summoner or the Dual-Headed Troll Kingdom, they see hope and future in that opportunity . The Dual-Headed Troll Kingdom hoped to get rid of its awkward position within Wizard Alliance at present, they wanted head over to Arcane Kingdom to gain their support and the knowledge system of Arcane Kingdom to develop and grow . On the other hand, the fairy Summoner knew that if Colin, the troll, was telling the truth, a little gift from Arcane Kingdom was enough to make her a high-ranking professional and in a position she never dreamed of .

The Dual-Headed Troll Kingdom and the fairy Summoner immediately made a decision to contact the Arcane Kingdom, but the Wizard Alliance also received the news at the same time . One of the three Floating-Space Towers, the Philosopher Tower, immediately rushed to the Titan Continent . Several battle fortresses, bombing airships and combat airships filled the whole of Dual-Headed Troll Kingdom .

The Wizard Alliance immediately controlled the situation of Dual-Headed Troll Kingdom, but the fairy Summoner fled . The Wizard Alliance was searching for her traces . The fairy Summoner applied for refuge of the Arcane Kingdom through a secret magic transceiver, hoping that the Arcane Kingdom would send somebody to the Titan Continent to fetch her .

And that was the rationale for the conference that was held . The managerial level of the Arcane Kingdom was figuring out the truth of the matter . Once it was decided, they were likely to have a clash with the Wizard Alliance or even go to war .

At the same time, the Arcane Kingdom also took into account the friendship between Queen Wendy and Catherine, the leader of the Wizard Tower . Although most people weren’t sure about it, the people present had heard a legend that the two women of Starsoul World, who controlled the whole world, were learning from the same teacher .

Wendy was now dressed in white dress, with a silver crown on her head, she sat barefoot on top of the throne, and she was radiating a faint glow all over . She had a warm and bright aura .

Wendy finally looked up and said, “Mientte, you shall go and pick her up in person . As you said, it’s an important turning point for the future of the entire Arcane Kingdom!”

“As for Catherine’s side, all of you didn’t have to consider my relationship with her . It’s a matter between the Wizard Alliance and the Arcane Kingdom . It won’t be affected because of our personal relationship . We’re all beings at Mythical Level . We went through countless stormy events, we’ve already seen through these things . ”

Mientte Ambrose, the Mythical Arcanist, was thrilled, his white hair was shaking, “Your will is greater than everything, Her Majesty Wendy!”

Wendy turned around and said with a chuckle, “What World of Titan, did you leave that behind?”

“Between the Creators of this world!”

“I’d like to see what you’ve left this time!”