Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 43

Published at 30th of June 2019 08:05:37 PM

Chapter 43

Lu Zhiyu poured a test tube of blood plasma into the slot at the top of the biological chamber . He pressed a button and the blood was injected into the seahorse . A day later, the seahorse’s consciousness and memories were wiped completely . Then, Lu Zhiyu tried to place the soul of the Tree of Life into the seahorse . However, the soul was met with strong resistance, and the seahorse died almost immediately!

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As he extracted the soul of the Tree of Life, Lu Zhiyu found that the soul had been weakened as well . The soul, which had been pure and without any form of consciousness before, had become tainted by the seahorse’s mind . As Lu Zhiyu observed it, he sensed some very chaotic and confusing waves of consciousness being emitted .

Lu Zhiyu tried the same thing with several different kinds of sea creatures and failed every time . The contamination of the once-pure soul was becoming increasingly severe . Lu Zhiyu knew that if he kept failing, the soul would fall apart .

“Sigh . It’s such a waste, but I have no other choices . I don’t know anything yet, and my research about souls is not sufficient either . I’ll just take the soul as the price to pay for learning!”

“Why does this keep happening… Why will there be resistance? I have wiped their consciousnesses and memories!” Previously, Lu Zhiyu had also tried plants and those did not work as well . At the moment, when he gathered all his results, he realized that the problem might not just be the consciousness of the organism resisting the soul .

He paused the experiment because he knew that it would be useless to keep trying until he found a solution to this problem . Lu Zhiyu paced up and down the laboratory anxiously and thought about the problem for quite a while . “Maybe it’s not just the resistance from its consciousness . In addition, the organism is also resisting other minds from controlling its body on the genetic level . It’s just like when I first modified an organism!”

“Should I try to create a deified creature from the embryo?”

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Lu Zhiyu immediately began his plan . This time, he chose a squid . Instead of putting it into the biological chamber, he placed it in an aquarium, ready to breed the first generation of deified creatures .

He picked one of the eggs the squid had laid and placed the soul of the Tree of Life into the egg . Just like what he had guessed, the fusion was successfully, and Lu Zhiyu was elated by this . It was like the soul of the Tree of Life was being reincarnated into a new life .

Lu Zhiyu activated the creature’s consciousness and opened up the path into the zero-dimensional world, guiding it to extract the Source Form in the space . As expected, the creature which had a powerful soul skipped the first few steps which Lu Zhiyu had spent years to complete .

It started as a simple soul, but it quickly developed its own mind power . The strong structure of its soul allowed the creature to stay longer in the zero-dimensional world, so that it could extract more Source Form . Its mind power grew rapidly, often several SFU every day .

Using an analogy, Lu Zhiyu was like a fully-filled bucket which was trying to expand its volume all the time . On the other hand, the creature was like an empty bucket which only needed to fill itself up!

Lu Zhiyu could feel that the originally pure soul was slowly transforming into mind power . When it turned into pure mind power, it had 150 SFU of mind power, which already surpassed Lu Zhiyu!

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When the transformation was complete, Lu Zhiyu noticed that the white egg containing the soul was invaded by its mind power and its cells were deified . Lu Zhiyu watched the creature hatch from the egg .

A strange, grey creature resembling a young squid appeared in the biological chamber . As soon as it was born, the creature began rapidly draining the nutritions in the biological chamber and grew rapidly . In a minute, it grew into a black squid the size of a human head .

By this time, it had used up all of its mind power and reached its limits . Unlike Lu Zhiyu, however, its entire body was made up of deified cells . It might be much smaller and looked very unassuming, but its nature was very different from Lu Zhiyu . It was a true deified creature!

As soon as it finished growing, Lu Zhiyu and the creature stared at each other across the glass of the chamber . The creature seemed to be very angry, and its mind was very chaotic . At once, it began smashing against the wall of the biological chamber . However, the wall was extremely strong . The creature might have been deified, but it did not know how to change its own genes . It only possessed the immortality and plasticity of deified creatures .

“Do you want to come out?” Lu Zhiyu asked, staring at the creature inside the chamber in amusement .


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At the instant when Lu Zhiyu looked at the creature, he realized that its appearance started changing . It actually imitated Lu Zhiyu and quickly developed vocal cords . Then, it started making meaningless, weird shrieks at Lu Zhiyu . Its voice was very ear-piercing and dragged .

Lu Zhiyu felt the creature’s mind and found that it did not have a dominant personality . In addition, its consciousness was in chaos . There seemed to be dozens of consciousness within the creature’s mind, fighting for dominance . It did not even know how to control itself!

The voice and the mimicking were also done unconsciously and did not mean anything . Lu Zhiyu frowned . This was not what he had expected, but he indeed managed to create the first deified creature .

“Why is it like this? It should be that the soul has been contaminated because I have failed the fusion multiple times . ”

“I’ll call you Sakun then,” Lu Zhiyu said . Since this was the sound the creature first made, Lu Zhiyu would name it after this . Even though it did not have a complete personality and intelligence, Sakun was truly a superior lifeform .

After the successful creation of a deified creature, Lu Zhiyu would also start trying to change his own genes . He wanted his life template to become one which really had extraordinary powers . Lu Zhiyu decided to call such a high-level life template a mythical creature template . He changed the name from deified creatures, but it was appropriate anyway . These beings were no different from the creatures in legends!

Lu Zhiyu did not know how to do it yet . After all, he had never seen such a superior lifeform before . He could only try and explore based on his own imagination .

Sakun, the first deified creature he had created, was a perfect sample for him to try . For Sakun, he could create the life template of a superior lifeform . He could use the plasticity of deified creatures to create a truly extraordinary life!

Lu Zhiyu smiled as Sakun . It looked small and frail, but its nature was so different from ordinary organisms . As long as it could obtain the life template of mythical creatures, its power would increase significantly .

“How should I do it?” Lu Zhiyu started thinking . “Clearly I cannot use the ones I have designed in the past . They will only open up the normal powers of the body . ”

Normal creatures might be considered as powerful after obtaining more strength, speed, god-like perspective, dynamic vision, or obtaining the powerful sword skills or memories from their ancestors . However, these were really useless for a deified creature . In other words, these powers would not make full use of the plasticity of deified cells!