Lv1 Skeleton - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

“Sa…Save me!!”

By the time I had found her, she had already been surrounded by 5 dark-skinned, pig faced orcs . I couldn’t prevent a stupid grin from forming on my face .

‘I’ve finally found my precious experience . ’

They were too preoccupied with the woman and didn’t sense my approach .


I held the steel longsword I had purchased at the store in one hand and a basic round shield in the other .

“No! No way!”



I stabbed my sword deeply in the back of the closest target, who was just about to rape the huntress . A pig-like squeal rang throughout the cave as messages appeared before me eyes .

[+113 experience points/ Main body +13][Level increased  1 2]

[Double Slash level 1 2]

[Acquired knowledge of Orcs]



The Orcs turned around to stare at me, the woman had long fainted

‘Let’s find out what you fellows are all about . ’

Name: N/AGender: MaleStatus: Perverted,( In Heat)Type: Orc/Tanic tribeClass: WarriorRank: FLevel: 3/20HP: 35/35MP: 5/5Attack: 10Defense: 5Agility: 6Intelligence: 8 Unique Skills[Darkfield Lv1] [Greed Lv1] [Strength Lv1]

Although they were stronger than Tomb rats, they were far from being my opponents . I formed an evil smile .

“Double Slash!”

KKurr? Kuoo

[+113 experience points/ Main body +13][+226 experience points/ Main body +26]

[Level increased  2 3]

[Double Slash level 2 3]

I used my skill to finish off two more opponents in just 0 . 3 second, but the last two managed to escape, running away with their hands in the air wailing .

‘Do human warriors level up so quickly?’

I put away my sword and shield, before walking up towards the injured woman .

“Hey there?”

“Uh . . ,no… no…no . ”

She seemed to be spouting out gibberish while unconscious , clearly traumatized by her previous experience .

‘Well, you’ll just have to find you own way out of these caves . ’

Thump! Thump! Thump!

It was the sound of several Orcs coming my way . Perhaps the two that had escaped managed to return with reinforcements .

‘Annoying . . ’

My conscience got the better of me, so I carried her outside, stashing her in a safe place before coming back to the cave .

Thump! Thump!

The Orcs seemed to be approaching from many directions . It was quite useful to have acquired knowledge of my opponents because once I had it, I could see their status approaching even before they came into vision .

‘Hm, killing just one provides such little experience, I definitely need to aim for multi-kills . ’

It was a situation where I could easily one-shot them, so my double and quad-slash skills were the best hunting methods . Unfortunately, Double Slash resulted in a 1 second stun penalty whereas for Quad Slash it was a full 2 seconds, so I definitely had to keep this in mind .

‘Two down . ’

As I turned the corner I ran into a pair of them and didn’t hesitate to unleash a Double Slash . Other Orcs heard the screams and closed in on my position .

‘Let’s see, groups of two, two, three, this is fine, but five is too much!’

I was escaping from Group of 5 Orcs, It felt like a game of hide and seek . Well, in truth It was more of a game of true slaughter as I was eliminating anything that came my way . Of course I was receiving a generous amount of experience, but after having killed about 40 of them I realized that the remaining 10 were staying together in a group .

‘Oh, do Orcs actually have some intelligence?’

Those parties which had mistaken orcs for pig-like animals must have suffered greatly as they were ambushed by larger numbers . At least there intelligence felt superior to that of regular Giant Termites .

‘10 Orcs… If they’re together it could be troublesome so I’ll to find some way to split them up . ’

Picking up a stone from the ground, I walked towards the group of 10 .

‘This should do the trick!’

I had found a place where the cave forked into 3 tunnels, and I threw my stone down one of these tunnels .

KKurr? Kkurr?

The ones leading in the front of the pack ran towards the sound of the stone hitting the ground . I decided to use Double Slash which had a shorter stun penalty, in order to be ready to deal with the Orcs which were still behind .

“Double Slash!”


Without much suspense, the two of them turned into my experience points, but I had miscalculated their movement speed and their comrades were already upon me . The 1 Second stun period was really too long for a life and death battle as they were just 0 . 7 seconds away from reaching my position . When their weapons had already reached me I still had 0 . 3 seconds left on my stun!

Ting! Ting!

Their weapons bounced off my armor harmlessly, it appeared that they had no way of causing me any harm .

‘Is it perhaps my Physical Resistance?’

Armed with the knowledge that I wasn’t all that vulnerable during my stunned state, I had no reason to hold back .

“Quad Slash!”

Of course it resulted in a longer stunned state but it didn’t matter in my case .

Ting! Ting!Ting!

More pointless attacks bounced off me as I waited my turn .

“Quad Slash!”

[+113 experience points/ Main body +13][+226 experience points/ Main body +26][+452 experience points/ Main body +52][+904 experience points/ Main body +104]

[Level increased  10 12]

[Acquired ⦅Title: Orc slayer⦆]

[Quad Slash level 4 5]

[You have learned Octa Slash Lv1]

‘Octa, does that mean I can now take care of 8 of them?’

I wiped the blood off my sword and took a look at my Status page .

Name: Gaspard (Avatar)Gender: MaleStatus: NormalRace: HumanClass: WarriorRank: E-Level: 12/99HP: 277/277MP: 144/144Attack: 131 (+21)Defense: 12Agility: 54Intelligence: 62Luck: 14Charisma: 41 Unique skills[Telepathy Lv1] [Mind Reading Lv1] [Spiritual Connection Lv1] [Double slash Lv5] [Physical resistance Lv1] [Magic resistance Lv1] [Avatar Flip Lv1] [Saint’s Slash Lv1] [Holy Defense Lv1][Quad Slash Lv5] [Dodge Lv3] [Shield Bash Lv1]Title (Active)[Decoy Lv1] [Orc Slayer Lv1] Titles (Inactive)[Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv3] [Coldhearted Lv2] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Wizard of the Pit] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Specter’s Grief Lv5]

‘Have all those who entered the cave already died?’

Going by my Status check I could see the dead corpses of multiple adventurers, but none of those were female .

‘Could it be true that Orcs use women as sex slaves?’

I noticed the statuses of several Orcs in the distance . Of course I was going to collect the experience and cared little about saving the captured women .

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‘Well, that’s quite a few of them . ’

It appeared that I had stumbled upon their lair . There were a total of 20 Orcs and as expected, the 5 missing women were being savagely raped . They were taking turns with them and their cries for help were mixed in with the pig-like grunts of pleasure .

‘It looks like there are 5 young Orcs, 10 warrior Orcs, 4 Wizards and finally a Unique Status Orc . ’

I was a bit distracted by the screams, but was able to calm down and analyze the situation carefully .

‘With these numbers, wasn’t it just suicide for anyone which was bronze ranked?’

I felt puzzled by the Guild’s difficulty rating, did they misdjudge the Orcs? Forget about a party Quest…hell, even if 100 Bronze ranked adventurers gathered they wouldn’t succeed .

‘There’s also that Unique monster, although I could gain generous amounts of experience and possibly new skills, he must also have powerful magic and it’ll be quite dangerous . ’

I hesitated to come to a decision, If I had been in my skeletal body I would have simply charged in . But the human feeling and most notably, the fear which accompanied them was clouding my judgement, making me weak . I was even beginning to feel some sympathy for the raped women .

‘This is troublesome, these emotions of mine will get me in trouble someday . I have to focus on the task at hand, If I can’t even clear out these small fries, how could I ever get my revenge on the League?’

I steeled my heart and told myself to ignore the sounds of the women being raped .

‘Yes, to become a Chosen I’ll need at least this much resolution!’

I messaged the Unique Shaman Orc named Brahin Telepathically .

‘I’m going to kill you . ’

He had a stupid grin on his face while watching his group engage in rape, but he immediately turned serious and started looking around when he heard my message .

‘Here, I am over here . ’

I tried to spread panic amongst them as they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint my location with my use of Telepathy . My strategy was to force him to send out scouting parties which I could easily pick off one by one, but the Boss was smarter than I expected .

Kurr Kurr

Brahin gestured at the young orcs who were not participating in the rape to pick up a shield and get in formation .

‘Oh, not as stupid as I thought, this won’t be so easy’

There were four Orc Wizard’s each with their own elemental affinity, but the most troublesome was the Boss who was a Shaman . With such advanced recovery magic, unless I was able to oneshot them, it could turn into a long and protracted battle . Not to mention that the Orcs currently busy with their sex slaves were slightly higher leveled and I wasn’t confident I could finish them off with just a single slash of my longsword .

‘Well, it’s now or never . ’

I stepped out of the darkness and into the light of their burning torches, allowing them to catch sight of me .


The Orc Shaman was the first to spot me and immediately got the others to leave the women alone and focus on me .

“Come one guys I’ll show you a real fire show!”

I hadn’t become angry due to the despicable actions of the Orcs, but rather at my inability to fully control my emotions and the sense of inferiority it entailed .

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I threw my sword out, piercing the chest of a young orc . Dropping the shield I held in my left hand I drew my two-handed Excalibur .

“Ha! You guys don’t even stand a chance!”


“Octa Slash!”

I didn’t hesitate to use my new skill on the approaching monsters . Be it flesh, bone, armor or shield, my Excalibur cut right through it like a hot knife through butter .

Kukquerr Kurr

The Shaman tried to cast restoration, but it was too late and they were already corpses . The wizards were stunned by the horror scene before them and were late to begin casting . When my 2 seconds of being stunned wore off, I rushed towards them, not giving them the chance to finish chanting .

‘Kuur Krru Kuuue’

The sounds of pig snorts, axes banging and magic chanting rang throughout the cave . Meanwhile, the female adventurers that could still move took the chance to escaped to the sides .


Ting! Ting! Boong!

[Physical Resistance level 1 2]

[Magic Resistance level 1 2]

My Octaslash easily cut down 8 more Orcs, whereas their weapons and feeble magic bounced of me harmlessly .

The last Orcs remaining were just 2 cowardly warriors, one Wizard and the Shaman Boss . The warriors were trembling in fear and had picked up a woman to use a human shield .

‘Hmm… her body is not bad . ’

The reason I was entertaining such pointless thoughts was that I was in a stunned state and had little else to do . Unfortunately, this time around they had taken notice of my my weakness and were ready to capitalize on it .

‘Damn, two seconds is way too long!’

As the two warriors approached me holding a female hostage, the Wizard was busy enchanting one of the warrior’s axe . The bigger problem however, was the Shaman which was busy with a long incantation which resulted in vicious looking black clouds gathering above him .

‘Hm, one enchanted axe and a Shaman’s dark spell… either of them could spell my doom . ’

Even with my level 2 magic and physical resistance, I wasn’t confident I had the HP to survive those attacks .


Shoooka shooook

Just as I was released from my stunned state, the Shaman had finished chanting and the spell was headed my way . Likewise, the enchanted axe was bearing down on me, intending to split my skull in two .

‘Shit! Why am I always gambling with my life like this?’