Macha's Journey - Chapter 137

Published at 13th of November 2018 10:29:44 PM

Chapter 137

Freyr sat across from Macha . Today was her birthday and he offered to take her to eat and dance at the White Rabbit . Sierra had been furious with him when he informed her of his plans . Although he understood it was dangerous, he still wanted the woman he loved to not be lonely on a special day like today .

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Macha looked around the empty restaurant . Her lips moved to the side with disapproval before she asked, "Did you ask for them to close for the day?" It was unusual for this establishment to have a table open, let alone all the tables .

He propped his elbow on the table and rested his chin in his hand . Freyr admired how the warm lights made her skin glow . He felt so relaxed being around her . "Yes . I had to in order to keep Sierra quiet . "

His ever responsible Captain of the Guard had scolded him for over an hour, explaining the many things that could go wrong . To save his ears, he paid for the entire restaurant to be closed today . His old friend took her job seriously, but he believed she knew how to nag too well .

Macha lowered her lashes and giggled . "I bet she was really upset with you . "

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After a short pause, she asked in English, "Is it all right for you to be out like this? It has only been a year since you know . . . " She now looked him in the eyes, concerned about his safety . Jarnvid's trial was about a year ago, but she understood many people were currently displeased due to the investigations that followed .

Freyr sat up and picked up his fork . He also replied in her native tongue, "It should be fine . The building is protected . Please, do not worry . Relax . "

He did not want her worries about his life to overshadow the evening . Tonight was one of the few times he got to spend alone with her while eating . Although it was not a romantic date, he would still be able to remember tonight for many years .

Switching back to Yenafocee, he added, "Are you enjoying the food? I've never eaten here before, so I wasn't sure what to request . I based the meal off of what I remember about your preferences . I hope I haven't disappointed you . "

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His blue eyes looked so concerned that Macha was startled . He had chosen all of her favorite foods from this restaurant without ever having come . It was a feat which left her impressed . "Yes, you actually picked my favorites," she smiled . "I really really like the salmon here . The glaze is delicious . How did you know I would want this?"

Freyr blushed slightly as he cut the lemon covered white fish which he ordered for himself . He spent a moment calming his heart . Since she gave her approval of his choices, he could relax .

He did not want to appear like a know-it-all but also wanted to answer her question . Clearing his throat, he humbly explained, "I remembered when I first dined with you at the Valois estate, you ate more of the salmon than any other dish . You also enjoyed the bagel the morning you had breakfast with me after the Masquerade which had a smoked salmon on top . From those memories, I hoped you liked that fish . Besides that, I realize you hate spicy food and enjoy sweeter foods . All of that led me to choose that dish . "

These were insignificant details that she did not think he even noticed . In an uneasy voice, she replied, "Oh, well, thank you for being so attentive . You really understand my likes and dislikes well . " Now she regretted asking because it reminded her that he still loved her . She was not sure if Tyr recognized her preferences for food as thoroughly as Freyr did .

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He realized by her expression that he unsettled her . In a hurried voice, he said, "Don't be upset . I'm just very observant . In order to rule, it's important for me to notice these sorts of details . " Freyr wanted to smooth over Macha's worries . He understood that everything he concluded was only because he cherished every moment with her . It would, of course, seem unnatural for him to know so much with such limited interaction .

Their evening progressed and both of them enjoyed dancing and conversing about various subjects . For a few hours, Macha forgot how stressful the past year had been . She constantly missed Tyr, Ullr's attention made her nervous, the workload weighed down on her, and the loneliness ate up any happiness she had left .

It was getting late and Freyr realized he needed to take her home . He did not want her to miss out on any sleep . Her health was more important than his own selfish desires .

In the distance, a lithe figure stood on the top of a building . He watched the King and Macha exit the White Rabbit . The two appeared as if they had a good time and wide smiles were on their faces .

A sinister grin spread upon the man's face . He loved his line of work . In his life, he hunted many animals and creatures, but found there was no better hunting than the hunting of man . Only the men gave him the look of surprise and regret that he enjoyed seeing .

He drank a potion and hopped down from the roof . His figure disappeared as his body descended to the ground . Only the faint sound of his cape dropping to the cobblestones sounded through the streets when he landed .

The moons were currently new moons, the perfect time for an assassination . He loved how the absence of moonlight seemed to reflect the lack of life that he would soon see in the King's eyes . It was also fitting that a new era would begin on a new moon .