Mages Are Too OP - Chapter 441

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Chapter 441: Chapter 441 - The Corruption of the F6 Members

Purple Priest’s robes… apart from the Church of Love, Roland couldn’t think of any other denomination so gaudy that both men and women wore purple . In reality, purple was a pretty interesting color with a sense of mystery . As long as you looked good, wearing purple was considered a plus for both men and women . The group of people in front of them were really handsome men and women, more than twenty people blocking the road, smiling and looking at the carriage with teasing expressions on their faces .

Roland and the others jumped off the carriage and watched the small group of Priests of love in the way with confused expressions .

Generally speaking, the Priests in this world were heavily armored, equipped with shields and hammers in battle, and occasionally there were Priests in robes, but they were usually in civil posts .

The Priests of the Church of Love, on the other hand, never wore armor and their robes were very loose, supposedly so that they could easily undress whenever and wherever they wanted .

As a neutral alignment church, the love Priests strictly adhered to their doctrines .

And the essence of it was: face your heart and desires and don’t get stuck in etiquette and common sense .

To put it bluntly, this was a bunch of people who loved to party . They didn’t like to fight with others . Even if you called them names, they wouldn’t bother to argue with you and… there weren’t many people who wanted to fight with them; many instead wanted to have a good relationship with them .

After all, they acted on mutual consent and didn’t kill or set fires, so what could you do?

But it was such a group of people who were aloof from worldly affairs that were now blocking the path of Roland and the others .

They walked to the front of the carriage . Hotheaded, Li Lin sized up the group for a moment and roared in displeasure, “Why are you guys blocking our way, want to get beat up? . ”

Berserkers were just this reckless!

The group of people from the Church of Love sat on horses and laughed amusingly, and their unattractive condescending looks were infuriating to watch .

Li Lin wanted to make a move .

Roland knew his character, so he held him back and said, “Don’t act rashly, you’re impulsive and don’t know the gravity of things—allow me . ”

When he finished speaking, he pointed at the people from the Church of Love .

The people of the Church of Love thought that Roland was going to use offensive spells, and each of them immediately cast defensive magic, such as Ballistic Deflection, Magic Shield, and so on .

However, Roland used a wide range Muddy Transformation .

The place where the group of people stood instantly became a swamp .

The horses they were sitting on immediately sank in, and in a flash, they were more than half submerged, their legs deep in the mud .

Fortunately, they didn’t sink any further .

Now they were finally anxious and didn’t dare to put on that superior look again .

Roland walked to the edge of the swamp and asked, somewhat puzzled, “The Church of Love itself doesn’t have much fighting power, but it dares to stand in the way of us Golden Sons . Why?”

Who wasn’t afraid of the great name of the immortal Golden Sons?

The group of Church of Love’s Priests, who were strong in appearance but weak in reality, were riding on shocked and disoriented horses and didn’t dare to dismount, because if they did, they would have to wade into the swamp themselves .

The most handsome, flashy-looking male Priest said urgently, “We’re not trying to do anything to you, we just want a taste of you . ”


Roland and his friends looked at each other in bewilderment .

“What do you mean?” asked Roland, his eyes almost in a frown .

“I’ve heard that you Golden Sons taste very good . Your bodies are pure and unadulterated, they taste delicious and make you feel quite pleasurable . ” A blush appeared on the man’s face . “We have many brothers and sisters who say that your sweat doesn’t even taste sour; instead it has a slightly salty taste that you can’t forget once you lick it . ”

Roland shuddered and subconsciously took a step back .

By eating, this man didn’t mean eating people, but the adult-oriented “eating . ”

“But even so, the look on your faces before wasn’t quite right . What gave you the courage to stand in our way?” continued Roland .

“That is…” The man hesitated . “We heard that you have recently been abandoned by all the gods, even the Goddess of Life has given an order that she will repeatedly exterminate those special elements among you, and we also heard that you may no longer have immortality as it will be reclaimed by the Goddess of Life, so we…”

Roland gave Betta a wink, and Betta immediately went to the forum to see if there was any news about it .

“And you think we become useless after we lose our immortality and so try to capture us?”

“No, we just thought it was a pity that such good ingredients were about to be gone—every death is a pity . So, we thought we’d try your taste before you disappeared . ”

Because the player’s body was “newly created” and didn’t have long life experience, it was very pure .

Roland’s eyes widened . “That’s it?”

“We of the Church of Love don’t like to fight, but this is what we desire . ”

F**k… Roland couldn’t help but curse inwardly . These people who were controlled by their desires were really incomprehensible .

“Forget it, you guys can stay here for a while . ” Roland sighed, then said to his pals behind him, “Let’s go . ”

Then he was surprised to find that no one but Betta had gone with him .

“What are you guys doing?” Roland stopped, having a bad feeling about this .

Li Lin said with a smile, “I’ve heard that the Church of Love’s female Priests are quite interesting, but now they’ve actually taken the initiative to come to my door . ”

“No way!” Roland said helplessly . “Their private lives are really chaotic . ”

“How much more chaotic can they be than brothel workers?” Li Lin shrugged . “Roland, you and Betta go back first . ”

Roland looked at the other two . “You guys aren’t leaving either, Brazil and Husseret?”

The two shook their heads and laughed mischievously .

Brazil even said, “You have a queen of the utmost beauty by your side, of course you do not care about this . This is the typical example of a well-fed man who does not know the plight of a hungry man . There are several girls here that look good . I plan to stay, and have an exchange of feelings with them . After all, it’s a rare opportunity . It’s okay to believe in the God of Love if necessary . After all, everyone can have faith, right?”

“But there are also men here!”

Li Lin said bitterly, “Of course, let the men f**k off . ”

Betta was gobsmacked .

He was the youngest, now in his sophomore year of college, still essentially a good kid, and seeing this had a major impact on his views of the world .

Roland sighed . “What about the experience of the epic quest? What if it doesn’t count when Betta hands in the quest because guys are not around?”

“Quest experience can be earned again, but a free chance like this is rare . ” Li Lin waved his hand at Roland in irritation . “Well, if you’re not joining, you can go back first . ”

Half an hour later, Betta was driving the carriage and Roland was sitting beside him, both of them looking rather odd .

In reality, information about the Church of Love had been making rounds on the forum for a long time .

Many male players had secretly joined the church, as well as a small number of female players .

Some things were implicitly revealed on the forums .

It was just that Roland rarely paid attention to this aspect of things .

After all, he had Andonara by his side, and Vivian, so there was no need to worry about the physical aspect of life .

Whereas Li Lin and the others… Not even having a sweetheart in the game so far, it didn’t seem too strange to find someone to settle this problem .

It was just a bit of a bad idea to get mixed up with the Church of Love .

Those people were really too messy .

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Roland sighed . “Should have let them all be Warlocks—at level five, summon a Succubus, and any physical problems are solved for you . No need to find those messy women . ”

Also, when summoned, Succubi were very “exclusive,” and would only serve one master until the master died before finding other men, provided that the Warlock who summoned them didn’t treat them too badly .

This was why the Succubi called themselves honest and faithful . Everyone laughed, but they wouldn’t argue .

After all, they really were very much in the spirit of a professional contract .

At this moment, Betta still looked muddleheaded .

It seemed that he still hadn’t woken up from the shock to his views .

After about two days, Betta seemed to have figured something out when he asked, “Brother Roland… looking for brothel workers here, you won’t get caught in reality, right?”

Roland couldn’t help but wince . “No way, you want to, too?”

Then Roland smacked his own head . “Not good, you’ve been led astray by Li Lin and the others . Schuck will scold me when he finds out about this . ”

“I’m almost twenty . ” Betta looked a little squirmy . “It’s not a bad thing to think about, right?”

“I guess . ” Roland thought of himself . It was also in his sophomore year of college that he got together with his ex-girlfriend and started eating meat .

When he thought about it, he felt he was in no position to educate Betta .

While on his way back to the capital, Roland had been browsing the forum .

The events in Sisilia were still ongoing .

It took less than three hours for the alliance of churches to break through the city, after which they attacked Sisilia forcefully .

In street battles, they killed the resisters first, then cleaned up the players .

As long as the players who stayed in Sisilia were not mercenaries recruited by their own side, all of them were killed on sight .

Until they left Sisilia .

After that, they began to purge the natives of this world who had accepted the players’ philosophies .

And it was a brutal execution of all generations .

Even children, as long as they were taller than the wheels of a carriage, no matter if they were boys or girls, were all killed .

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In the blink of an eye, Sisilia was covered in blood, and the miserable cries didn’t stop from morning to night, and then from the rise of the moon to the rise of the sun .

Bodies were being hauled out on carts .

Normally, a cart was used to hold two bodies at most, but now it was like a human pyramid of at least a dozen .

The bodies were thrown into a large pit outside the city and then covered when there were two or three hundred corpses .

On the east side of Sisilia, there were large pits and holes everywhere or large, fresh mounds of buried earth .

“This is too much, is this necessary?” Roland looked at the pictures on the forum and his veins popped out .

Originally there were still god-protectors on the forum, but now after these pictures came out, the god-protectors all went silent and then never posted again .

Many of the players who had joined the coalition began to withdraw as well .

The “Sisilia Incident” lasted seven days, and by the time the alliance of churches began to retreat, this large city that originally had a population of 1 . 3 million was now only around 600,000 strong .

The retreating alliance had left behind several “ember removal squads,” which were responsible for hunting down the players that were on their list .

Everyone in this squad started at the Master level and the captain of each squad was at the Legendary level .

In this incident, thanks to several rogue players stealthily risking their lives livestreaming, the players clearly realized certain things .

For example, the nature of churches .

Another example was that the players were really not strong at this stage in the game .

In a battle where there was an overwhelming power difference, immortality was just a joke .

All that had to be done was simply guard the revival points and the players would be killed back to level zero .

Those special heretical inquisitors could even track players in soul state, and the latter simply couldn’t escape .

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