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Mages Are Too OP - Chapter 462

Published at 30th of November 2020 04:55:07 PM

Chapter 462: 462

Not to mention the two noble Mages involved, the seven Mages who were watching the show in the main hall were shocked when they heard Roland’s words . If the conversation between Betta and the two noble Mages was just arrogant and unyielding, then Roland gave the impression of being cold and arrogant .

It was very arrogant and with ridicule .

It was as if they were being treated as two giant slugs .

The kind that was disgusting to see .

Not to mention the two noble Mages involved, even the seven Mages watching the show next to them felt that Roland had really gone overboard .

To look down so much on… two Fareins Mages .

A reward for you .

How high in status did he have to be to dare rebuke two Fareins noble Mages?

One had to know that Fareins was the most powerful and wealthiest nation, and had the most advanced magical (scientific) technology in the human world .

The nobles of Fareins were the true nobles, and the nobles of the other countries were just small country landowners .

Even a foreign king was a country bumpkin to the Fareins nobility .

This was already an accepted truth in the human world, even in the orc world .

It couldn’t be helped . The Fareins Kingdom had been strong for hundreds of years, undeniably the center of the human world in economics, arts, culture, and military, and had never lost a battle since the founding of the kingdom .

Even if they lost occasionally in remote areas, they would always get the advantage back on a larger battlefield .

Centuries of friction had caused the entire human world to almost tacitly acknowledge the “boss” status of the Fareins Kingdom .

However, the players wouldn’t .

After all, the real country the players were in had been the boss for a good two or three thousand years and thought it was a little weaker not long ago, it was now ready to get back on top .

The players were inherently quite proud, thinking that the Fareins Kingdom was nothing .

Besides, these two nobles, who were about to kill someone just because water was spilled on them, had no concept of life .

Moreover, Roland had endured a lot of anger in the Fareins Kingdom some time ago, so now seeing these Fareins’ nobles was very unpleasant .

The two factors combined, Roland’s impression of the two nobles was absolutely terrible .

Naturally, he wasn’t polite .

Roland was too proud, and the two nobles were temporarily stunned . The man with the wet robe asked gloomily, “Where are you from?”

Even though Roland was speaking Hollevinian, the other party understood because of Unhindered Communication .

However, the other party could also hear that he was using another country’s language .

Hearing the other party ask such a silly question, Roland laughed . “You didn’t hear Betta call me brother? Naturally I’m also barely considered a Hollevinian . ”

Upon hearing that it was the small country of Hollevin again, the surrounding nobles were a bit shifty, but their expressions were even sterner .

Because they could sense that Roland’s strength was already very close to Master .

The arrogant young man who spoke just now was from the small, isolated country of Hollevin, yet he had already surpassed the status of Elite, while the one in front of them was already approaching Master .

Both of them were so young and promising .

When did all the small countries have such great Mage talent?

The other noble Mage said indifferently, “You’ve got some guts, don’t you know that all the Magic Towers, be it Red, Purple, Monochrome… all these holy lands of magic, at least over half of the masters of magic originate from Fareins . You, from a small country of Hollevin, dare to speak to us like this?”

Of the other seven Mages, four looked slightly unhappy and three looked approving .

Roland’s lips pursed slightly . “I don’t know and I don’t care . Now I’m just going to make you pick up the gold coins that Betta rewarded you with . You have to accept it properly . ”

Everyone felt a chill run up their heads from their nostrils .

Did this man have a backing or was he just hotheaded?

The other side had actually implied that they had backers in the Red Magic Tower, and this man had the nerve to talk like that?

That was so fu**ing ballsy .

This wasn’t a Mage, but a Warrior in a Mage’s skin, right?

The two noble Mages didn’t dare to answer . Most Mages, to put it nicely, were called rational, and to put it badly, they knew how to calculate the gains and losses . Especially noble-born Mages, they knew even more to weigh their gains and losses .

They already saw that the hotheaded Mage from a small country in front of them was furious and that the two of them might not be able to beat him even if they joined forces .

If they fought head-on, and the other side killed them out of anger, then even if their relatives could get revenge for them afterward, they would still be dead in the end .

That wouldn’t be worth it at all!

This was why they didn’t dare to stand up to Roland anymore . But they were still nobles, and they were Fareins’ nobles, and they had to get the respect that they deserved .

So they had to show their attitude by being silent .

They were afraid and didn’t dare to stand up to Roland, but they wouldn’t give in either .

“It seems you don’t want to . ” Roland couldn’t bother with this unspoken rule amongst nobles . He said slowly, “I’ll say it once more: pick it up . You have five seconds to think about it . ”

“Five . ”

Roland began to unleash large amounts of ice magic .

The white ice patterns were centered around him, rapidly spreading around .

“Four . ”

In a second, the floor of the main hall had been turned white .

Upon seeing this, the seven Mages watching the show turned pale, the ones close to the door jumped straight out, and three others immediately rushed to the window and jumped out of it in a panic .

“Three . ”

The white streaks of ice were thickening and spreading upward from the walls rapidly, and in less than half a second, the ceiling was covered in a layer of frost .

Even the dense crinkling sounds could be heard as the layer of ice froze .

The sounds were continuous .

The two noble Mages had now turned pale and their legs were trembling slightly .

However, since magic robes were generally large, no one could see their embarrassing appearance .

“Two . ”

The ice on the ground was thickening, and the two noble Mages didn’t dare to move . They were even in a bit of a trance under the pressure of Roland’s terrifying magic power .

The few Mages who had fled the main hall watched from outside as the frost climbed up from the outer wall of the dormitory’s first floor to the third floor in half a second, with no loss of speed .

There was also a large amount of cold white air spewing out from the entrance to the dormitory .

The ice even began to slowly spread from the entrance to the street .

The seven Mages gulped in fear .

“One . ”

The ice in the main hall was a little thicker .

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Roland started to raise his hand .

This action of his directly awakened the two noble Mages .

As if in a nightmare, these two fell straight to their knees and said almost simultaneously, “Please wait, sir, we’ll pick it up right away, right now . ”

They lay down on the ground and dug hard at the not-too-thick ice with their hands .

The coins were frozen under the ice, and they had to break the ice to find them .

It was much harder than it had been .

But they didn’t dare say another word .

Roland tsked . “Pity!”

They shivered all over again as they heard this .

They searched even faster for the gold coins .

Most noble Mages had a common weakness .

They hadn’t been through hardships .

They had a lot of resources and were protected by their families, so they grew up without a hitch and hardly ever encountered any serious ups and downs .

They used lots of family resources to level up .

To put it bluntly, they were flowers raised in a greenhouse with good fertilizer and water .

Roland was different… He was bitten to death by a spider before he even left the newbie village .

He killed a lot of people after that and then died twice more .

In the words of the nobles, Roland’s hands were actually already covered in blood .

He didn’t feel it himself, but among those who hadn’t endured danger and bloodshed directly, Roland’s murderous aura was extremely heavy .

He released a mental magic power aura with a butcher-like air .

Besides, he had really wanted to kill them .

How could two spoiled sons who grew up on the grace of their family dare to face a tiger head-on?

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Roland watched silently as the two noble Mages dug at the ice with their fingers, not daring to stop as the skin on their fingers began to tear and bleed .

At this moment, outside the dormitory, a middle-aged red-robed Mage suddenly descended from the sky .

He couldn’t help but appear emotionally moved when he saw the entire outer wall of the dormitory building wrapped in frost .

Then without saying a word, he opened his Magic Shield and rushed straight into the dormitory building .

Then he saw two noble Mages kneeling on the ground, frantically digging at the ice without care for their image as if they were looking for something .

“Bild, Heinrich, what are you doing?”

This middle-aged Mage wore a rather displeased expression .

Hearing his shout, the two noble Mages’ entire bodies shook, and they looked at the middle-aged Mage with aggrieved expressions, but still didn’t dare to stand up .

“Why don’t you get up already? It’s improper to kneel on the ground . ”

The two noble Mages shook their heads vigorously, still not daring to move .

Their eyes peeked at Roland .

The middle-aged Mage turned his attention to Roland who was standing in front of the two noble Mages . “Did you make them do this?”

“I didn’t . ” Roland turned around and smiled . “They’re just helping me pick up the gold coins that fell to the ground . ”

The middle-aged Mage’s gaze swept over the entire main hall, looking at the layer of frost clinging to the entire dormitory, then his gaze returned to Roland . The expression on his face seemed to soften a bit . “Young man, you’re a magic student, right? What’s your name?”

“Roland . ”

Roland was ready to lane against this middle-aged Mage .

After all, this man seemed to be a relative of these two noble Mages .

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged Mage’s eyes lit up . “Wait, you’re Roland, of the oil- and water-making spells?”

Roland nodded . “That would be me . ”

“Your oil-making spell is very interesting, improved from Grease so that Mages at the bottom end can make a lot of money with this—it’s very innovative . ” The middle-aged Mage walked up to Roland and spoke quite excitedly, even gesticulating a little joyfully . “And your water-making spell is also wildly imaginative . I can see that the nodes in the water-making spell are placed quite perfectly, just eight nodes are used, but it is done with very little magic power, opening very small space channels to transport water from other places . Quite a creative idea . Come, since you are a member of the Ruby Class, when a group of us teachers heard you were coming, we all wanted to meet you . After all, it has been more than a hundred years since a spell named after a human creator has appeared . ”

He pressed his hands on Roland’s shoulders . “First come with me to the lab in the middle district, there’s a node I don’t quite understand . Come over and explain it to me . ”

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