Mages Are Too OP - Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: 464

Chapter 464 – Come on Fire at Me

While Roland was confused, Betta came close and said in admiration, “Brother Roland, your name has been known by almost the entire Red Magic Tower . I was doing quests in the western district, and even the bottom-level people there had learned about you . ”

Betta had been doing quests for days .

He was only level six, which was a high level for the players but not among the highest anymore .

Roland, on the other hand, was level eight . He wasn’t interested in regular quests that gave too little experience . Only the epic quests could attract him .

He would rather spend his time on magic experiments than waste it on regular quests .

Now, many Mages were gathered in the main hall .

Most of them were level five, so Roland, as the only level eight, was quite distinctive .

Everybody was observing Roland, and Roland looked around and observed them too .

Most of the Mages were human beings, but there were a couple of elves, dwarves, and orcs .

Roland even saw a male drow, and the two noble Mages who were reprimanded by him a few days earlier, and didn’t dare to argue with him .

When they met Roland’s eyes, they simply moved their gazes away without looking back at him .

Roland was rather satisfied .

Soon, it would be time for the Ruby Class to officially start . According to the guide, all they needed to do was to gather in the main hall, and someone would come here to guide them when the time came .

Everybody waited quietly .

As the commencement of the Ruby Class drew closer and closer, fewer and fewer people were whispering .

Eventually, the main hall became so quiet that Roland could even hear people breathing around him .

A moment later, the time finally came .

Several storms that emitted immense mental pressure appeared in the sky and quickly descended .

In the end, four gray-haired Mages walked into the main hall one by one .

Everybody could sense their rank with mental power even if they did not see the Mages’ level .

The Mages were three Masters and a Legend .

Roland and Betta watched the Legend, who had a skull mark above his head, walking in the front .

He was wearing a magic robe that was emitting blue light . He seemed rather gentle .

He gazed at everybody in silence for a while, as if he was counting the people in the main hall .

A moment later, he said, “Well, the number is right . Which one of you is Roland?”

Roland raised his eyebrow .

The people around him all looked at him .

After only half a second of hesitation, Roland stepped forward and said, “I am . ”

The Legendary old man looked Roland up and down and asked with a smile, “Your oil-making and water-making techniques are both interesting, but I have a question . Why did you create the oil-making spell?”

“I believe that Mages should be capable of making money with magic as early as possible . After all, not everybody comes from a rich family . ”

More than half of the magic apprentices looked at Roland with gratitude .

The oil-making spell was simple and easy to learn . It had made their lives a lot easier with the extra income .

The old man spoke again . “It’s true that what you did can prevent Mages from being troubled by the lack of money in their pursuit of magic expertise . However, the problem is that Mages wouldn’t be as esteemed as right now when there are more of them . After all, that which is rare is dear . After the oil-making spell spreads, there may be ten times more Mages in the future than there are right now . The excessive Mages would make magic ordinary and mundane . At that time, the Mages might treat you in a different way . ”

Almost everybody focused their eyes on Roland .

What the old man said did make sense .

Roland said with a smile, “I believe that only if more Mages and more magic associations emerge and communicate with each other can the development of magic be boosted . This is a huge world . There are the Realm of Devils, the Astral Plane, and even the Realm of Gods apart from our main plane . A lot of places are out there for us to explore . We needn’t worry about the redundancy of Mages at all . ”

“Hahahaha . ” The old man nodded in satisfaction . “Kid, you have a clear vision and a broad mind . I’m making the call now . You’ll be the monitor of the Ruby Class . ”

All the students were surprised . Some of them weren’t happy, but they dared not say a word .

“May I know your name, senior?” asked Roland .

“Alfred, a Great Elder of this Magic Tower . ” The old Mage turned around and said to his three partners, “They’re all yours now . Teach them carefully . ’

The three Mages nodded .

Then, the old man walked out and disappeared into thin air .

It was Teleportation, not a flash… Sensing the frequency of the magic waves in the air, Roland recognized the spell that the Great Elder used easily .

How confident must the old man have been to use Teleportation inside a city?

To this moment, Roland still had no courage to use Teleportation inside a crowded city, because if he failed, the spatial shock he caused could drag the people in the vicinity into the Astral Plane .

Although Roland had never really failed in casting Teleportation, he would rather not take any risks .

No matter how many times he had succeeded, countless civilians would die if he were to fail once .

Few dead people could be resurrected, and time couldn’t be reversed . He wouldn’t be able to make up for what he did .

Therefore, Roland would never do anything so dangerous until he could restrain the spatial shock with his mental power even if his teleportation failed .

He assumed that Alfred, the Legendary Mage, was already capable of doing that .

At this moment, one of the three old Mages came forth . He had black hair and brown eyes . Looking around at all the students coldly, he said, “Except for Roland, everybody in this Ruby Class came here either by pulling strings or because there were no better candidates . I don’t expect you to achieve anything, but you should at least pass all your exams, or you will stay here forever . We don’t want the reputation of the Red Magic Tower to be ruined by any losers . ”

Nobody was angry even though they were looked down upon, because what the old man said was true .

Even Betta had come here through his “connections” after completing a quest .

As for the prospect of staying in the Red Magic Tower forever… Most Mages were actually very proud . If they didn’t learn well, they would be too ashamed to go out and be mocked .

“Since the Great Elder has named Roland the monitor, it’s settled then . No objections are allowed . ” The black-haired old Mage looked at Roland and continued, “But I’ll keep an eye on you for a while . If you can’t remain at the top of this class, I’ll report it to the Great Elder and remove your title as the monitor . So, you need to work hard . Got it?”

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That was the stick after the carrot .

Roland smiled without giving any reply .

He was here to learn things, not to be offended . He had been named as the monitor and then criticized for no good reason .

Did they think that he had no temper at all?

The Red Magic Tower wasn’t the only one out there anyway . If things didn’t work out here, he could always study in another Magic Tower .

The old Mage frowned when Roland didn’t respond to his question, but he didn’t say anything . He simply looked at the others and said, “The Red Magic Tower is best at evocation, but we’re not bad at the spells of other classes either . Also, we won’t demand you to specialize in evoking magic . You can learn whatever you want . We’re only responsible for teaching you according to the schedule . ”

This time, the students finally began to whisper .

“Silence . ”

The main hall fell quiet again .

“The eight major classes of spells, plus enchantment and alchemy, the two ancillary classes, are ten courses in total . We’ll hold an exam every year . You’ll pass it with a score of 600 or higher . If you fail, you’ll be driven out of the class and will rejoin the next five-year class when it starts . More than ten students in this Ruby Class are from older classes, so you need to work harder . If you can’t keep up, you’ll have to stay in the western district of the Red Magic Tower forever . ”

Roland realized that the magic apprentices in the western district were actually the offspring of the detained students from early years .

Since their parents knew magic, it wasn’t too hard for them to become magic apprentices .

Everybody looked at each other and speculated who the detained students were .

Nobody looked at Roland .

A man who had been publicly praised by the Great Elder certainly couldn’t be a detained student .

The black-haired old Mage turned around and said to his two partners, “Okay, you’ll take care of the rest . ”

After that, the black-haired Mage walked out of the hall and flew off .

One of the remaining two old Mages had golden hair, and the other had red hair .

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The golden-haired Mage looked like a gentle man, whereas the red-haired one had a threatening body figure .

The golden-haired Mage spoke first: “In your freshman year, you will learn magic from the two of us . I’ll teach you divination, conjuration, abjuration and illusion, and my red-haired colleague will teach you the other four magic schools . We will take turns and each teach you for one day . There won’t be any rest . The content of the teaching sessions will be interpretation of basic magic models and fundamental magic mechanisms . It won’t be hard . Right, you can call me Triton and him Montasisa .

Montasisa, the red-haired old man, put on an innocent smile for everybody .

But nobody lowered their respect for him because of the smile, because every Master Mage was a mobile war machine .

Then, Triton, the golden-haired Mage, looked at Roland . “Roland, you are the monitor, and you’ve created two spells, but I don’t know your expertise in destructive spells . So… why don’t you attack me with your most powerful offensive spell to show me your skill? I’ll block it . ”

After a brief shock, Roland asked back, “My most powerful offensive spell?”

“That’s right . ” Old Mage Triton nodded . “Do your best without holding anything back . ”

This was the tradition in every new class . It was meant to set up the authority of the teachers .

At this moment, Betta looked at Roland and suddenly begged Triton, “Mr . Triton, don’t do that . If Brother Roland attacks with his full strength, not just you, all of us will suffer . Some may even be killed . ”

Everybody looked at Betta and Roland in surprise .

Roland was still expressionless .

Triton burst into fury after hearing that, and his beard was almost bristling . “What an arrogant boy . I’m a Defense major . Even the Great Elder can’t break my defensive barrier without using a spell above the fifth ring . Come on! Just do your best . Let’s see what you’ve got . ”

Roland turned his hand upside down, and a blue fireball emerged in his hand and slowly grew larger .


Betta cursed in a low voice and ran back . He broke the nearest window and fled as quickly as possible .

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