Mages Are Too OP - Chapter 791

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Chapter 791: 791

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Chapter 791 Emergence of the Floating City

Roland left Ma Huajun’s world and returned to the base.

Although he was the Planet Guardian, Ma Huajun couldn’t be too self-willed in everything

Even though he could make decisions, he had to talk to and inform the relevant departments, or everybody in the bureaucratic system would be scared witless by the enormous floating city.

After returning to the base, Roland tried to enter the game, but the virtual cabin kept telling him that his connection failed.

He knew that his energy image in the game had been completely swallowed by him.

Should he create another one?

Roland made an attempt. However, his new character exploded the moment he entered the game.

Then, “System Error,” “Enormous Energy Detected,” and other warnings popped up.

Having no choice, Roland had to quit the game.

At noon the next day, Ma Huajun called him and told him that a no-fly zone a hundred kilometers to the northwest of his base had been approved.

That place was a desert.

Roland wasted no time devoting himself to the construction of the floating city.

In the enormous underground hollow, Roland put the two giant green energy crystals next to each other.

He chose to absorb the smaller one first.

When he filled himself with magic power, the energy crystal only lost one-thirtieth of its total mass.

The efficiency of transformation was astoundingly high.

He estimated that the special energy all over Earth was stored in Ma Huajun’s special mine of crystals.

Because he had enough energy and momentum, Roland simply started making his systems.

One magic power brick was crafted and put away after another.

It took Roland about a month to finally create the Magic Grid Core.

It was even more powerful than his first core in the game.

However, the floating city in the game was reinforced with divine energy later and had significantly more magic power, which was much more awesome.

There was no way that Roland could find divine energy in reality.

He estimated that he could probably jump to the other world after using half of the energy crystal. But for safety reasons, he used the entire energy crystal. The Magic Grid Core was so huge that it could hardly bear its own eight.

Then, Roland finally stopped.

After that, he opened the stone layer above the gigantic hollow.

The Magic Grid Core soared to the sky first. Then, the mud was attracted to it by one magic piece after another.

The Magic Grid Core didn’t seem very big, but considering the theory that energy equals matter, the core itself contained a shocking amount of energy even without the stone shell on the surface.

The thick shell was mainly meant to protect the fragile core.

The magic barrier wasn’t invulnerable. If one was determined to look for a loophole, there was always energy that could penetrate it.

It was safe to say that the Magic Grid Core was the heart of the floating city, and that one combustion-powered bullet could destroy it with a precise hit.

So, the thick layer of rocks was the second safety measure.

This dumb safety measure was unsophisticated but surprisingly useful.

When the magic barrier malfunctioned or was destroyed, it could provide thorough protection for the Magic Grid Core.

The floating city was getting bigger and bigger.

The mud was attached gradually and then turned into hard rock.

The comrades in the aerial base had already measured that the rocks Roland made with his spell were harder than the finest steel.

Therefore, the core of the floating city was actually protected by a ten-kilometer-thick super steel plate.

What worried Roland earlier happened in the end.

The “expansion” of the floating city required at least half a day.

During the process, the enormous floating city could be seen clearly even from dozens of kilometers away.

As it gradually rose to the sky, more and more people saw the horrifying scene.

There was a city several hundred kilometers away from the floating city. Almost a million locals witnessed the dreadful monster rise.

They all took pictures and shot videos and posted them on social media.

A lot of videos and pictures about the floating city appeared on the Internet.

The authorities didn’t intend to keep it a secret either and simply let the netizens post. As a result, everybody on the Internet was excited in half an hour.

At this moment, World of Falan was still quite a hot topic.

It was safe to say that the celebrities in the game, such as Roland, Schuck, and O’Neal, were even more famous than big stars.

Therefore, people were well aware of Roland’s abilities.

The very first thing that most netizens thought of when they saw the behemoth in the sky was the same all around.

The floating city!

Then, the second word they all wanted to say was “Shoot!”

That was the reaction of even the most courteous man.

The forum of the game exploded too.

The thread about the floating city in reality gained more than twenty million replies in an hour.

“Is it fake? It is well known that photos can be PS-ed, so it must be fake.”

“Fake? The latest news is that some people have flown drones there and saw the floating city, but when they tried to swoop down at the city, the drones hit something transparent and crashed.” “A magic barrier?” “Damn… Who activated a floating city in reality?” “Who else could it be but Roland?” “I can testify that Roland has been offline for a month. His friends and his woman are all searching for him, so it’s probably Roland.”

“Does it mean that magic can be brought to reality? But how?”

“Then can the Warrior’s abilities be brought to reality too?”

“Of course. I’m a Warrior, and I can already beat ten people at the same time in reality. But the problem is that I’m still an ordinary person who’s quite experienced in fighting. I don’t have any special abilities at all.”

“Why can the Mages take their powers to reality, whereas the Warriors cannot bring their bodies here?”

“They’re carrying knowledge about how to use magic. Are you planning to carry the game data of the strength of your character in the game?”

“F*ck, no wonder the Warriors are so disrespected in the game world. As it turns out, we’re really clowns.”

“This world is going to change. All Mages will be cherished in reality.”

“Is there still time if I delete my level-15 Warrior character and restart as a Mage?”

“Damn it, if Roland can cast spells in reality, O’Neal probably can too.”

“Sorry, I can’t! I’m O’Neal. I don’t know how to cast spells in reality at all, yet Roland has built a floating city. I’m as different from him as a monad is from a human being.”

“I’m just curious. Is the state government not doing anything? Won’t it be shot down?”

“I think it’s rather precarious too now that you pointed it out. Our state government will probably welcome it, but I don’t think other countries will be as friendly.”

Indeed, the new president of another country had summoned the ambassador of Roland’s country to the Black House.

He threw a pile of high-resolution photos to the table and roared, “Tell me what the hell they are!”

The ambassador examined the photos calmly and replied peacefully, “It’s just a mirage. Mr. President, you must believe in science.” The president was so infuriated that he almost had a stroke. He was already in his nineties and this was too much for him.

The floating city flew higher and higher and soon surpassed the stratosphere.

Night had fallen too. The magic barrier on the surface of the floating city began to glimmer, which made it look like a moon in the night sky, except that it was ten times larger.

At this moment, eight hours had passed since the floating city was exposed. A tremendous number of reporters and curious netizens were rushing to the area.

The base had blocked the entrances and channels and pretended to be part of the desert.

A lot of cars and travelers passed above it, but nobody realized that there was an enormous base underneath the desert.

After stabilizing the floating city in the stratosphere, Roland flashed back home and had dinner with his parents. He spent the night at home too.

The next morning, he pretended to go to work by bus, while he actually got off at the suburb and flashed to the floating city.

Few people slept in the night. They were all discussing the enormous object that floated in the sky.

As the discussions grew more and more heated, more and more people learned about World of Falan, Roland, and the floating city.

After he reached the floating city, Roland flew it away.

The floating city already had a radius of more than ten kilometers. If he were to activate a cross-universe teleportation within the atmosphere, the energy he released would probably be as destructive as a level-ten tornado.

If he was closer to the surface of the Earth, the consequences would be even more terrifying.

Therefore, the further away from Earth when he activated the teleportation, the better.

The floating city continued rising. When it flew out of the atmosphere, only a tiny spot could be seen.

But that didn’t pose a problem to the netizens, who deployed all kinds of astronomical telescopes and kept observing.

International politics had changed a lot in the past day.

Roland’s country suffered a lot of criticism. But of course, a lot of countries expressed friendliness too.

After all, even if the rock that had a radius of more than ten kilometers was not equipped with any weapons, it could easily destroy everything down below if it floated above someplace and smashed down.

There was no stopping it.

One crash could destroy a country no matter how big its territory was.

After flying out of the atmosphere, Roland controlled the floating city to fly another fifty kilometers.

Then, he waved at the ground and activated the teleportation spell. The blue light of magic formed a gigantic ionization layer… Countless lightning bolts were bursting out around the floating city.

Even though it was daytime, the floating city was still brighter than the sun.

Some people even saw two suns for almost ten seconds.

When the floating city was at its brightest, it was so dazzling that everybody closed their eyes.

Then, all the light vanished.

The invisible quake of space touched the atmosphere and created a glowing circle, which quickly expanded and pushed away the clouds.

Then, it expanded to the entire sky and vanished underneath the horizon.

After that, the air rumbled for quite a long time like a minor earthquake.

People across the globe saw or sensed it. Those on the back of Earth only saw a white belt of air passing through the sky, as if something had pushed all the clouds to the tops of their heads.

But then, what appeared to be a gigantic hand moved the clouds back to their positions.

In a basement, Ma Huajun wiped off the sweat on his forehead and said angrily, “Why didn’t you fly further before you jumped? You almost disrupted the water recycling system of Earth.”

In real Hollevin, Andonara, who had long braided hair and held the Hero’s Sword, looked quite worried.

It had been a month… She hadn’t seen Roland in her dreams in a month.

What happened to him?

The day before, she even ran to Wetland City and asked Schuck, Roland’s best friend.

However, Schuck also said that he didn’t know what happened to Roland.

Did anything happen?

Andonara grew more and more agitated. No, she had to start planning to kill an Evil God immediately.

As long as she got a Divine Spark, she should be able to jump to Roland with the bloodline power of the Immortal Phoenix and the divine energy. However, she needed information and allies.

This world was different from her dreams. There were no Golden Sons or Roland. It was very boring

All the knowledge was in the possession of Mages and nobles.

She had to pay for it if she wanted to know the locations of the Evil Gods in the main plane.

She had already decided to ask for First Princess Stephanie’s help in Fareins, but before that, she had to meet someone first.

Very soon, a young woman, who wasn’t very pretty but looked innocent and amiable, came out of the little manor.

After she came out, she asked timidly, “Sister Anna?”

“You’re not inviting me to your house, Vivian?”

After a moment of hesitation, the young woman said, “Okay.”

Several minutes later, they sat face to face in the courtyard. “It’s been a long time since we had an afternoon like this.”

Vivian was silent for a while, before she said, “Andonara, it was just a dream. It doesn’t count.”

Looking at Vivian’s clothes as a married woman, Andonara heaved a sigh. “That’s true. For you, it was just a dream, but don’t you feel sorry for Roland?”

“It was just a ridiculous dream.” Not daring to look at Andonara, Vivian said in a low voice, “I cannot devote my life to someone in my dreams. Besides, I have my own baby now.”

Andonara said casually, “I had guessed your answer before I came, but I have to confirm it for Roland. Are you really unwilling to find Roland with me?”

Vivian hesitated.

“If I succeed, we’ll never come back after we leave. I won’t return to take you away either.” Andonara stared at her and continued, “So, this is your only opportunity to choose.” Vivian was silent for a long time. Her eyes seemed to suggest that she was tempted. But at this moment, a little girl about five years old hopped out of the room.

She ran to Vivian with a grimace and said cutely, “Mom, I’m hungry. Can you make cake for me?”

Vivian’s eyes suddenly became gentle.

Andonara realized her decision and left the manor.

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