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Chapter 27.1

Chapter 27 . 1 – Trigger Magic Arrays

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Long Zhi shook his head and said, “No, it won’t be the same . The Rising Mage Tournament has very stringent requirements . Participants need to be under twenty-five years old . Even if the Ice God’s Pagoda Faction fields a participant, they won’t necessarily get first place every time . After all, it’s hard for young mages to have great strength . But Nian Bing is different . With the Association’s extensive resources and a year to spare, who knows how many levels he’ll be able to rise in the future? There is a good possibility he could soar into the sky . If he nabs first place, our Association would also bring pride to the empire . At that moment, if the Ice God’s Pagoda wanted to suppress us, it would no longer be that easy . ”

Long Ling spoke doubtfully, “You should tell these things to Nian Bing! What’s the use of saying them to me?”

Long Zhi smiled slightly and said, “Of course there’s a use . Ling’er, since your mother passed away, it was always Father who raised you . Honestly, you are the treasure of Father’s heart . Father puts a great importance on the Association, but to me, you are definitely an existence equal to the Association . I am going to ask you a question, and you need to answer me truthfully . Do you like Nian Bing?”

Long Ling never thought that her father would ask such a question . Her pretty face immediately flushed scarlet . She shyly lowered her head, her hands fiddling with the lapels of her jacket . No words would come out .

Long Zhi smiled slightly and said: “What’s going on? You’re not saying anything? Could it be that even a handsome youth like Nian Bing does not attract my daughter? Darling daughter, your standards can’t be too high . Think about it, if you marry Nian Bing, it’ll be easy for you to eat lots of things . ”

“It isn’t that, Father . ” Long Ling lowered her head, stammering . “Father, Nian Bing is truly, truly outstanding, but, we’ve only known each other for a short amount of time . How could I say if I like or don’t like him? Don’t pressure Ling’er!”

Long Zhi laughed and said, “Okay, okay . I won’t pressure you . I will go and find Luo Rou for a chat and see if she is interested in Nian Bing . ”

“No . ” Long Ling anxiously raised her head to look at her father . “Father, don’t do it! I, I……”

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Long Zhi looked at his daughter with the shadow of a smile and said, “What’s this, is Ling’er going to speak the truth?”

Long Ling’s tone was annoyed as she spoke, “Father, you are really horrible . Fine, I’ll admit that I do have a favorable impression of Nian Bing . However, you also saw it he doesn’t care about anything other than magic and cooking . ”

Long Zhi let out a sigh and said, “It’s enough if you like him . Everything else is easy to handle . Although Father is a bit utilitarian, I wouldn’t make my daughter marry someone she doesn’t love . Ling’er, remember Father’s words . You must rely on yourself to fight for happiness . If you like Nian Bing, don’t give up . Moreover, make your move soon . If you can grab his heart, then all the other problems will be solved as easily as bamboo splits at the knife’s edge . Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Long Ling lowered her head again . “But, Father, I am a girl after all . Could it be that you want me to reveal these thoughts to him?”

Long Zhi shook his head, and smiled while saying: “Of course that’s not it . Just influencing him secretly is enough . After all, you spend all day together . Nian Bing is not an idiot . I think, that with my daughter being so beautiful, there’s no way he wouldn’t notice you . However, at the crucial moments, you can also prod him a bit . The way I see it, that girl Xue Jing also has some feelings for Nian Bing . If Xue Ji, that old fox, pushes the waves and adds to the billows1, it will be hard to say what will happen . You can’t be thinking of giving the person you love to your friend, can you?”

Long Ling looked somewhat blankly at her Father . “I, I don’t know . ”

Long Zhi smiled bitterly . “Ai, never mind .  All these careful calculations and intrigues will be one’s downfall .  2 Adding on, I may also be too utilitarian . You young people nevertheless pay attention to fate . I’ll go with what you want . However, Father still hopes that you can persuade Nian Bing to represent our association in participating in the Rising Mage Tournament a year from now . Other matters can wait till later . ”

Long Ling nodded her head and said, “Father, I will try my hardest . Right now however, I can’t make any assurances to you, because I don’t know what Nian Bing is thinking . One year might be too long, but I will definitely try my hardest . I hope that the Association’s circumstances can improve . I will take my leave first . ”

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Long Zhi nodded his head and said, “Go . In the evening, I will bring the white scrolls we bought . Nian Bing has need of them . ”


Nian Bing turned the pages of the book in his hands . Right now, it was already late at night . Long Ling was sitting not too far from him, meditating . After he turned the final page of the book that introduced all kinds of profound magic arrays, Nian Bing was disappointed . Although the magic arrays recorded in this book weren’t bad, it was worse than what he had expected . It also didn’t have the information he sought the most .

Sighing as he moved to close the book, he discovered that there was a special symbol on the final page of the magic book . It was clearly a magic symbol, one of the symbols used to draw magic arrays . The symbol represented concealment .

Nian Bing’s heart jumped . He condensed his magic power, and carefully drew out the magic symbol .

A faint blue light sparkled . As he made the final stroke, the last page of the magic book was suddenly  washed in ice blue .  The handwriting on the page started to change, the original symbol and words changing completely .

“Magic arrays work by connecting to the heaven and earth . The balance of the heaven and earth contains the element of every kind of magic, and can be utilized by mages . But, as mages, we will always suffer losses in close combat . When meeting a strong martial arts cultivator in a one-on-one situation, it is very difficult to achieve victory . To counter this kind of situation, magic arrays can be altered into a special form . To supplement a scroll’s magic, you can draw this special array onto the scroll . This kind of array is called a trigger . This trigger means that when the holder of the magic scroll encounters a certain degree of attack, the scroll will automatically activate while protecting the user . The degree of the attack required can be set in the trigger array . Please study the uses on your own . Be especially aware that these arrays need to be added to magic scrolls that are already completed . If the add-on fails, the scroll will be rendered useless, so please use this method cautiously . ”

Reading this, Nian Bing’s heart suddenly sprung to life . He finally understood why mages, when they reached the Magic Scholar level, were no longer scared of confrontations with martial artists . It wasn’t because the ability of the mage suddenly became stronger . Rather, it was because of the existence of these trigger magic arrays! In a case that there was an enemy who sneak attacked a mage, as long as there was one of these special scrolls on the mage’s person,  it would neutralize the danger . This would give the mage enough time to chant a spell . It was good stuff, really good stuff . Thanks to Nian Bing being very mindful, he found this . If he hadn’t been, this wonderful magic array would’ve slipped away .

Thinking this, Nian Bing immediately threw himself into further studying . This kind of special magic array was extremely difficult to draw . Not only did it require an extremely high level of magic control, it simultaneously required a large amount of magic power to support . Drawing a trigger magic array was actually more difficult than drawing a rank 6 magic scroll .

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What Nian Bing didn’t know was that this kind of magic array was not used very extensively . Although each empire’s Mage Association had record of these, due to the magic array being especially hard to make, the low success rate scared people . Magic scrolls were extremely precious . Who would use high level magic scrolls to test trigger magic arrays? That was too much of a waste . Therefore, even if they could make one, it would only be with low ranking magic, so the practice was abandoned by most mages early on .

Magic scholars were able to contend against martial artists mainly because of receiving Mage Association support . Once a mage reached the Magic Scholar realm, they would often carry a lot of magic goods . This was the Mage Association’s necessary protection for high level mages . Among these goods, using early warning magic goods were the most popular . Of course, their price was also the most expensive . With these kinds of magic goods, mages could anticipate the arrival of danger and make preparations in response . Even if the sneak attacker was very strong, Magic Scholars and those in  realms above would also often have strong magic scrolls to protect themselves . After using the magic scrolls to fight for time, they could chant strong magic . This was the true reason they could contend against martial artists . Of course, in ordinary situations,mages would seldom travel alone unless necessary . They would always have martial artists accompany them . If a mage absolutely insisted on going solo, besides very conceited mages,they would choose to dress casually to belie their true status . Of course, this action had to be done in secret . If not, they would be laughed at by their peers .

Nain Bing’s research was not actually about drawing magic arrays, but rather, direct research on the principles of this kind of trigger magic array . Only by becoming familiar with the magic array symbols and carefully studying the principles of the trigger magic array could he fully understand the theory . There was no point in mechanically memorizing how to use the array . He had to  make it his own in order to use it with more flexibility . He concentrated his attention on time-consuming research . When he finally understood everything, it was already light outside . Exhaustion struck his whole body, but his research had bore fruit, which made Nian Bing’s mood extremely cheerful .

“Eat something . ” Long Ling’s voice roused Nian Bing who was immersed in his happiness . He turned his head only to see Long Ling standing  at his side, a tray in her hands . Squatting down gracefully, she carefully laid the tray on the ground . The tray bore two mantou, 3, a heap of stewed meat, and one bowl of congee . Long Ling spoke in a rebuking tone, “Yet another night with no sleep . Don’t tell me these magic resources are so attractive to you?”

Nian Bing extended an arm to grab a mantou, but had his hand slapped by Long Ling . “Your hands are dirty . Clean your hands and face first before eating . ” While saying this, she took a soft towel and passed it to Nian Bing .

The  moist towel was very soothing in his hands . It exuded a faint fragrance . Nian Bing looked at Long Ling and he suddenly felt very warm . It was an indescribable feeling . “Ling’er, thank you . These past few days, you’ve always taken care of me . ”

Long Ling smiled slightly and said, “We are friends! What’s more, the success of your research will be very advantageous for our Association . Nian Bing, the way to gather my spirit that you taught me was very useful . I can clearly feel that recently, the strength of my magic control has increased . Thank you . ”

Nian Bing smiled slightly and said: “What are you thanking me for? That is all because of your hard work . ” Using the towel to wipe his face and hands clean, Nian Bing immediately felt like his spirit had recovered . After a night of no sleep, his stomach was already growling . He hadn’t felt it before, but when his spirit relaxed, his stomach was almost crying out . Gobbling like a wolf and swallowing like a tiger, Nian Bing quickly cleaning out the tray . Although the food was not all that delicious, the feeling of eating was especially sweet .

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“Slow down, we don’t want you to choke . Actually, the way you eat is bad . You don’t have any discipline . Nian Bing, you should relax more . You have time, why is there a need to be anxious?”

Nian Bing smiled slightly and said: “There’s no way I won’t be anxious! After learning all the Association has to offer and carrying out my agreement with Uncle Xue Ji, I will leave here . Lingering too long at a place is not advantageous for me . My ambition is to travel to the world – after all  “reading ten thousand books is not equal to travelling ten thousand miles . ” Right now, my world view is too narrow . ”

Long Ling’s heart quivered . “Nian Bing, do you have to go? Actually, Ice Snow City……”

Nian Bing lowered his head . He couldn’t look into Long Ling’s expressive eyes . He nodded his head, and spoke firmly: “I must definitely go . When my master passed away, I promised him that I would become the greatest chef . I have comprehended cooking for eight years, but I have merely just took the first step into cooking . Ling’er, thank you for always caring about me but a real man must aspire to travel far and make one’s mark . Perhaps one day I will tire and return . ”

Long Ling couldn’t help but let it slip . “Then I will wait for you . ”

Nian Bing’s whole body jolted . Raising his head he looked into her gentle eyes and saw much . “Ling’er, don’t be like that, okay? I don’t know when I will return, or if I can return . I understand your intentions but I cannot hold up your life . Just regard me as a transient passerby in your life . With your temperament, you can definitely find someone who better suits you . ”

Long Ling bit her lip . She took the tray and slowly stood up . In a low voice, she said, “I understand . It’s because I don’t suit you . ”

“No . ” Nian Bing stood, holding her shoulders with both hands . “It’s me who doesn’t suit you . “Ling’er, the only way that I wouldn’t be moved by you is if I had a heart of stone . Right now however, I cannot have any sort of companion . I still have many things to do . I don’t even know what I will be doing in the future . Right now, I can’t discuss relationships; that is too much of a luxury for me . ”

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