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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 1

Published at 12th of July 2019 09:46:00 PM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Such A Stupid Death .

There was white light glowing everywhere, in this place where you couldn’t see ahead .

“The only difference is whether You turn the gacha here, or in some other place You don’t know of, that’s all . ” God said, the same as before .

“Well then, I wanted to ask for a while now, but what did I get with my previous life’s gacha ?”

“It wasn’t me but another god who spun this gacha . ”

“What was the result then?”

“A Common draw, so-called normal”

So I was destined to be a simple commoner?

It was reasonable, I went to a certain university, got into a certain company, and did some work .

Hmm? But I was happy enough .

“What are the effects of a Common draw?”

Please do not read people’s thoughts .

“When it comes to Rare draws, if you were still in your previous world, you could have been the president of a pretty good company, or you could have been a moderately long-lived athlete . ”

“Is a Rare draw really that good?”

“If it were to be an Ultra Rare draw … it would have been possible to be born as the child of an oil magnate, too . ”


“In your case, since the cause of your death is a bit dull, I’ll let you spin the Rare+ Gacha . You’re welcome . ”

“My death, is it?”

I honestly don’t remember .

It was because my memory was erased when I was brought to this place .

I suspected that memories such as general common sense would remain, but the so-called episodic memories would be erased .

Eh? But why did I keep those from university?

“You may still remember a little while you are here, don’t worry too much about things like those relics of the past . ”

“I see, that’s convenient . ”

“But such memories gradually disappear, gradually”

Indeed, I can’t even remember my name as of now, I can’t remember what house I was living in or who my wife was .

The cause of my death … I wonder what it is .

It’s enough to confirm a Rare draw, I guess it was pretty bad .

“You had no wife by the way, you were a virgin for life . ”

“This son of a bitch !!”

“The cause of your death is … hm …”

“Is it difficult to say?”

God hesitated to speak .

I guess she would; she’d gone so far as handing a Rare draw to me . Wonder if I experienced torture or something, back in my life . .

“Do you remember that you hated insects?”

“Oh, that’s right if you say so . ”

“A cockroach flew out in your house . ”

“Huh? Well what happened with that?”

A cockroach? It’s just a bug .

Then why does it leads to the cause of my death .

“You were making dinner, and suddenly a cockroach appeared while rushing and made a commotion . ”

I gulped

“Then you fell on the back of your head . ”


What the hell is it? Is this really me? Is it my death?

“Well then, I died from hitting my head …?”

“No, the kitchen knife you were using to cook … You threw it upwards and it fell sharply .

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It bites into the throat of the fallen You, and you died quite quickly . ”

“There’s a limit to stupidity!”

“You were cooking cause You liked it . You were also using a splendid knife which was heavy …

Well, as far as foolish deaths go, I’ve seen worse . ”

I wonder if there is such an embarrassing cause of death … .

Well, certainly, I’m not saying I never wanted to redo my life .

Wasn’t there a part of me that got tired even a little bit of repeating the same daily routine?

“Um, I guess . But there never was a death like that …… ha ha ha!”

God opened her mouth grandly while laughing . Yeah, you can laugth at this stupid death …

Please give me hope for this next life, it’s coming after this!

“By the way, You cannot be reborn in the same world”


“The trade is already over, as Your soul is already gone . Furthermore, the energy produced was returned to the world . ”

“What? Are you saying that I can’t reincarnate anymore?”

“No, You will still reincarnate . In another world . ”

“Another world? No, wait a minute, just what do you mean by trade”

“There is a lot of power needed to maintain the world, but that’s good because You can come back to life . So please understand . ”

I can’t agree with those kind of words, such as trade, though .

Can I come back to life? It will be too scary and nauseous to just to think that life will end as it is . Oh, can you make me handsome in my next life?

“Since it will be a Rare draw or above, Your physical appearance shouldn’t be too bad either . ”

“Looks like I will be a winner, relatively speaking”

“It’s just that the basic rarity of Your draw will be higher for You than for ordinary people . If Your luck is good, You may be born into a royal family or in a noble a noble family . ”

“Sound good . ”

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“It’s a gacha that includes all that”

It is easy to understand .

But it is good to know that you have a reliable ability from the moment you’re born .

Even if you only try to work moderately, you are likely to get reasonable results . It’s really a winning draw .

“I talked too much, so it’s almost time . ”

“That’s right . ”

“Well then . it will soon be the time for your next destiny to begin”

“Well, where’s the gacha?”

“I’m only calling it gacha for convenience, so it isn’t like you would normally spin a gacha… and thus, here’s one I’ve made on short notice”

What God put out of her clothes with a thud is the usual gacha machine often found in game centers and so on .

A god who can bring out such a big thing from that little body .

Oh, by the way God was a little girl! I did it!

“Hey, a medal”

“Huh, a second one?”

“C’mon, it’s a guaranteed rare gacha! So it’s going to become a 200 yen gacha . ”

“God, I don’t hate the way where this is going !”

Hell yeah! It’s a 200 yen gacha!

This high-class feeling of putting two sheets and turning . There is nothing exactly side by side .

“Oh oh! It’s a golden capsule!”

It’s definitely not a Rare draw .

It is at least a Ultra or secret draw!!!

With this, my next life will be bright . thank you very much .

“Well, it’s all golden capsules”

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“Don’t spoil me!”

“Oh well, let’s try opening it . ”

“Oh yeah…”

With a *paka*, the golden capsule opened .

Inside of it were something like an odd paper .

I guess if I open it, the result will be written there

“It’s a Super rare draw!”

“You’ve got such a great fortune…”

“But God, I wonder if there is an Ultra Rare draw … … if it is super there separately”

“Even though it is a rare gacha, there should be only three in the Super Rare draw for it to not lose its balance . ”

“… but if it’s a gacha of this size”

Yes, if you have three because it is a normal sized gacha machine, the probability is not so low .

Besides, if you think about Ultra Rare draw, Secret draw, and so on, the probabilities are not so bad .

“Its appearance seems to be fake . Basically, there are only three of them inside something that is as big as a soccer court . ”

“The management is ripping us off!”

“Let’s be surprised, then . Well, that’s good … . So what is it written?”

That’s right, I have to look at the content since I drew a Super Rare draw .

What do you think … The fate of being one of the world’s richest people? Or possibly a harem … .


“Well, please tell me”

“What the fuck is thiiiiiiiiis?

Written there was something I never could have think about

Toxin decomposition EX …… What is, this?

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