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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 14

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:25:25 PM

Chapter 14

After arriving at the castle [First Part]


“Understood, then please, proceed . ”



Somehow, I arrived at an incredible, a really incredible place .

A place so big and so tall that you couldn’t even see its top…… a pure-white castle, the White Knight .



While I was on the carriage I didn’t open the window, so I didn’t know how the situation on the outside was .

But when I opened a window that the castle gatekeepers couldn’t see, I finally saw the place we were at, I finally saw this castle in Ishtalika called the White Knight .



Right now, Chris was having a conversation in order for us to enter the castle, so I guess even a royal carriage can’t just enter as is .

I managed to hear bits and pieces of that conversation, 『Vice-Captain of the Royal Guard, Christina Wernstein . I’ve returned from my escort mission, and now I’ll continue to the castle』……I see .



She’s quite the elite, being the vice-captain of the Royal Guard .



“Mother, Chris-san is quite a big deal, right?”


“She’s always been a strong girl, but it seems she got a nice promotion . Despite being such a dolt…… pardon me, she can be a bit of an airhead, but it’s amazing she reached the position of vice captain . ”



A dolt……?

Someone like her, who has the aura of a big sister and can work really hard……?

You just can’t hate her .

I wonder if she’s ‘cured’ now, or maybe it’s only a matter of time before seeing her real self .



“Well then, it’s about time for us to get off, Ain . You’re not leaving anything behind, right? ”


“Mother . It’s not like I have any actual luggage . ”


“My, I guess you’re right, my bad…… fufu . ”



That’s right, even after returning to the Roundhart territory following that incident, it’s not like we stopped by at home, we just passed through and came here .

If we talk about my luggage, all I had was a small wallet with my status card and a document serving as proof of identity, but I don’t think that identification has any meaning now .



“Now then, Olivia-sama…… excuse me, Princess . And also, Ain-sama, please watch your step . ”



Princess? Ahh, I wonder if it’s because there are other people?

She had been calling her Olivia-sama up until now, that’s why suddenly switching to Princess feels somewhat weird .

I heard she had been her escort previously for a long time, so it seems she has a sense of discretion around official places and switch to calling her Princess .



“Yes, thank you…… It’s been a long time but as expected, this is a great place . It feels like I’m finally back home . ”


“……Amazing . ”



That beautifully grown lawn, those intricately designed waterways, are they made of stone? Everything is sparkly clean .

The only places where dirt can be seen are those behind the lawn .



A beautiful scenery that goes on and on, and the size of the castle makes you bend your neck to the point it hurts .

This was the scene I saw after getting off of the carriage that stopped on the road next to the path leading inside the castle .



“Isn’t it beautiful, Ain? From now on there will be a lot……you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see as much as you want, so for now, shall we go to our room first?”


“Y-Yes, got it . After you . ”


“Princess, will you go straight to your room? ”


“Yes, it’s my house after all . Or, is there a problem?”


“Not at all . However, I think there will be a lot of people who will be surprised . ”


“That’s something I really don’t mind at all . Is there anything else? ”



Olivia wanting to go to her room even a moment earlier, rushed Chris in a pushy manner .



“No, sorry to have been keeping you waiting . Still, I will continue to escort you . ”


“I’ve said it since a long time ago, but the insides of the castle are a safe place . ”


“Then, let me repeat this to you again . I’ve been telling you this since a long time ago……In the case of something unexpected happening, it would be too late if I’m not there . ”


“Yes, yes, I remember…… then, let’s go together . ”


“Yes, I shall accompany you . ”







“Ohh, Vice-Captain Chris, where were you sin……ce…… yester……day……? ”



A knight that saw Chris inquired about the circumstances .

He then noticed the woman standing next to her, his face turning into one of confusion, not recognizing her……immediately after it changed into surprise .



“An escort mission, did anything happen?”


“N-No, nothing in particular happened……I was just a bit concerned about the person being escorted . ”


“That’d be me . ”


“I……I knew it, Olivia-sama! ? When did you come back……! ? ”


“I arrived this morning . Ahh, that’s right, it’s okay to ask you for something? ”


“Y-Yes, of course, please ask for anything . ”



The knight next to him, the one who opened the castle’s door was surprised, and he sent Chris a look of what appeared not only as surprise, but also bewilderment .

Only after Chris whispered something to him, that knight managed to regain his composure…… and turned back to carrying himself properly while dealing with the royal family .



“I was troubled about who to ask . Please call Martha, and tell her to come to my room . ”


“Understood, is it urgent? ”


“Well, it’s better if she comes sooner, can I leave it to you?”



With a final reply in acknowledgement, the knight went to call for Martha .

And looking at his steps, he appeared a little hurried .



“Alright, let’s go then, Ain . ”


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“He looked quite surprised . ”


“It can’t be helped; I came back so suddenly after all . ”



The princess who had married into another country, made a sudden return home .

There’s no way he wouldn’t be surprised .



“The people of Ishtalika knows that the Princess married into Heim . But still, that doesn’t mean anything more than that was announced even to the knights in the castle . They were only told it was for the sake of Ishtalika . ”


“I’m a bit relieved…… that means I’m not the only one . ”



Ain nodded in acknowledgement .

And, there was one more thing he understood .



“That means, Mother, the people in the castle are the same as me, since they too don’t know the reason why you married into Heim . ”


“You could say that . ”


“Ain-sama . Even across all Ishtalika, the number of people who know that reason can easily be counted with the fingers of both hands . ”


“(Is it really such a confidential information? Or what kind of secret agreement did they make to go to such lengths to hide this?)”


“We’ll speak about that when I meet with father at dusk . I know I’ve been just telling you to wait…… but just a little longer, okay? ”


“It’s alright mother, let’s just relax in the room first . ”


“You’re really a good boy, Ain…… yeah, it really makes me want to take roots . ”


“(Roots……? Why roots……? Perhaps that’s some idiom that’s unique to Ishtalika?

Hahaha, then please go ahead, mother . )”



After his imagination ran wild for a bit, Ain then spoke .



“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen anyone from your family, Mother . ”



Honestly, he thought he will run into them as soon as he entered the castle, but nothing like that happened .

People who appeared to be servants judging by their clothes and knights kept stealing glances at them, their faces undoubtedly surprised .



“Yeah, you’re right . I guess they are busy with something . ”



Right? She said as she turned towards Chris as if waiting for an answer .



“His Majesty has no special business to attend, so I guess he’s doing his usual duties . The Queen is visiting a nearby town . ”


“So, Mother isn’t here?”


“Yes . However, Katima-sama ……the First Princess is like His Majesty, working in the castle . ”


“(In other words, that would be my aunt . I wonder if she’ll get angry if I called Auntie/Oba-sama? Speaking of which, I wonder if she’s as young as Mother……Ahh, I’ve never heard my mother’s age . )”


“Onee-sama, huh? I wonder if she has noticed already? ”


“She wasn’t good at doing official duties . It seems like she goes to the laboratory . That’s why I don’t think she’ll notice what happens outside . ”



“(Mother’s elder sister, huh? I’ll have to greet her later . )”

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By the way, she said laboratory, but I wonder what a Princess is doing at a laboratory?, Ain thought .

Seeing Ain lost in thought, Chris thought of changing the subject .



And then, she turned towards Ain and asked him .



“By the way, Ain-sama, while I might come off as rude for suddenly asking this, but is there something you’d like to eat? ”



Ain was suddenly asked about a meal, but to be honest, he was already hungry .



“(That’s right, I haven’t eaten anything since I got on the water train……I guess I’m hungry since I’m in my growth period?)”



Olivia’s mood brightened seeing Ain being cared for .



“That’s right, Ain, I thought of asking for something to snack on when Martha came…… shall we eat a proper meal instead? ”



Just as Ain tried to reply, Olivia responded to Chris’ question first .



“So long as it’s not a bother to you, by all means . ”



You can’t let a meal pass after hearing about castle food, right? With those thoughts in mind, Ain decided to look forward to it .



“Okay, let’s do that, after all I’m starting to want to eat . I’m glad you noticed this, Chris . ”


“Your words honor me, Princess . I was just a bit concerned . ”



However, Ain was shocked .

He wondered if he really looked that much hungry, he even started to get embarrassed .



“T-That’s not it, Ain-sama! Don’t make such a face, but since you haven’t had anything substantial to eat for a while…… I’m sorry if I read the situation wrong . ”


“It’s okay if he makes that kind of face, after all, isn’t he cute?”



Yeah, I’ll eat a lot and become a proper adult, while Ain had those thoughts, the knight who went to call for Martha came back .



“Please excuse me, Princess, is this a good moment?”


“Go ahead . ”


“About Martha-sama, first of all, this note . ”



The knight handed over a small letter to Olivia .



『I’m so happy that you’re back home, Princess, and apparently there seems to be a lack of food and other accommodations to welcome you . I apologize for not being able to go to your side earlier than anyone else . 』



“Ara…… Did she hear about Ain already? ”


“Yes, I told her there was one more person with the princess, and just in case, I described him . ”

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“Is that so? Thanks, that really helps me . Since it all too normal for me to have this child next to me, I forgot to tell you about him earlier . ”



The knight was relieved when hearing those words .



“Also, there’s another message from Martha-sama, it seems the hot water is ready . It’s okay to go to the bathhouse as you are, there will be a lady-in-waiting with a change of clothes and whatever else you need . ”


“Martha really is great, that’s a big help . Chris? Let’s go to the bathhouse . ”


“As you wish . Then, allow me to guide you…… I leave the luggage, tell a servant to carry it to the Princess’ room . ”


“Yes! ……Uhmm, please excuse me, Princess . There was one think Martha-sama wanted me to ask you . ”



Chris left Olivia and Ain’s stuff with the knight .

Speaking of a princess’ room, a male knight would usually not be allowed to enter .

The knight will hand the luggage to a servant, and that servant will then bring it to Olivia’s room .



“If possible, I’d like to eat meat . ”


“As you wish, I will convey those words . However, what she told me to ask was about identity of the person accompanying you . ”


“My son, Ain, come on Ain, introduce yourself . ”


“Nice to meet you . I’m Ain Roundhart…… Uh? Mother, is it okay for me to call myself Roundhart? I don’t think I should keep introducing myself as such . ”



This was his first self-introduction since coming to Ishtalika, he didn’t mind doing it, but he had one question .



“(Are, then, does this mean right now I’m just Ain? There seems to be a punishment for using another house’s name without permission . )”


” ! ? Olivia-sama’s esteemed son…… is it? ! ”


“That’s right, the child I gave birth to . ”



The knight then became extremely flustered, a feeling Ain could completely understand .

And then, puzzled by that sudden revelation, the knight’s eyes turned to Chris .



“……Ain-sama is Olivia-sama’s “legitimate” son . You can tell it to Martha-dono like that…… there isn’t a problem with that, right Princess? ”


“Not at all . ”



Being spoke to like that made Olivia be in high spirits .



“P-P-P……Please excuse my rudeness! I will tell her that as soon as possible! ”


“This is one good thing that came from my service in Heim, you’re free to think of it like this . ”



Although everything was a little hectic, Ain didn’t feel he was seen as someone troublesome, judging from the atmosphere, so he was relieved .



“(Ahh, that’s right . The circumstances about the separation haven’t been made public yet . )”



He then headed to the bathhouse a bit worried, hoping that the bath would be divided into men’s and women’s .


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