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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 16.1

Published at 30th of November 2019 10:02:34 AM

Chapter 16.1

I Finally Understood .



“I’m back, Father . ”



 After a short break, Ain accompanied Olivia to meet her father, the King of Ishtalika .

 The place was a meeting room, about 20 tatamis1 in size, and as its name suggested, a meeting was currently taking place .

 The moment Olivia entered, the meeting room became quiet and everyone’s attention turned towards her .



 At the far end of the room was a gorgeous-looking chair…… and a large man sat on it, Olivia’s father and Ishtalika’s King, Silvird .

 Two men were sitting by his side . One was a strong-looking fellow, the other one was a well-dressed elderly person .


“……Excuse me, can someone pinch my cheek?”


“(I guess that would be the expected reaction, Your Majesty . After all, the daughter that had married into a foreign country suddenly shows up in a meeting unannounced . )”



 Ain felt a little sympathy for the King of Ishtalika .

 Not even the King would have imagined something like this happening .

 So it was only natural that he would want to check if this was really happening, in this case by way of having his cheek pulled .



“Or maybe a punch?”


“Understood…… fuun-nuaaa! “



 The strong man sitting next to Silvird proceeded to hit him in the cheek .

 He really put his heart into it, punching the King after taking a big swing .


“(E-Ehhh……Isn’t the common practice to pinch the cheek? There’s no need to go for a hit, right? Also, the person who hit him…… wasn’t he overly enthusiastic about doing it?)”


“Umu, it seems like I’m not seeing things . This appears to be real . ”


“(It took a punch to come to that conclusion? Or rather, is His Majesty alright? It doesn’t look like it even hurt him . )”



 Ain was surprised by the King, who, despite having received such a strong hit, apparently hadn’t sustained any damage at all .



“Ara, father? What’s gotten into you, suddenly asking people to punch you? Well, I guess you’re still young . ”



 Ain wanted to retort, ‘Isn’t this your fault?’ However, he only thought about it and didn’t say a word .

 Or rather, he wouldn’t even think of voicing these thoughts in an atmosphere such as this .



“Princess, like I said, if you were to appear so suddenly, it’s obvious His Majesty would be confused . ”


“Even if I had tried to give prior notice, all of this happened all too sudden, so it’s all the same . ”


“As the King, I don’t want to lose myself in front of my subjects . I apologize, but how about we end this meeting here . “



 With a completely different atmosphere surrounding him, Silvird faced the people participating in the conference and dismissing them .

 He couldn’t think about anything other than the situation in front of him .






 After the participants of the meeting decided to not comment on the return of the Second Princess Olivia for the time being the meeting ended .

 Now only seven people remained in the room .

 Ain and Olivia, also Chris and Martha……as well as Silvird, alongside the elderly man and the strong-looking man who were by his sides before .



 They changed the location  and moved to an audience room, because the story was simply that serious .

 The sparkling marble floor so spacious together with the incredibly fluffy carpet made Ain feel a bit uncomfortable .

 Silvird then sat on a gorgeous throne, looking dignified, signaling Olivia to to begin her story .



“Frankly speaking I’m confused…… my daughter, the daughter who went to marry on another continent suddenly barged into my meeting . ”



 ’Ahh, I completely understand you, Your Majesty . ’, Ain thought in sympathy .


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“I suppose you’re right, I do admit that I rushed my return a little after making the decision last night . . ”


“Last night? ……I haven’t received any reports . Lloyd, Warren…… how about you?”



 Silvird asked the two men sitting by his side .

 The name of the strong-looking man was apparently Lloyd, and the elderly person was called Warren .



“Neither have I, Your Majesty . ”


“I’m the same as you, Your Majesty . The Knight Order was not contacted……But I’m curious if Chris-dono had the same problem . ”



 After Warren answered, Lloyd continued .

 Lloyd was quite perceptive and he directed his gaze towards Chris .



“Yes, I’ve been working as the escort of the Princess ever since last night . That’s why I have a rough understanding of the situation . ”


“Please don’t pry any further, Father . I instructed both the steward’s office and Chris to keep quiet about coming to pick me up . ”



 As she had promised, Olivia further explained the situation, so that Silvird would be somewhat understanding about the absence of information on Olivia’s return .



“……Then, I won’t be doing that . If they were only following my daughter’s orders, then no one involved  will be questioned any further . That’s going to be all on this matter . ”


“Thank you very much, Father . ”


“Haa…… just when I thought trouble had been adding up lately and now my daughter came back, Warren . ”


“Your Majesty . If you really want to complain, you should show a stricter attitude . ”


“It’s as he says, we can see that you’re happy, Your Majesty . Aren’t you actually delighted with the Princess’ return? “


“(It’s just my first impression, but it looks like these two are His Majesty’s most trusted subjects . )”


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 Silvird complained to Warren while both Warren and Lloyd where saying that Silvird was pleased, but to outsiders it might look slightly different .

 To be honest, he wasn’t angry, but one could only think of his expression as grumpy .



“Seriously, you’re just a bad subject who can’t understand my heart . ”


“Then I’ll do my best from now on . ”



 Warren replied like he didn’t really mind those words .

 They had served him for a long time and they could easily discern the small changes in his mood .



“……Now then, I would like you to answer one thing before explaining the reason for your return . Who’s that child over there? “



 Returning to the conversation, Silvird glanced at Ain and then asked Olivia who he was .



“Ain, it’s alright, so can you introduce yourself? “


“Yes…… this is our first chance  to get acquainted . I’m…… my name is Ain…… my previous name was Ain Roundhart . Olivia here is my mother . ”



 As one would expect, Ain hesitated to use a casual tone in front of the King .

 Thinking about it, he usually spoke politely, but he was a bit embarrassed to speak in such a way at his age . TLN: Using ‘boku’ instead of ‘ore’ .



“Child……A child, huh? ……Olivia’s child……”



 After Ain’s introduction ended, Silvird was visibly puzzled .



“Ara, father? Are you really going to do nothing after your grandchild introduced himself? He’s your first grandchild, you don’t have to look at him with such an expression, he won’t bite . ”



 Being told as such Silvird noticed he was glaring at Ain with a frightening expression .

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 Then, with a softer expression, he spoke:



“I am Silvird von Ishtalika, King of Ishtalika . Nice to meet you Ain, I am your grandfather . ”


“Yes . I heard about this last night……”


“T-The Princess’ child…… you say?”


“This was surprising . So, this child…… he’s the one Olivia-sama’s letters have been all about . His Majesty had been eagerly waiting for the moment to finally get to see him, Olivia-sama’s—“


“Lloyd . I wonder what you’re talking about?”



 Silvird was being teased by Lloyd again .

 The atmosphere was much more easy going than he had expected .



“I’m shouldn’t be wrong…… right, Warren-dono? “


“Indeed, was it a few months ago? I remember we got a letter from Olivia-sama saying her son had received the gift of training . You were so happy at that time but I don’t think anyone but us noticed . ”


“Ahh, that’s it, that’s it, His Majesty was also saying he was proud his grandson was growing up splendidly . But I was surprised that he got the Gift of Training even though he was so young . ”


“Please, stop, I admit my defeat . ”


“(it doesn’t really show in his attitude, but I guess he’s the type to have a sweet spot for his family . )”


“Hahaha! You defeated His Majesty . We’ll have to make sure you receive some punishment, Warren-dono . ”


“Same goes for you, Lloyd-dono…… well then, first of all, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Ain-sama, my name is Warren Lark . I’ve sworn loyalty to Ishtalika serving as Prime Minister . It might only be a short time before you go back to your home country but…… you can rely on me for anything . ”


“A pleasure to make your acquaintance, my name is Lloyd Glacier . I’ve sworn to  protect Ishtalika as Grand Marshal using my own life . If you don’t mind, and if you have the time before you return to your home country, I’d love  to spar with you . ”



 Both of them were heavyweights in Ishtalika .

 Ain noticed that everyone in this room was some kind of grand person, the King of the country, the Prime Minister, and the Grand Marshal . And next to Ain was the Second Princess, the Vice-captain of the Royal Guards, and Martha, the head maid .


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