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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 17.2

Published at 9th of December 2019 10:17:39 PM

Chapter 17.2

Maseki Gurume – 017b




 It seems Mother was the most overpowered person here .



“Ain, I’m sorry, we’ve been talking for a long time, were you bored? “


“No, there’s no way that’s the case . After all, I felt as if all my questions had been answered at once . ”


“That’s great then . ”



 About one hour later, everyone’s questions seemed to be answered?

 In the end, my mother showed she was a bit more of a cheat than I thought .



“Martha, can you prepare some tea for us?”


“As you wish . ”


“I’ll help you too . Your Majesty, Princess, please excuse me . ”


 His Majesty asked Martha to go prepare some tea, and Chris followed to help her with her task .

 Certainly, my throat felt a little dry .



“Seriously, it seems that every child is loved by conflict in one way or the other . ”


“That seems to be the case, Your Majesty . ”


“That certainly appears to be the case for you . ……Your Majesty, may I ask you one question? “


“What is it?”



 Seemingly having a question on his mind, Warren asked the King .



“It might be impolite to ask, but I can’t bear to not know . Why did the Roundharts disinherit you, Ain-sama?”


“……My skill was the cause, Warren-san . ”


“Huh? Your skill……you say? “



 Lloyd-san looked at me with a puzzled face .



“Forgive my continued inquiry, Ain-sama, but was it really just your skill? “


“Yes .   My skill wasn’t acknowledged by either my father, who’s a great general, or my grandmother, Isis or any member of the house, since House Roundhart is a military family . And then my little brother Grint was born with the Holy Knight skill . ”


“Hmph……that’s a bit strange, isn’t it, Lloyd-dono?”



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 While Warren-san kept looking at me with a puzzled gaze he started talking to Lloyd-san .



“I somehow expected this of Heim…… But now I’m convinced that continent is lagging behind in many ways . ”


“Uhmm, what do you mean, Lloyd-san?”


“Ain-sama . I am the Grand Marshal that oversees and commands Ishtalika’s knights . What skill do you think I was born with?”



 Why would he ask me something like that? I’m sure it’s something like a Holy Knight .

 Are you bragging? Please spare me .



“……Something like a Holy Knight, right?”


“Ptff……kukuku, Lloyd-dono born as a Holy Knight, you say……HAHAHAHA! “


“Hey Warren-dono, you don’t have to laugh……I don’t really talk much about it much, but the skill I was born with, is ‘Sewing’……”



 Sewing? Sewing, like in, sewing clothes, that kind of sewing?

 Was such a strong-looking man born with a skill like Sewing? Is this a joke?



“I’m a bit confused . Wouldn’t it have been better for you to make clothes then?”


“While I ended up doing this, you might be right . I don’t like to brag about my own efforts, but…… after continuously training to the point of vomiting blood, I eventually became one of the strongest people in Ishtalika’s Knight Order . ”

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 Lloyd-san said he was one of the strongest .

 His expression, showing an extremely proud face, was so cool that even I felt a bit envious .



“This wasn’t easily done but as I kept trying, someone like me, who wouldn’t normally be suited for being something like a knight…… I eventually reached the top of the Knight Order . ”


“Ain, I acknowledge Lloyd’s strength and efforts . ”



 I see, if His Majesty says so, it must be true .



“It should be fine to show him your sewing technique sometime . ”


“Nu! “


“……So, here you have an example of someone working their way to the top through sheer effort . Let me be clear with you . In the history of the Knight Order of Ishtalika, there have been many people who have reached the position of Grand Marshal through their own efforts and not their skills . I don’t think you would be able to do the same with the Knights of Heim . If you think about it, there shouldn’t be any reason why it couldn’t be done in Heim as well . ”



 Warren-san sure likes to talk a lot .

 I haven’t seen the strength of the people in Ishtalika .

 However, looking at their technical capabilities, there might be a considerable number of talented people .



“Umu . Ain-sama, this is why we were wondering about them disinheriting you just for a lack of an inherent combat skill . ”


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“I too didn’t think it would be this bad until I went there, but in Heim, people are greatly segregated at birth . They never really give much thought to the subsequent growth through hard work . ”


“What a waste……what are your thoughts on the matter, Lloyd-dono?”


“Since they have to purely rely on luck at their birth, there might be a lack of  training or educational skills . ”



 I thought that the skills you were born with were important in Ishtalika, but seeing0 that there were those who reached considerably high positions with their own efforts made me feel a bit relieved .

 This made me feel like this was the place where I was always meant to be .



 I’ll ask Lloyd-san to show me his Sewing skill later .



“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting . I’ve brought some hot tea . ”



 While my head was busy with the implications of our conversation, Martha-san and Chris-san returned .



“Well then, shall we go to the backroom? Ain, there’s a room behind this one where you can take a break . Let’s continue our talk over there . ”


“As you wish, Your Majesty . ”


“Your Majesty, huh?…… well, we can leave that for later . ”




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