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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 2

Published at 12th of July 2019 09:46:02 PM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – My Adventure Start From Here !



…Toxin Decomposition?


“I think that EX‘s attached . ”

“No, but, Goddess-sama… Toxin Decomposition . ”

“Well, There’s awfully potent poison out there . ”

“It just means that I can’t get sick or lose to some poison, right ?”

“What an awful way to put it . Since it’s an EX skill, whatever poison it may be,  whatever kind of bacteria, ya won’t die, ya know ?”


I know that it is a great ability just by listening to it .

But it’s… So plain… .


“By the way, how is the world where I will be going ?”

“It’s classic fantasy world, to explain it in an easily understandable way . ”

“Does that means that there’s monsters and magic ?”

“Yes yes . Speaking of which a status system has been established, since it’s convenient . ”

“Then, this ability is even more out of place!”

“Eeeh!? Don’t scream so suddenly !”


So I have been thinking .

This a different world and all, yeah? So I can live in a completely in a completely different way .

I don’t have to be some everyday salaryman .

I mean, that goddess even brought up royalty, nobility, and the like .

There were people in such positions on the earth, But this… Feel a bit out of place, thanks to the society i was living in .


“Well, well, let’s read it completely… So what’s the kind of family ya’re born in ?”

“…It’s a hit! It’s an Earl family! But I don’t know how high it is, though . ”

“It’s probably the third starting from the top . Ain’t that alone worth it ?”

“It’s undeniable . ”

“Anyway… . A hit, huh . What else did ya get ? It is possible to extract, neutralize and absorb toxins that are bad for the body even with pure magic . “

“That’s why, Damnit!!”

“Well, settle down . Do ya have any questions ?”

“Is it finally time ?”

“Even if ya suddenly go back to using formal speech…”


It was a bit too appropriate for too many events .

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Now that I think about it, the other party is a Goddess, I did something bad, and I have reflected on it .


“I feel like my memories will be lost . ”

“Well, ya won’t completely lose the memories of yer previous life . Ya may not remember how ya lived, but ya will still remember this kind of things, Yer forgetfulness won’t be that bad . ”

“That’s an awful way to put it . ”

“Is there still more ?”


Questions, questions…

Many comes up, but in that case…


“Are they any other people that reincarnated ?”

“Something close to it, If it were on foot, it would be a yearly distance . It’s irregular but likely to happen in the near future . ”

“You’re leaving it unexpected . ”

“There would be a problem if it was too close . ”

“Thanks for your consideration”



Certainly, if you have a cheat, it would be helpful if you weren’t nearby, scary .

Other rare or super rare abilities owners, I will definitely be OP .

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“Finally, will I start over as baby ?”

“That’s right, because it’s safer to be born in a noble family than to be forced into existence, there’s a future . ”

“Certainly . ”

“… It’s about time . ”

“I feel like was here for a long time . ”

“Oh, no wonder ya feel that way, Ya’ve been here for 10 years . ”

“What, that long ?”


10 years ?

I didn’t feel like I spent so much time here since I got up, but I’m sure there is something that I don’t understand .


“Oh! It’s just the reconstruction of yer body, it simply took that much time . ”

“Ha, ha, ha! This loli!”

“I’m at lost there…”

“I’m sorry, it’s easy to get entanglanted . ”

“Hmm … well, but really it’s the last time, now is the time to send ya over there . ”

“My glorious second life will begin at last! Well then Goddess, please!”

“Yes yes . Well then … May your life be a blessed one . ”

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“Hey I sent ya off, just go!”



I have sent many people .

Even those who lost their lives in accidents, and those who ended their own lives .

But such a stupid death was a first even for this godly me .


“…He was really not honest”


It was embarrassing to put it into words, Thank you God for giving me a second life .

he departed with that on the brink of his mind .


“I am the manager of the world ye’re going . It’s natural . ”


He is going to a world with many different tribes, not only human but evil being as well .

You will be reborn from a peaceful world such as japan, even with a cheat and starting anew…It’s not bad to see a few people you like, I think .

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