Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 21.3

Published at 6th of March 2020 05:54:08 AM

Chapter 21.3

Maseki Gurume – 021c





 Chris went to tell Olivia and Ain about that matter .

 She found the two people enjoying tea Martha had brewed, at the salon .



“How wonderful, Ain . And the name of that technique is also cute, you surely created something amazing . ”


“It was all thanks to Katima-san . But I’m glad it all went well . ”


“Fufufu . But you did your best, Ain, you’re a great boy . If Chris is cheeky, you can use it on her . ”


“You’re right, if something happens, I’ll just swooosh on her . ”



 Uuuh……What’s this, scary .

 Why should I be stabbed……?

 I only came to report, but suddenly these two started talking about weird stuff……



“Olivia-sama . Ain-sama…… would you mind?”



 I’m a little scared, but I can’t run away, I need to report this properly .



“Yes, that’s fine, we were just talking about you, Chris . ”


“Go ahead, Chris-san . ”



 Yeah, I heard that, you know?

 Getting swooshed by that thing Ain-sama developed……Dark Straw, was it? That ominous thing .

 Please spare me .

 That thing is really ominous .



“Yes . I came with a report . ”


“What would it be? To me? Or to Ain? “


“It’s for both of you . ”


“For me too? Understood, please continue Chris-san . ”



 Still, Olivia-sama looks very happy, and so does Ain-sama .

 This alone makes me really happy too .

 I’ll just be careful not to be stabbed by that thing .



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“From Euro? “


“Yes . I was told it came via Euro . That’s why I don’t know who the noble is or where they live . ”


“Okaa-sama . There’s only a few noble that I know . ”



 Chris reported the story of this noble asking for shelter .

 And it seemed both Olivia and Ain were not able to guess .



“You’re right…… Like Ain, I’m not sure who this person might be, don’t you have any other detail you can share? “


“Yeah, I too don’t know who that might be . Maybe if there’s something more, I might be able to tell……”



 Both Ain and Olivia said that, so Chris gave them the other piece of information she had .



“I always carry the flower Ain-sama gave me……I was asked to convey that . Also, if they don’t get a response from being accepted in Ishtalika, they can’t give their name . ”


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“……A flower from Ain? “


“Have I ever gifted a flower in the first place? “



 After receiving this sort of reply, Chris, the person who reported this matter thought this was simply just a trick .



“Maybe this is a trick? From someone who might be trying to curry favor with you both . ”


“……Ain, I think I might know . About who that person is . ”


“Ehh, really? I just really don’t know . ”


“Olivia-sama, is that true? Then they are an acquaintance……”


“Fufu that’s right, I know them…… But it might be closer than just an acquaintance . But, to want to come to Ishtalika, I see, I see……”



 Olivia seemed to understand who that person was .

 Ain was still deep in thought, but he couldn’t recall whom he had gifted a flower to .



“Ain, do you want a hint? “


“Please! “

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“A hint, let’s see . You didn’t just gift that flower . You made it . ”


“I made it……made it……made……Ahhh! “


“Ain-sama? What kind of person is this? And, is it okay to bring them to Ishtalika? “



 Ain seemed to have found out who that person was, so Chris asked if they could bring them over .

 And as far as she could tell, the other party was not a bad person .



“Okaa-sama . I don’t know what they want to come to Ishtalika, but is it okay? “


“It’s alright . If anything, they can just live in the castle . ”


“I think that might be a bit too much……so, Chris-san, can you please answer back?”


“As you wish . Still, is it alright if I ask the name of that person? I have to tell Warren-dono and the others just in case . ”



 Chris, as well, wanted to know the name of that person, just in case .

 The reason being, if it later turns out to be another person, it would become a problem .



“It’s alright . ……The name of that girl is:”


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