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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 22.3

Published at 4th of April 2020 11:42:28 PM

Chapter 22.3

Maseki Gurume – 022c



An hour had almost passed since they came to Majorca’s magic stone store . Ain enjoyed seeing a lot of magic stones .

In the end, he bought the White Bison one and another magic stone about 20 cms long from a Wyvern species called Green Wyvern .


The Green Wyvern had a smell somewhat similar to fried chicken, but it wasn’t as enticing as the White Bison, but still, he bought it . The magic from this one wasn’t large, so there wasn’t the danger of outflow and it was packed in a simple box . The price was 52,000 G . A bit more expensive .


“Well then, shall we go back, Chris-san?”

“I guess you’re right . Majorca-dono, could you bring what we’ve bought? I’ll be carrying it . ”

“Yes, right away . ”




Saying that, Majorca went back behind the counter to get the boxed magic stones . At that time, as Ain watched this happen, he heard something similar to a voice and turned to look in that direction . There was the reddish-black magic stone that he saw when he first entered the store . He felt like he heard that voice from inside the engraved glass case .


“Here, sorry to keep you waiting…… Ara, boy . Are you interested in that? ”

“Eh? Ahh, yes, I think the case is somewhat amazing . ”


Since Ain couldn’t say silly things like he heard a voice, he lied when replying to Majorca’s question .


“It’s been five years since this came to my shop after bouncing from one place to the next in Ishtalika…… no, across the continent of Isthar . ”

“Why bouncing from one place to the next? Did something happen?”

“You are not the one . You’ll be having dreams and in there, you’ll keep hearing the phrase ‘you are not the one’ . All the people who had this magic stone were like that . ”


Ain thought this was quite a disturbing story . In that case, was Majorca in a similar situation?


“This engraved case is special, it’s a seal . I made it in my store, after all, I’m quite adept at this kind of technology . ”

“I see, then, if you didn’t seal it, would you be hearing that voice too, Majorca-san?”

“It appears it is heard without exception . It’s certainly a strange story……to hear a voice just because you have a magic stone . ”


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For Ain, who could sense the smell and taste of magic stones, this was indeed strange, but it didn’t feel particularly weird . With that said, this time, more than his appetite, his interest in this magic stone was greater .




Still, he could feel something from that magic stone . And from Ain’s point of view, if it wasn’t evil, he didn’t feel like it would do something to him . Thus, Ain couldn’t help but be interested in that magic stone .


“Majorca-san . That magic stone……how much would it be with the case included? ”

“Sorry boy . I didn’t quite catch on……what did you say? ”

“P-Please don’t joke! What if something happens?”

“Majorca-san . How much for that magic stone? ”


Majorca acted like he didn’t hear, however, Ain continued . There was no answer to Chris’ attempt to stop him, though .


“Why do you want this one, boy?”

“I don’t know . But I just can’t help being interested in that magic stone, I’ll be very careful when I take it out of its case……is it still a no? ”

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“……It doesn’t seem like you’re being manipulated to say you’re interested in it . ”


Majorca looked straight at Ain and declared so . He was good at looking into such things, so Chris was relieved to hear him say that .


“It’s okay . It’s all my own will . ”

“Haaa……If something happens, come here, I’ll deal with it in the case something goes wrong . You got it, Chris? ”

“To be honest, I can’t give my consent . But I also know that once it becomes like this, I can’t do or say anything to persuade him, so I’ll be relying on you, Majorca-dono if something comes to pass . ”

“Well then, I’ll just charge you for the material cost of the case . It’s 300,000G, is that okay? ”

“Okay, I’ll take it . ”


How much allowance did you give him Your Majesty? ……After hearing Ain’s calm answer, Chris grieved in her head as she questioned that .


“Ahh, but this is pretty much the last of my money, thank god . ”

“Alright then . Just wait for a bit until I wrap the whole case . ”


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Despite feeling troubled about it, Chris decided that for now, she’ll just report this to Silvird and Olivia .

In fact, Chris wasn’t in a position to be too forceful in stopping him, so she thought the best course of action was to leave this to Silvird’s judgment .


After receiving the third magic stone, Ain and Chris left Majorca’s magic stone store, where they had stayed longer than they had initially planned, and returned to the castle .


“He sure liked the strangest of things, was he someone important? Maybe the Crown Prince?  ”


“For Majorca, it was easy to infer that the ‘boy’ was in fact Ain .

There’s no way the vice-captain of the Royal Guard would be escorting a simple noble . And he inferred that was the reason Chris wore a helmet outside the store so that her identity wouldn’t be exposed .


Still, Majorca was the owner of a high-end magic stone store that was often used by nobility, and it also supplied the royal family . His lips were just as sealed as Lloyd’s and the others .





『I found you……I found you……』

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