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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 27

Published at 27th of April 2020 11:55:10 PM

Chapter 27

Maseki Gurume – 027

First Real Battle



Dark Knight was a unique skill, a unique job of a Dullahan .

Despite them being monsters, they were able to have interactions with people, and they were also a belligerent race who loved to fight .


The cause of their extinction can be said to be their mode of birth . They can’t reproduce as normal monsters can . The Dullahan species can be born purely by evolution .


That’s why, when a Dullahan was born, they were without exception powerful and dangerous existences .

In the past, it is said that the Demon King subjugated in Ishtalika had two aides, one of whom was a Dullahan .


If you fight them, you should never take them on a one-vs-one .

If you fight them, you should never take them at a close range .


No one would stand a chance in close combat . That was the monster that earned the great trust from the Demon King, the Dullahan .





“I know this is just your job . But that doesn’t mean your opponent can just take your words . ”

“Did you say something, brat? ……If you have time to complain, then……come……at . ”


Ain had yet to fully utilize the Dark Knight’s abilities .

The only thing he was able to use right now was the “phantom hand” . One of the basic skills for a Dark Knight . Just like a Dryad was born able to use Absorb, so was the “Phantom Hand” to a Dark Knight .


The third arm was activated with the use of magic . Or rather, it worked by ‘feeding’ magic into it, instead of just ‘using’ magic .

This made the strength of one of these hands adjustable by changing the amount of magic you fed it, similar to a magic-eating insect .

It could become as strong and hard as you wanted, and if you fed it magic while angry, you could achieve endless strength .


Ain knew he shouldn’t make a big show of it . He just wanted to threaten the instructor and make him eat his words .

Thus, the Dark Knight’s skill that was not supposed to be used, was activated .


“Hey, brat, what are you doing!? ”


The magic power listed in the stats of an untrained human would be basically around 200, and 500 for a fully-fledged mage .

Ain, on the other hand, had over 2,500 in magic power, more than 5 times that amount .


Seeing the black aura emanating from Ain, the examiner asked him what he was doing . However, Ain didn’t respond .


“If I knew something like this would happen, I should’ve checked the power beforehand . Well, I guess little by little should be fine . ”


And thus, Ain fed it about 200 magic power .

There’s no need to use more magic power after feeding it . One didn’t need to use more until the Phantom Hand was destroyed or it had exhausted the power poured into it .


And so, after feeding it magic power, he made the Phantom Hands appear .

Despite them looking like black tentacles, they were muscular arms that gave off an intimidating feeling .

He didn’t plan on using the “Dark Straw”, and although he never tried it before, he made two of them from around his shoulder blades .


The phantom hands that appeared were about 1 . 5m in length . Ain was slightly looking forward to how strong one of these arms would be, having the magic of one ordinary person .


“Wh-What is that……!? Hey, what are you-!? ”

“I’m not sending flames so it’s fine, isn’t it? ”

“I’m telling you to explain! ”

“There’s no such rule . If you’re scared and you want me to stop, you can always forfeit, you know? ”


Bickering back . This was not something necessary to do for taking the examination .

However, Ain decided he was no longer put up with it, so he was more stubborn than usual .


“……Hahaha! I see you’re still cheeky, well, it doesn’t matter if I don’t know what skill it is . If you could get stronger just because you have more arms, then insects would be stronger than you……Right!? ”


After finishing saying so, the examiner dashed towards Ain .

Putting more effort than before, the examiner used that gap to break into Ain’s range at an accelerated speed and swung his sword towards Ain’s head .


” !? It’s quite the dexterous arm! Tch! ”


Using one of the Phantom Hands, he held down the wooden sword the examiner swung .

Ain still had three hands left to use . This time, using his own arms, Ain took a swing toward the examiner .


“Hmm! Despite having more arms, you’re a troublesome opponent . ”


From the beginning he already noticed, the examiner was strong . Or at the very least, stronger than the castle knights he always sparred with .

He dexterously guarded Ain’s attack using the armguard .


“That’s not what you said before . Haa!! ”


He tried to hit the examiner with the other Phantom Hand aiming at his torso, but his opponent curled up his body and Ain wasn’t able to get a clean hit because he guarded with his arms .


“Guuh……Nuh . Isn’t it a bit too hard!? Damn it! ”


The Phantom Hands were created with 200 magical power . It was powerful enough for a strong person like the examiner to take damage, even while guarding . However, Ain thought that he still needed a bit more power .


“No . A bit more, this isn’t enough . ”


The examiner then thought after hearing those words: More what? What are you talking about?

From among the examiners, Ain’s first attack was enough for him to pass .


And then, Ain put more magic power into it . Let’s just go with double, he thought . Thus, he added 200 more magic power .

With this, the magic power used in the two Phantom hands had now doubled .


“(What the heck is this? Maybe because it’s strengthened, but the arms are pulsating with a blueish glow, and they seem like blood vessels will pop……!)”


After making a motion as if absorbing, the Phantom Hands became a tone darker .


“This time is my turn . ”


Ain then dashed towards the examiner who had now made some distance .

Ain was by no means agile .

Rather, his agility was lower than the castle knights .

And usually, Dark Knights fought using skills and body reinforcement, so their agility originally low .


“You use some strange skills, but it helps me your movements are still slow……fuu! ”


The sword that Ain wielded with both hands was easily parried . However, with his sword swung down with both arms, Ain forced the examiner to put strength into his waist and parry the sword with both arms .


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“Are you sure this is fine? ”


For a moment, the examiner looked scared as he saw the black arm coming out from behind him . The black arm began to move the moment the examiner guarded Ain’s attack .


But even in such a critical situation, the examiner managed to rotate his body and tried to guard against it using the sword as a shield . From a third party’s point of view, the movements and reaction time of the examiner could be called nothing less than superhuman .


Still, the strengthened black arm of the Dark Knight didn’t care about guards .

After an audible cracking from his equipment, the examiner was blown back a few meters .


Ain’s Phantom Hand feigned an attack for a moment, and that’s when the other one attacked . He made a bluff .

Still, the examiner moved and managed to defend from that feint . Ain felt amazed by the examiner’s movements .


Shortly after, the blown away examiner stood up and looked at Ain .


“Haa……Haa……What the hell was that? This is the first time I’ve seen a kid like you . ”

“I’m honored to hear that . Alright, let’s continue . ”

“Are you dumb? It was my loss, in the first place it’s unprecedented for an examiner to lose in an entrance exam…… You’ve passed . ”


Right at the end of the battle, Ain had already forgotten he was taking an entrance exam . At the same time, he regretted using Dark Knight and also his attitude towards the examiner .


“I apologize for my bad attitude during the exam . ”


So, for now, he decided it was best to apologize . He couldn’t forgive him for insulting his mother, but he knew he only said that for the sake of the exam . ()


“Same here . Geez, even though there are still test left, I guess I’ll have to ask for a substitute . You’ve passed, after completing the procedure, you can go home . ”


He passed the entrance exam to the Royal Kingsland Academy, which was his purpose . He did it, but he never expected he would be using the Phantom Hand, so Ain’s body felt tired .


“O-Okay . Well then, thank you for the test . ”


After it was over, the adrenaline due to excessive anger and pumping himself up left his body like a wave .

All that remained was pure tiredness and a bit of regret for the fuss he caused .





“Ain-sama . Congratulations on passing the exam . ”


After submitting the numbered card he got as an applicant, the test was completed .

Apparently, detailed information for successful applicants will reach the applicant’s house, which, for Ain’s case, should be the castle .

Right outside of the entrance to the venue was Chris, waiting for him to come out .


“Yes, thank you very much . Did you know when was I coming out, Chris-san?”

“Yeah, obviously . Also, I’m sure you might be tired so I apologize in advance . I’ll have to lecture you on our way back……There are some things I got to say, so you don’t mind, right Ain-sama? ”

“……Yes . ”


This was why Chris was standing at the entrance waiting for Ain, and also why she knew he had passed the exam .

Chris knew Ain had used Dark Knight . She was able to feel the signs of it activating even at a distance .

Although Ain couldn’t see her face behind the helmet, he knew she was still angry .


“Say, Chris-san . ”

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“Yes, what is it?”


As they walked, Chris answered Ain’s call in a slightly colder voice than usual .


“Are you angry because you’re disappointed? Or just purely angry? ”

“Neither . ”


‘Then, it’s alright’, thought Ain . If she were disappointed, there he would be left utterly helpless .


“I knew the examiner was trying to angry me for the sake of the exam . But if someone makes fun of you, Chris-san or Lloyd-san, who taught me swordsmanship, and called you bad teachers, there’s no way I wouldn’t get mad . ”


Actually, the words that were said after that were the trigger . But still, he wasn’t lying .

In fact, Ain got angry when the examiner berated Chris and the others .


“Hmm……mmm……Still, that wasn’t good! You used a skill that shouldn’t be shown……It doesn’t matter how strongly you felt about it . ”


He felt a bit calmer . Ain understood that he had done something wrong, but right now he was so tired he wanted to be spared from the lecture to come .


“I, think of you as my real sister, Chris-san . ” That’s why I couldn’t help getting angry . ”


This was also true . Ain cherished Chris since she had always been with him, being escorting or training with him .


“……Haa . Still, I think His Majesty will learn about this incident through the school . ”

“I think there no helping that . Come to think of it, I did hurt the examiner, is there going to be a problem about that?”

“Since he was the examiner, I’m sure he wouldn’t have expected getting hurt . However, there are people at that school that specialize in healing magic, so don’t worry about it . ”


It appeared Chris would stop the lecturing for now, to which Ain felt quite relieved .

Having to endure Chris’ sermon would be painful with the current fatigue in his body .


However, what kind of reaction would his grandfather, Silvird, have? While feeling a bit depressed, for now, he just wanted to go back to the castle and take some rest .


“(I wonder if I’ll be able to make some friends? I don’t know many people close to my age……I wonder when will Krone come?”)


After passing the exam, he started to think about his future school life .

Up until now, Ain had no friends his age, so he was somewhat looking forward to that .

Included in that was Krone, who was coming to Ishtalika, and Ain was curiously looking forward to that .





It had turned a bit chilly after the tenth month arrived .

A month had passed since Ain’s entrance test problem, and a formal acceptance letter had arrived .

When the letter arrived, Silvird and the others were speaking about Ain .


“In any case, it’s great he passed without issue . But I can’t deny that was a problematic attitude . ”


This was what Ain’s grandfather, Silvird, said . Of course, the issue in question had been already been communicated to Silvird during the day of the test .

A certain examinee made a couple of black arms and won against the examiner . And apparently, the examiner was painfully injured .

But since there was nothing that went against the rules of the exam, the judges decided to pass him . Still, Silvird could do nothing but hold his head on one hand when he heard that .


Ain returned home that day with a tired expression and rested while absorbing some Ripplemodoki magic stones .

Olivia took the news of him passing as a matter of fact, but when she heard he had used the Dark Knight, she told him he shouldn’t have . And so, she then gently lectured him .

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“Hahaha . Well, it wasn’t an unbearable situation for Ain-sama, but still, it wasn’t something to be praised . ”

“As his teacher, I feel happy to hear my disciple got mad for my sake . That’s why I can’t chide him too much……”


Warren didn’t adulate him, and Lloyd, on the other hand, wasn’t too keen on blaming him . Ain had gotten angry for his sake, so this placed him in a difficult position since that had made him happy .


“Fortunately, there’s a huge amount of skills . That’s why they don’t know what was used, and it’s not a situation where it can be identified . ”

“That’s what’s most important . ”

“Incidentally, what about the examiner’s injury? ”

“I had someone who could use healing magic treat him . I heard he’s now in good shape . ”


Lloyd was concerned about the injured examiner .

And he came to see Silvird, to find out how was he .


“Well, with that said, speaking from the standpoint of someone who also trains people . It’s his responsibility if he gets hurt . And in the end, all that remains is the fact that he lost . ”


His opinion was a severe one . Since he was Ishtalika’s Grand Marshal and the commander of the Royal Guard, placing him in a similar teaching position, he was surprised the examiner wasn’t prepared for the unexpected .


“Lloyd-dono . But don’t you think it’s for the best to say something about this issue? After all, what Ain-sama used was the Dark Knight . It’s a technique from the legendary Dullahan……I don’t know if that was too much for the examiner . ”

“I too agree with that . But with that said, I can tell where Lloyd is coming from, after all, having our biggest talents, such as him and Chris as teachers make this an obvious outcome . ”


Lloyd was convinced after hearing those words . The truth was, Ain had made more effort training than just relying on his skills . He felt as if he was looking at his young self .


“By the way, Lloyd-dono . You were recommending your son, right? ”

“Oh, about that matter . Since he’s still immature, it will only be for the school grounds and in emergencies . ”

“I see . Then, what about bringing him and picking him up from school? ”

“For picking Ain-sama up, I still don’t have much trust in him . So, I was thinking about having Chris take on that role . ”

“Sounds reasonable . In that case, I’ll allow it . ”


What the three of them were talking about was Ain’s exclusive knight .

Since Lloyd’s son attended the same school, he had recommended him . But from a Grand Marshal’s point of view, the off-campus escort wasn’t yet viable for him . Therefore, that escort should only be provided while on campus, and Chris should continue with her work while off-campus .

His son was, so to speak, an exclusive knight apprentice .


“Well then, let’s speak to the Princess along those lines . I’ll inform Ain-sama later . ”

“Okay, Warren-dono . Please do . ”

“In any case, it’s getting colder and colder outside, I don’t have any problems with heat, but I can’t come to like the cold . ”

“Yes, indeed . Speaking of things changing…… It’s almost time, Your Majesty . ”

“Uh? Ahh, you’re right . The long-awaited first shipment will arrive . ”


Just like Warren said, it was almost time for the long-awaited Sea Crystal shipment to arrive at Ishtalika .

The first cargo, the result of the trade deal with Euro, was scheduled to arrive at Ishtalika soon .


“The long wait will end . Was the amount mined exceeding our expectations? ”

“Yeah, that’s right . Thanks to it, I don’t think we will worry about depletion for a while . ”

“That’s great . It’s just as the Princess predicted . ”


This was cheaper than the deal they had with Heim, so the amount they could purchase was more .

Therefore, with this becoming a situation where the amount needed by Ishtalika was easily covered, they could shelve their worry for mineral exhaustion for a while .



And thus, the first shipment was soon to arrive . And along with it, a lot of Sea Crystals, and some guests from Heim .


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