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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 3

Published at 17th of August 2019 11:25:47 PM

Chapter 3

Maseki Gurume – 003

I’m on the winning team, but looks like there will be some problems .


Feeling the glare of the light coming through the window, I slowly awaken .

Immediately after waking up, I noticed a beautiful person with brown hair holding me in her arms .

 That’s right…… I was reincarnated .


“Abu……baa! “

 “Yes, yes, I’m mom, Ain . ”


It seems like my name is Ain .

And this beautiful person is my mother .


“Yeah . Thank you for being born well and healthy . ”


Thank you too, having a beautiful mother makes me happy .

Eh? Is the language the same as back in Japan?

It sounds like the Japanese I heard every day, but I’m sure this is just some kind of bonus .


Ah……Somehow, I’m starting to feel this itch……


“Fue……ogyaa! Ogyaa! “

 “Ara, are you hungry? Yes, yes, I’ll give you foodー . ”


Hmm . If it’s from such a beautiful mother, I’ll drink all the milk I can .

Incredible, I unconsciously cried because I was hungry .

It has its demerits, but I think the merits exceed them .


However, I don’t feel aroused at all…… Could it be it’s because she’s my mother?

Or maybe because I’m just a baby and I’m not conscious about that?

Ahh, mom, I’m already full, thanks……


“Ara, ara, you fell asleep already? Grow up to be a splendid Knight, Ain . ”

 “Olivia? “

 “Ara, ……Dear, you were a little late . ”

 “Huh? Oh, I see, he has fallen asleep…… Right now, he should only worry about eating and sleeping, hopefully he grows up properly . ”


The place I was reincarnated in was a luxurious room .

This house of an Earl was surely a hit .


 ……I’d like to spend my time without having to worry about any political strife, I wonder if that would be possible?

Well, it’s fine . For now, let’s just go to sleep, I’m already at my limit……


Mom says she wants me to become a splendid knight…… Sorry mom, my ability is——




“Alright, let’s go over the information I have . ”

Four years have passed since I was reincarnated into this world .

During that time, as far as language was concerned I had no problems, however, it took a while before I was able to speak .


Firstly, about my physical abilities; I think I definitely have an advantage on this point .

Growing faster than others thanks to this blessed environment, talking about athletic ability, I can already win against those at the age of seven .


The rest is what I’ve really been waiting for, magic .

After coming to this world, I’ve had many opportunities to come in contact with magic .


When I sneaked into the study room, I read that magic basically has many attributes, and there seems to be no aptitude in it where only some particular attribute can be used .

However, there are strengths and weaknesses when going to the higher difficulty levels .

I tried only the beginning part, but about those strengths and weaknesses, I didn’t notice anything I was particularly bad at .



“As for these two points, this was probably also a perk . ”



God gave me no explanation about any of this .

But what if everything so far is thanks to talent? Or so I began to think .

My father was a famous general in the country, and it seems that my mother had been working as a magician in the castle, so I can’t leave out the possibility that I inherited their talent .

Seems like genetics play a big role in this world .


 But even if that talent was hereditary, it can be said to be an extra benefit of the luck I drew, being born in an Earl’s house .

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And even if it wasn’t passed down to me, there’s still the merit of being born like that .


However, there’s one thing I definitely think as a perk . Anything that I read, it immediately gets stored in my head, and remembering it is pretty easy .


I’ve already learned up to what an adult of years old would know about the history of the place I was born in, this Heim Kingdom .

I don’t think I could do that in my previous life .

Actually, I didn’t have that impression of myself .


“Also, my face isn’t half bad . ”


 From Olivia, my mother’s side I inherited her beautiful brown hair, and from my father…… from Logas’ side, I got his tough, intense expression .

I’m surely looking towards my fun, bright future .


 “Umu, I knew I was on the winning team! “


HECK YEAH! Please understand my feelings of wanting to shout, after all, I never expected things would work out like this .


I have a sorry excuse of a skill, but mother was like ‘Ain can become a splendid knight’, so I’m really trying my best .


“Ainー? “

 “Yees, I’m coming! “


By the way, right now I was in the middle of a break as I was training with my father .

Well, even if I call this training, in reality it’s just me swinging my sword wooden around .


 “Ara, the spoilt little boy was here? “


 ……There’s only one thing I didn’t like .

And that’s her, this old lady .


“Mother Alma…… good morning . ”

 “Yeah, morning . Logas-sama must have it hard…… to have to train a child who has neither combat nor magical aptitude . ”

 “……I’m grateful to father for that . ”

 “You should be . Still, thank God…… that my child is unlike you, and he’s got the Holy Knight ability . ”

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In this country, the moment you are born your talents, your skills are identified .

Obviously, I too was checked and my Toxin Decomposition EX was easily identified .

Certainly, everyone was surprised by the fact that it had EX in its name, but it was still just a toxin decomposition skill .


It’s okay, I already knew……


Compared to that, my little brother born from Mother Alma’s side, a concubine, was born as a cool Holy Knight .

He’s two years younger, so he can’t train like me yet . However, father is really looking forward to that, I bet he has high expectations of him .


By the way, my little brother’s name is Grint, and he inherited Alma’s blond hair .


 “Yes, I’m aware of the inconvenience I’m causing to father, and I’m very sorry for that . That’s why I’m doing my best…… I’m working hard so I can be of any help, even if just a little . And of course, so that I don’t dirty your name, Mother Alma . ”


“Fufu……that’s right . I hope you’ll also do your best and support Grint as the future heir . ”


 This is something quite talked about .

Well, that’s to be expected, after all Grint is more likely to be the successor .

Seriously, the attitude everyone has towards Grint is far gentler than the one they have towards me . And also, quite more indulgent .

Never in my life I’ve received a gift except from my mother, but I noticed she did it because she lamented that fact and secretly gave it to me .

I’m grateful for that, Mother .


 “Certainly . Excuse me, but Father has called for me, so I’ll be leaving . ”

 “You shouldn’t have kept him waiting . Hurry up and go . ”


But you’re the one who called out to me .

 Haaa…… It’ll be good if they don’t chase me away, at least that’s why I’ve been thinking recently .

Or at least I don’t want to be kept away from mom after waking up to a mother-complex (For real) .


“You’re too slow, Ain! What were you doing? If I call for you, you need to come quickly .

 “I’m very sorry . Mother Alma called out to me . ”

 “……I see, what did she want?”

 “That I should do my best to help Father and Grint, and that I need to work hard . ”

 “I see . And what did you respond? “

 “……Obviously, I told her that was my intension, why? “

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 “No particular reason, let’s get started with today’s training . Grab the sword . ”

 “Yes! I’ll be in your care! “


I think my father Logas would like to train me and work hard with me a bit more .

However, Grint and Alma are both important family members for him . Therefore, he might not want me to think badly of them .

Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to tell them not to speak rudely to me .





A maid was arranging Ain’s room, the eldest son of the house Roundhart .

Although he was still very young, he was quite smart and clever, and very kind to the servants, so his reputation among the maids was great .


“Alrighty…… The bed has been done, now is……”


Although the eldest son of the Earl, Ain’s room didn’t have many especially luxurious items .

The most notable expensive items were the bed and a sofa .

And obviously, the maid didn’t cut corners and properly dusted out the sofa, so that Ain, the owner of the room, could have a comfortable rest .


“Huh? I wonder if it broke again……?”


 Ain’s room was a bit special compared to the other rooms, the reason being, here, the lights broke out quite easily .

Using a magic stone placed on the lamp as a medium, the light was turned on .


“Hmm…… There seem to have been quite a lot of defective products these days . It’s the third time this month―― well, let’s replace it . ”


The magic stones in Ain’s room had already been replaced twice this month .

Usually, it was enough to replace them once a month, but this was the third time in January that they had to change them in Ain’s room, which was very unusual .


“I bet Ain-sama was hungry and he ate them…… just kidding . One can’t eat something like a magic stone just because they’re hungry, it will break your body . Also, that thing doesn’t look yummy at all . ”

  Because the magic tones in Ain’s room broke down quite frequently, she even wondered if Ain himself was sucking up its contents . This was a rumor often said among the maids jokingly .




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