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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 9

Published at 6th of September 2019 07:04:04 PM

Chapter 9

Where will I be going from now on?


“See you later, Ain! I’ll go over there to play some time too, luckily the fief is really close by! ”



Since it seemed like Krone had some greeting to make at the party, she and Ain bided their farewell .

After giving her the Star Crystal, she became strongly attached to him .



First of all, she kept holding his hand after that, and was already calling him 『Ain』 without any honorific .

And every time he called her Krone-sama, her adult-like appearance would dissapear as she puffed her cheeks showing her dissatisfaction . And eventually, she hugged his arm quite tightly as they walked .



That mood that could be understood at a glance continued until a servant came, telling Krone that the Archduke was calling for her .



It really gave a great impression that she understood the role she was assigned and tried to fulfill her responsability .

I wonder if she even is selfish? Ain had that thought as he reflected a little .



“Very well . It helps since this place isnt really one to be playing around . ”



As expected, Krone-chan, let’s play! Was not something he could come to this house and say .

The reason being, the Roundhart house was below in rank to the Archduke Augusto’s .



“Fufu, indeed . Well then…… Olivia-sama, I’m very grateful for the incredible time I had today . ”


“My, my, that should be my line . Thank you very much for accompanying us today . I’d be happy if you could get along with my son . ”


“Hey, Ain? Olivia-sama has given her permission . ”


“Hahaha…… Please be lenient . ”


Well, see you later!

With those words, Krone returned to the party’s venue .


“Well, I dont really think it would be possible for us to get along from now on . ”


Ain muttered those words . Ain was from an Earl’s house and Krone from the Archduke’s, the gap between the two was quite wide .

Above the rank of Earl was the Marquis, and above was the Duke, and then the Archduke; however that wasnt the only problem .



Ain thought that even the royal family would want Krone .

She was smart, and her looks were good . She had more than enough to become a bride to the royal family .



That’s why he thought a future where she appeared was almost impossible .







“Ain, thank you . ”


“What for? ”


“You did that for my sake, didnt you? ”


“……I dont know what you’re reffering to, but I’m happy as long as Mother is happy . ”


“Fufu . Is that so? ……Then, let’s leave it at that . ”



Today best thing was the fact that mom wasnt humiliated and she was able to enjoy the night .

Speaking of which, I heard that Krone returned because the party was coming to a close…… I wonder how did Father fared?



“Excuse me? I wonder where could I find Logas-sama…… Earl Roundhart?”


“Ohh, Madam Roundhart . Please wait for a moment . ”



After leaving the Garden, we waiting in a salon that was near the reception .

As expected, we cant go home alone, I dont really like it, but we should join the others .







“He’s taking too long……”



I think over ten minutes have passed since we asked a waiter about my father, but a response has yet to come……



“Yeah, but sometimes it’s not really easy to leave the parties sponsored by the Archduke……”


“It’s not good to make him lose face against other, right?”


“You’re such a good child, Ain . ”



…Well, I’m really happy to receive the praise of Mother . But still, arent they making us wait a little too long?



Even I understand to some extent the circumstances of why I wasnt able to enter .

But with that being the case, shouldnt they be leaving a bit earlier?



Just looks at the facts objectively, it’s not an exaggeration to say that father left his wife alone during the whole party .



“Haa… Haa… I-I’m so sorry for the wait, Madam Roundhart . ”


“My, my, I’m sorry for hurrying you, so? Where is my husband? ”


“I’m sorry to say this, but all three of them were headed for the evening party…… they went together towards an evening party hosted by Viscount Lance . ”


“Just until earlier we were together with Miss Krone, and we separated after she had to return to give her greetings at the party…… Do you mean that my husband left the Archduke’s house before that greeting? ”


“It is as you say . From the beggining, Earl Roundhart had the intention of participating in the evening party hosted by Viscount Lance, and the Archduke was contacted beforehand about it, so his actions didnt seem to be particularly rude ……”


“In other words, he has already passed through here? ”



Huh, mother? Ever since the start of the party she has had this look like she’s sorry towards me .



I wasnt very different from her usual self, however, the atmosphere was slightly more strained than usual, giving off an uncomfortable feeling, but it’s just natural that she was angry for father going to another party with the second wife .



“You are correct, I am very sorry for having taken so much time to report about this . ”


“That’s alright, dont worry…… so that’s why . Very well, thank you . ”


“Yes . Well then, if you’ll excuse me . Do not hesitate to call me if there’s anything else you need . ”


“…… Fuuu, it’s alright now . ”



Mother sighed in dissapointment, and when I looked at her, her expression was one like she have had enough .

Still, even then mother sure is beautiful .



“Hey, Ain? About your father…… Do you like him? ”


“……Eh? ”


All of the sudden…… A question of unclear intentions came .


“Ahh, sorry Ain…… I know you’re troubled to suddenly being asked that…… Still, I want you to tell he what do you think of your father . ”


“You mean, like what I honestly think? My true feelings? ”


“Yes, that’s right . So? About your father…… do you like him so much you dont want to leave his side? ”



I sort of understand .

Mother might want me to only love her .

She might not want to admit than she’s sad and lonely…… receiving such treatment from a house where she was forced to marry into .



That being the case……



“I’m sorry for mother, but to be honest, I dont like father that much to the point of not wanting to leave .

I’m grateful that he has raised me . Still, I have no feeling of love towards father, who treats you, mother like this . ”


“I-is that so……! So, you’re fine even if…… we’re not with your father? ”


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“I dont have any problem as long as mother is together with me . “In other words…… I’m okay with it . ”



Seeing how happy Olivia was, Ain was convinced .

He felt he was correct, after all, seeing her sad and lonely was unbearable and he would always be by her side .

But thinking back on it, this was the beginning of something he could’ve never imagined .





“……Well then, let’s get started . ”



Pulling out her wedding ring from her finger, she held it in her hand .



“Mother? ”




With a rapid momentum it rusted and crumbled down completely .



“I no longer need this, that’s why I did it . ”


“You dont need it…… Mother? ”


“(Eh? What was that magic just now? It was magic, right? It crumbled down really fast, it was almost scary . )”



He was honestly the most surprised by this .

He had seen simple magic before, used for simple stuff like boiling water and cutting off things .

However, this was the first time for him to see magic like this .



There’s no way a wedding ring made specifically for nobility would be crafted using a metal that would rust .

They were expensive items mainly made out of gold, and this one in particular was made from pure gold .



“(I heard that pure gold does not rust…… And that it requires to have some impurities in order to rust, but I doubt our family would buy such a cheap ring, in other words . )”



Olivia was a good enough magician to make this looks so simple .

His father had actually received the rank of General in the Heim Kingdom, and speaking of martial prowess, he was one of the top knights in the country, so he always thought it was natural than his father met his mother and they then got married .



“(I heard that mother worked as a magician in the castle before, but it seems she’s more amazing than I thought . )”



There were magic spells that shoot out fire or ice, but since Ain hadnt seen them yet, this was enough to make Ain feel overwhelmed .

The Roundhart territory was a territory mainly with knights, and heavyweight ones at that, so there were not many people who were proficient in magic .



“(Nevermind that, this is not the time to be thinking about stuff like that…… Mother breaking her weeding ring is the problem here .

Just why on earth would she do that……?)”


“Haaaa…… I feel so refreshed . Yeah…… this was so relaxing, I should’ve done this from the start . Right, Ain? Would you be scared of boarding a ship and traveling out to the sea? ”


“The sea? Well, I dont know how I feel about it, but it’d surely be nice! ”


“(Mother, please .

Please explain this properly…… What happened……?

Also, I’ve never boarded a ship so I dont know how to feel about it . )”


“I know, right! Then that’s great, wouldnt you want to go on an lovely adventure with me? ”




“Y-Yes! I’m looking forward to it! ”



Ain was distracted by the atmosphere created by Olivia, one which was quite different from her usual self .



“Well then, I suppose we should go back to the town port soon, right? ”


“That’s true, after all father isnt here . I wonder if we’ll be able to reach home before the day changes? ”


“Fufu, I’m sure we’ll reach just in time . Alright then, let’s get out of here . ”



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Ain couldnt ask why she broke the weeding ring, not he could ask why did his mother felt refreshed .

Even though Ain didnt complain since he saw his mother was no longer sad, he could never predict the flow of events that occurred as a result of these actions .






“We’ve finally arrived, Mother . ”


“I’m sorry, Ain . Having to be in such a hurried schedule . ”



They arrived just before the day changed, a little before midnight .

Finally at his hometown, in the Roundhart town .

Ain was tired from riding inside the carriage for half a day, but he had honestly enjoyed himself in the Capital .



“Huh, Mother? Arent we stopping? ”


“Yeah, we’re not getting off here . Just wait a little more, okay? ”


“……U-Understood . ”



The carriage passed in front of the Roundhart mansion, and continued onwards, heading towards the harbor .

However, the town was noisy that day .



“Mother? I dont know why, but it’s really noisy outside despite being this late . ”



It was a strange sight to see the town this busy at this time of the day, since it was almost midnight .

The port town Roundhart was located near the capital city, and there were many liquor stores opened at night .

However, a commotion like this was extremely unusual .



“(It’s strange  this bustle today . )”



He wondered what was that which he could heard on the main street from inside the carriage? ‘Those voices, are the knights still patrolling?’, he thought . In any case, those were boisterous voices .



“(What? Is there some kind of accident?)”



“Madam, it seems to be quite rowdy ahead…… is it okay to move forward? ”



Having some doubts, the coachman asked Olivia .



“Yes, worry not, just go straight to the harbor . ”



However, Olivia’s instructions were to proceed as they were .

Is it an accident? Does Mother know something about it? A lot of questions floated inside Ain’s mind .



“Uhmm…… It sure is lively . ”



Those werent his exact thoughts, but he spoke those words because he could no longer stand the silence inside the carriage .



“Fufufu, you’re right . You’ll see something wonderful soon, Ain . ”


“(I see ‘someone’ wonderful every day, you know?)”


“I’m looking forward to what that is . ”



As they continued down the road, and were about to reach the port throught the main street, Ain saw an unfamiliar large building he hadnt seen before .



Ain saw something protrude from behind the roof of the houses near the harbor, behind the three-story inn…… something resembling a chimney .



At the same time, as they got closer, the crowds of the people also increased .

And when Ain finally arrived at the port, the hustle and bustle reached its peak; what reflected in Ain’s eyes was a huge ship that had docked at the port……



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“Wh-what is that……! ? ”



It was a huge, white painted, and beautiful ship spanning around 200 meters in length .

It gave off the impression of being a battleship, because it was equipped with what appeared to be some sort of large turret, looking like it might even shoot out a beam .



“Good, good, it arrived . Alright, Ain, we’ll ride on that . ”


“Ride on that…… Mother, what does this mean?”



Even after being told that they would ride on that, considering what was in front of him, he wasnt quite convinced .



“Driver-san? Please deliver this letter to the Roundhart family . ”



For some time now, Olivia had been writing a letter inside the carriage .

She then gave that letter to the person driving the carriage .



“U-U-u…… Understood! ”


“(Look, mom, the coachman is even cowering…… you should explain a bit more……)”


“Olivia-sama! ”


“Madam Roundhart! What is that! ? ”



The people in the Roundhart city called out to Olivia, whom apparently seemed to know about the situation .

Olivia would usually respond wearing an angelic smile, however, this time she neither responded nor was she smiling .



After getting off the carriage and moving through the crowds of people for about a minute, Ain saw about ten knights disembarking the huge ship and walking towards him, with one of the better dressed knights moving further ahead and stopping right before him .



“Mother! ”


“Ain, it’s fine…… okay? ”



Is mother acquainted with them? Just as Ain thought so, Olivia turned towards Ain, gently smiling at him .

Olivia then unwarily walked towards the eleven knights that have come down .

Ain, on the other hand, was quite wary, ready to protect Olivia no matter what .



“……Oh, brave knigth . Be assured we are not your enemies . ”



That voice came from the best dressed knight .

And while saying those words, the knight kneeled down amd looked at Ain in the eyes .

This voice, is she a woman? Moreover, does that mean they are allies? He began to wonder what those words really meant .



“Not and enemy……? ”



After thinking about it for a second, she removed her helmelt and smiled towards Ain .

Hiding behind the helmet was a beautiful woman who looked around 20 years old, with pure blonde hair and beautiful white skin .



“Yes, I’m on your side, although given my position it might be rude to call myself your ally…… At least know that I’m not deceiving you . It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Ain-sama . ”


“Y-yeah, nice to meet you too . ”



He couldnt properly answer due to tne unexpected turn of events .

Even if she said she was on their side, Ain couldnt immediately comprehend it .



“It’s been a while, right, Chris? Thank you for worrying about how Ain might feel . ”



Olivia spoke to the knight as if talking to an old friend .

She had, once again, a gentle smile .



“I’m grateful to been able to see your graceness once again . We received your message and so we immediately came to pick you up…… Princess . ”



“(Princess? Eh? It wasnt about me? It was mother……?)”

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