Magician City - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 . Love and Hatred


In one shabby hospital, a boy was born .

He was extremely normal . Like any other newborn child, he was tiny and fragile, with a sort of cute wrinkled ugliness .

After a few days, his wrinkled skin began to iron out, and he became enough to be the apple of his parent’s eyes .

His limbs were all in their right places and he wasn’t sick .

Everything was right but one . He did not have a father .


In any other household, the news of a woman giving birth would have had their husbands waiting nervously in the hallways of the hospital . However, for the infant, no father was seen even when his mother finished her aftercare .

The neighbors whispered and gossiped that an illegitimate child was born .


The child and his family seemed to have a tough history .

As its proof, his family consisted of only two members: his grandmother and his mother, both of which who were not very delighted of their newborn child .

Maybe the boy felt it too, because he did not pester the family like other babies, crying and throwing a fit, but slept quietly all day .


The boy soon became 3 years old, and he grew without a fault in sight . His mother thought, although he was her child, the boy grew unusually normally like any other child . He did not start walking before other kids did, and he did not start talking before other kids did either . He was the standard definition of a 3-year-old .


However, everything changed within one day when the boy and his mother went for a walk, and the mother realized that he was not ordinary . The two were walking next to a ditch when the mother happened to look away for a bit, daydreaming . Then, with a sudden crash, the boy went tumbling down the ditch .

His fall was nearly 5 meters . His surprised mother hurriedly slid down the ditch next to her child . With her face full of worry, she lifted her child in her arms, but the response that came back was nothing like she had imagined .


Any other child would have already been crying, throwing a tantrum, whining that it hurt, but her child did not cry . Unfazed and calm, he looked up at her quietly with an inexplicable face showing his bloody knees that were bruised and scraped from the fall .


The mother came back home and deeply thought about her child . Then, she came to the realization that she had been carelessly overlooking some of his strange characteristics .


First, her little boy rarely cried, even when he was an infant .

Crying was any baby’s instinct . Most cry when they are hungry, nervous, sleepy, when the diaper is wet or even for no tangible reason, but her child only cried five times a day at the maximum .

Until now, the woman thought her baby was one of the tamer, easy-to-raise babies, who were naturally born with kindness, but when looked at closely with attention, the boy was far from common .


Belatedly, the woman realized her inattentiveness to the unresponsiveness of her child and rushed him to the hospital .


To her surprise, the doctor did not diagnose her son of a disorder . He replied that these cases were not too common, but they do exist and are completely normal .

The doctor praised the child that in the old days, kids like him would grow to be generals of an army, but the mother was far from impressed . Rather, she was drowned in her thoughts, troubled more than ever .


When she thought back, the father of her child told her that he was often praised the same way: that he would grow up to be a great general . This was because of his stern, heavy personality which made it unlikely for him to be wavered by any ordinary stimulant .


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Before, she liked that side of him . It felt protective and masculine, but now she knew too well that it was love that blinded her from the truth . She hated him .


But now, her little boy was the exact replica of that man .

The man who had left her .


The small disease of a praise that the doctor brought infested her heart with various sorts of horrible assumptions . At first, she tried not to think too much of it, but as she came back home, her terrifying imaginations spread like wildfire . The child no longer felt like hers, but his . The closer she got to her home, the more detailed and painful her thoughts became .


‘If I look at the child, I am going to have to think of that man every day . Could I really stand that? That is more than enough torture!’


‘I was going to abort him anyway… Didn’t I finish my job as a good parent if I gave birth to him?’


‘If I keep living like this as an unmarried single mom, what about my youth? I’m only 25 . What about my life?’


‘Do I really have to die, sacrificing my whole life suffering for this kid?’


The moment she arrived at her doorstep, the thoughts ended with one final knot .

‘If he resembles his father so much, he will also…’

She entered her house, her eyes filled with an odd sense of love and hatred .

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It seemed as if she had made up her mind as she laid her child to sleep .


A few more years passed .

The woman believed she could start her life at a clean slate without her child, but it wasn’t easy as she thought .

Maybe it would have been a different story if the child was someone else’s, but he was hers .

In honesty, she was going to abort her child . She thought the father of her child should have stayed despite his family’s extreme efforts to end their relationship . They were deeply in love! Or so she thought . But as soon as he heard about her pregnancy, he immediately turned a cold shoulder . He said that he was going to marry another woman .


She hated him .

She hated him as well as herself for falling over his sweet lies .

She hated her unborn child as it was a proof of her foolishness .


But through it all, she could not erase her child . Maybe she didn’t have the heart, but also because she remembered what she kept from a memorable college lecture .

The professor explained that one should not discriminate another with their race, sex or background . The reason was that no human has the power to choose what they wish to be born into . Bluntly put, who would want to be born into a poor family?

The woman, who was often discriminated for her gender had nodded deeply in agreement .

The professor was right . A child cannot pick its own mother .

Therefore, one mustn’t pick their own child .


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With this thought in mind, the woman had the baby . As soon as the boy was born she was going to give him away to some orphanage down the street, but as she gave birth, those thoughts were erased .

The delightful sound of a baby crying for the first time, telling the world of its presence, was enough to wash away any hardships she faced in life . Oh, the thrill of joy she felt!


But one’s emotions fade with time .

She held on well for a few years, but when the boy turned 6, she fled . All that was left was a note that she was going to earn money and a bank book sitting on the dining table .

At first at least, a monthly deposit of 200 dollars or so was sent to the account . However, that lasted only till 2 months ago . The rare phone calls from time to time stopped long before that .


It was an evident fly-by-night, but the little boy’s grandmother, or the woman’s mother, only sighed in despair and said nothing else .


The grandmother was old . She was aged enough to need care and be provided for, but all she was left with was a little boy without his mother . However, she thought it was for the best .

She thought it was surprising that the woman even held on for this long .

“I worry if she’s eating well . . ”

Thinking of the woman’s soon-to-come birthday, the grandmother wiped away a tear . It has been a year since her last contact with her daughter but that gave her room to believe . As it said in the old days, no noise is better than silence, as silence meant that everything was in peace . Like so, the grandmother believed her daughter was doing well at a faraway place .

The grandmother wished her daughter would never return, although it is a sad thought considering the young 7-year-old boy .

She wanted nothing but her daughter to throw away the burden of an old mother and an illegitimate child, and start a new life .

The grandmother’s wishes were then granted .

She never met her daughter ever again .