Magi’s Grandson - Volume 1 - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Taking the Entrance Exam

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After I separated with Sicily and Maria, I went back home .

“Welcome back, Shin-sama . ”

The gatekeeper, Alex-san, greeted me . Even though there were other people who were working the shift as Gatekeepers, since Alex-san was the winner for the Gatekeeper Division of the servants’ deciding battle, he became the Head Guard of the mansion .

Again, what’s up with the servants’ deciding battle!

“I’m back, Alex-san . ”

“Shin-sama, can you refrain from going outside on foot? If something were to ever happen to Shin-sama, I would…”

“I say, it’s okay, although I did encounter some thugs earlier when I was in the city, there was no problem at all . ”

“Thugs! Did you really do something that dangerous!?”

“That’s why, I said nothing happened . As long as the opponent is not stronger than Michel-san, there’ll be no problem . ”

“Michel-sama… the former Knights’ General…”

“That’s right, that’s right . That’s why you don’t need to be that worried . Anyway, thanks for your hard work . ”


Hmph, really, all the servants here are too overprotective . Even though up until now, I’ve already faced wild animals in the forest as my opponents . However, I feel happy knowing that they worry about me .

Upon entering the mansion, this time, it was the butler, Steve-san, who greeted me .

“Welcome home, Shin-sama . ”

“I’m home, Steve-san . ”

“Earlier, this arrived from the Advanced Magic Academy . ”

“What? This is?”

“This is the Advanced Magic Academy entrance exam admission ticket . ”

Oh, now that I think about it, since the time Uncle Dis said “I’ll say something to them,” I wondered what happened because there was no news at all . Uncle, it looks like you did your job properly .

“I see . Somehow I feel like it’s finally going to happen . ”

“Shin-sama, you don’t need to get so worked up . If it’s you, I’m sure you’ll be okay . You can even aim for the Freshman Representative, probably . ”

Un, based on Maria’s story earlier today, as of right now, I feel like I’m already standing out, and if I get any more conspicuous… However, in a case where his grandson’s score turned out to be barely passing, I wonder if it would disgrace grandpa and Uncle Dis…

Alright! I’ve decided! I’ll go full-force during the exam .

“I understand . Thank you, Steve-san . ”

“It’s nothing, please do your best . All the servants will be cheering for you . ”

And so, when the new year began, a New Year’s party was held privately .

It really was a private party .

Since grandpa and the others came to the royal capital, many people came wanting to visit to try and get a connection with grandpa and grandma, but grandpa originally came to the capital for my social education . Because of that, all the people who came to visit were asked to go back home .

In the end, the party was held with only those who came to my birthday party the other day .

Since the King of the country also came, all the servants were super anxious . Even the Guard Division were on full alert . I think I will go and thank them for their hard work afterwards .

In any case, is it okay not to be at the Royal Party, Uncle Dis?

* * *

A few days after the new year, the day of the entrance exam for Earlshide Advanced Magic Academy had arrived .

Since I intended to go to the academy on foot today, I didn’t use the horse-drawn carriage . I already knew the location of the academy since I walked around the capital quite a lot in these last few days . It was located in the boundaries of the Nobles’ District and the Commoners’ District; it was a place where both the nobles and commoners can easily attend . In addition, our house was also located between the Nobles’ District and the Commoners’ District, so it’ll probably only take 15 minutes to reach the academy on foot?

The things I brought with me today were my admission ticket, some writing utensils, and… fufufu my newly acquired Citizenship Card at last! The citizenship card was something I didn’t have when I first entered the royal capital so I finally got it in my hands!

Actually, this citizenship card is quite amazingly high-tech… no, a high-magical item . It can recognize an individual’s mana pattern, and since it won’t be activated by anyone other than its owner, there are no items more suitable for a person’s identity confirmation .

And also, there’s the Royal Bank in the Earlshide Kingdom, and this citizenship card can be used as a debit card . The bank account is directly registered inside the card . Since it cannot be accessed by anyone other than the owner, and only the bank can modify the details of the account, one can make a deposit or a withdrawal in any nearby banks . It’s almost impossible to tamper because of the strong security . Tampering the amount of money available in one’s account is punishable by death . It seems this is one area where one absolutely shouldn’t touch due to the confidence in their security .

By the way, the card doesn’t have a credit card function .

Furthermore, one can also store a specific demon’s magic pattern for a period of one month . For Demon Hunters, before they go out on a subjugation mission, they go to the Hunter Association and record the current subjugation mission information on their citizenship card . Then, when they come back from the subjugation, they can calculate the difference in mana before they left, and collect their reward .

Really, this citizenship card is amazing .

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After walking in a merry mood while holding that high-te… high-magical item, I arrived at the academy .

The academy where I arrived at, describing its size, I wonder if it’s a bit bigger than a private high school, probably? Since it has only 300 students in a 3 academic year system with 100 students in each academic year; it’s probably about that size .

Even after considering the Royal Capital’s population, they only have this many students . There’s only one Advanced Magic Academy here, so it meant that it’s quite hard to get admitted here, huh .

Well, even though I said that this school was not that big, since it is still a school building, and despite how big it is, a person visiting for the first time would not know where to go . So, I searched for the venue of the examination on the information board .

“Hey you, move aside . ”

Still, there are a lot of students . I wonder if there are enough classrooms to fit everyone?

“Hey! You! Did you not hear what I said!?”

Umm, the venue is… ah, found it, found it .

“This insolent fool!”

Someone grabbed my shoulder from behind . And so, I grabbed the arm that was grabbing my shoulder and twisted it on the back of the opponent . What’s with this guy, being so annoying since earlier?

“Guua! You bastard! What do you think you’re doing? Let go!”

“Since just now, what’s up with you? Why did you suddenly grab another person’s shoulder?”

While releasing his arm, I asked a question, and the cheeky little brat with blond hair and blue eyes started glaring at me .

“You bastard! I am Cart von Ritzburg!”

“? Okay . I’m Shin . ”

It suddenly turned into a self-introduction, huh .

Suddenly, I heard chuckling noises around us . Why is that?

“Yo-you bastard, I am the eldest son of the Count Ritzburg!”

“?? Oo~ Is that so . ”

“You imbecile! Do you think you can go free after going against me like that!?”

I just realized it after he said that . This aristocratic young master was threatening me by using his authority as a noble, huh . I thought ‘no way’ since this is inside the Magic Academy . Nevertheless…

“You know, umm, Cart-kun? Wouldn’t it be better if you just stop right there? Isn’t it strictly prohibited to brandish the power of nobility here? I heard there’s a severe punishment for it, you know?”

“They’re only Magic Academy Instructors, so what right do they have in order to judge me!”

Whoa, such a radical statement . Didn’t Uncle Dis say these words were tantamount to treason?

Isn’t the situation getting a little out of hand? While I was thinking about that, a voice called out from the side .

“That’s enough . ”

“Mmm! Yo-you are…”

Who is he?

“Brandishing your authority inside the Advanced Magic Academy, and bringing harm to another Magician; this is an act which can reap the bud of an excellent Magician, and anyone who breaks this rule will be subjected to severe punishment . Rather than it being a rule of the Advanced Magic Academy, it’s supposed to be a Royal Decree . ”

“Uhh, wel… well, this is . ”

Oh? Cart-kun suddenly became quiet . I wonder if this noble has higher authority than him?

“Or was that statement you made earlier a defiance against the Royal Family?”

“N—! There’s no way it’d be something like that!”

“If that’s the case, don’t make any more commotion . This place is the venue for the entrance exam . Don’t do anything to upset anyone . ”

“Yes… I will certainly heed your words . ”

Then, he walked away while giving a gaze full of grudge towards me .

Why is that?

“That was quite troublesome . Are you all right?

“Huh? Ah, I’m absolutely fine . I didn’t think there would be someone like him who would do that kind of action inside the Magic Academy, so I didn’t realize it at first . ”

“Fukuku, the way you returned with a self-introduction was a masterpiece . ”

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The young boy who looked like a high ranking aristocrat laughed happily . His height was about the same as mine, probably? Ah, right now I have grown to 175 centimeters . He’s an incredibly handsome boy with ocher-like blonde hair, blue eyes, and should I say porcelain? transparent-like skin .

“Even so, although the Advanced Magic Academy prohibits aristocrats from abusing their power . But when it comes down to it, there are actually still a lot of people who would contradict that rule . ”

“Ah, I don’t have any relation of authority from my position, and I have doubts whether that can be called as a threat . It doesn’t have any persuasive force to it . ”

“Hmm~, it seems like you’re really quite deviated from society just like I’ve heard . ”

“Just like you’ve heard?”

From whom?

“Ah, sorry for my late introduction . My name is Augusto . Augusto von Earlshide . People close to me calls me Gus . Shin, I’ve heard a lot of things about you from Father . ”

“Eh!? That means you’re Uncle Dis’s son?”

Oh? The surroundings became silent .

“Kukuku, Uncle Dis’s son… This is the first time someone described me that way . All the people I know will do nothing but try and flatter me the moment they find out I’m the Prince . ”

“I mean, for a long time now, I’ve always treated Uncle Dis as a relative . And since you’re Uncle Dis’s son, doesn’t that make you my cousin? That’s how I feel . ”

“Kukuku, Ahahahahaha!”

Somehow he burst into a hysterical laughter .

“I see, I see, cousin, huh . I remember having this strange feeling whenever I heard various things about you from Father . Even if you claim me to be your cousin, there’s no uncomfortable feeling . No, rather, I can understand this feeling . I see, cousin, huh . ”

“I’m pleased to know that you somehow accept it with pleasure . ”

“Hehe, since we finally met like this, I would like to talk a bit more… but wouldn’t it be bad if we don’t go to the examination venue soon?”

“Eh, ah! You’re right . It’s time to go now . ”

“Well then, let us work hard together . I guess the next time we meet is during the entrance ceremony, huh?”

“Haha, I’ll also do my best then . Or rather, it’s okay for you to just come to my house to play, you know?”

“As a Prince who’s awaiting the approaching ceremony of the official investiture to become the Crown Prince, I cannot easily go out for a walk . ”

“Is that so? But Uncle Dis comes over to play quite often . ”


After I parted ways with Gus who seemed to be completely exhausted, I headed to the examination venue .

* * *

Curious spectators gathered around Shin, Cart, and Augusto, as if to enclose them, and among them, the figures of Maria and Sicily can be seen .

“Hey, although we were finally able to find Shin, but why is he getting involved with that guy, out of all the people here?!”

It seems to be around the time Shin got involved with Cart .

“Ah~ah… I wonder if Shin-kun will be alright…”

“Since he’s one of those idiotic people who are stuck up about being elite… I hope things don’t end up being troublesome . ”

It looks like these two girls knew of Cart .

“Eh? Wait a minute!! That person is!?”

“No way, His Royal Highness, Prince Augusto!?”

And then, the situation was resolved by Augusto, and all the curious onlookers scattered and went to the examination venue .

Maria and Sicily kept talking while following the crowd .

“I wonder, who is Shin-kun, really?”

“Really, this was the first time I saw His Highness Prince Augusto having so much fun talking to someone . ”

“Nn . ”

“Leaving that aside, the problem now is him . To think he would come to this academy . ”

“You’re right…”

“Listen now, Sicily . If he does anything to you, you tell me, okay? No, even if he doesn’t do anything, just tell me, okay?”

“To say something, even if he doesn’t do anything, it’s still a bit…”

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“Hmm~, ah! That’s right! You know, it’d be okay if we ask Shin to go together with us!”

“E-e-e-ehhh!? Together with Shin-kun!?”

“That’s right! If we tell him a nasty guy has been following you, he’ll help us! Since he’s strong and also not afraid of nobles or even the royal family!”

“But… it will definitely trouble him . ”

“It’ll be alright, I tell you . Shin is probably the type of guy who won’t abandons a girl in trouble . I was convinced he’s that kind of guy after the last incident . Or rather, he’ll even come forward and protect on his own, you know?”

“But somehow… it’s like taking advantage of Shin-kun’s kindness…”

“You’re right, it is taking advantage of him . Listen here Sicily, I certainly do think Shin is a good guy . But you’re more important to me . ”


“Besides, if we stay together, you might become more than just friends, you kno~w”

“Eh, ah! Really, you!!”

Unbeknownst to Shin, the plan of the two girls had progressed .

* * *

Since then, I took the written test at the examination hall . As I thought, it was full of people .

Done .

What else more can be said about the written exam other than that?

And thus, the practical exam began .

The exam was carried out in an indoor practice field, and one will pass if they can destroy the installed target . Even if one couldn’t destroy it, it seems the examiners will look at their proficiency in magic . The exam format is where 5 people enter the indoor practice field at a time according to their exam number and display their magic one person at a time .

I was the last out of the five people .

The first guy gave his admission ticket and citizenship card to the Examiner .

The examiner was a female teacher wearing a black robe and glasses with shoulder-length black hair . Somehow, she gives off an impression of a secretary if she wore a black suit .

“Alright then, please cast the magic you are most proud of at maximum power . ”

“Yes! Please take care of me!!”

Oo~, this is the first time I’ll see the magic of someone of the same age as me . I wonder what kind of magic he’ll use?

“Flame that burns everything! Gather in this hand and shoot the enemy!”

“Fire Ball!”


“Fuu . ” (Proud expression)

…Embarrassing! How embarrassing! What the hell was that? Was a chant something like that? And also, using ‘Fire Ball’ is too much of a cliche! It was showy up until he shoots, but in comparison, the result was dull! Yet, why did he have such a satisfied expression on his face?

This is bad . I was going to go full-force to live up to everyone’s expectations, but I will only be looked at strangely if I use my full power . Let’s not go at full-power, after all .

The test progressed rapidly .

“Raging flow of water! Gather, dance, and wash away!”

“Water Shoot!”

“Leap o Wind! Dance o Wind! Clear everything away calmly, o gust of wind, and rise up!

“Wind Storm!”

“Lend your strength o Mother Earth! Be the bullet of stone and shoot my enemy!”

“Earth Blast!”

…Ugh… I’m tired… What is this chuunibyou*-like presentation!?

[T/N: A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome” . People this syndrome either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones or believe they have special powers, unlike others . ]

After hearing those words, the long past dark history of mine resurrected in me…

After receiving mental damage without the other people knowing, since the previous 4 people had all finished, next came my turn . Now then, what kind of magic shall I use?

“Well then, next person…”

When the examiner saw my admission ticket and citizenship card, her eyes widened for an instant .

“You are… Hmmm . Use your greatest magic at maximum power… is what I want to say but in your case, please be careful . ”

Be careful? Why?

“You will pass as long as you use enough magic power to destroy the target . I sincerely hope you do not use any magic capable of destroying this practice field . ”

…Uncle Dis… just what kind of story did you tell these people…

I arrived at the assigned position while looking a little dejected because of the reverse special treatment .

Let’s see, the target looks like a mannequin without both arms and legs . Since it can withstand the previous magic until now, it seems to have reasonable strength . By the way, since they change the target to a new one each time in order to prevent unfairness, even though I said it has reasonable strength, they won’t go that far as to use expensive materials . If that’s the case… I’ll use that, huh .

And so, I produced one pale blue flame like before, but much smaller in size . The surrounding started to get noisy after seeing that phenomenon done without chants . Then, I shaped it long and narrow, and launched it as a bullet .

As the pale blue flame launched at super speed, it drew a blue-white line in the air and swallowed the target up .


With a loud sound, the target exploded . But the momentum of the flame bullet that shattered the target did not wane out, and landed on the wall at the back . Ah, crap .


The bullet slammed on the magical barrier that was bestowed on the wall, and the entire practice field shook violently . When everything had subsided, the reaction of everyone around can only be described as dumbfounded . Will the teacher get angry because this?

“…There’s one thing I’d like to ask… the magic just now, did you use your full power?”

“No? Sensei said not to destroy the practice field, so I suppressed it considerably before firing, though . ”

“E… even with that, it was considerably suppressed?”

“Yeah . ”

“…I see . I understand . The test is now complete . Everyone, thanks for your hard work . ”

Thank goodness . It ended without her getting angry .

Being relieved of that, I forgot to look for Maria and Sicily and returned to the house .

UOooO~ What am I doing, me~~~!

* * *

All the instructors had gathered at the Magic Academy, after all, the test had finished .

“Was he really amazing? The ‘Magi’s Grandson . ’ ”

“He wasn’t just amazing . I thought the practice field was going to get destroyed by the considerably suppressed magic the person himself intended to shoot lightly . ”

“Th-that powerful?”

“Yes . In addition, he shot it instantly and without any chants . ”

“I wonder, that, is there something we can teach him? Rather, I want him to teach us . ”

“It’s the same for me . In the first place, His Majesty had asked for him to enroll in this academy in order to learn about human relationship . When it’s class time, we can ask him to become everyone’s role model, and after that we can create research society of sorts, gather people there and teach him about human relationships, wouldn’t all that be okay?”

“Oh! That’s a good idea . If it’s in a laboratory, it won’t be unnatural for us to go in and out . ”

“You’re right . Then, let’s move in that direction . ”

“Okay . By the way, what will happen to the admission ranking order?”

“I’ve also already seen the written exam . Even though it’s still being marked, it seems he almost got full points for it . ”

“If that is the case, with this…”

“Yes . Well then, with this, the ‘Freshman Representative’ has been decided . ”

* * *