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Chapter 44

Well, leaving aside the fact that I need to be more like a slave, there are  currently two more compelling problems .
“By the way, what are you going to do with these people?”
“Feed them to the fishes . ”
……mhm well, we can’t let them go back alive after doing this much…… . right?
No, but, if [You will be part of a scene from hell if you kidnap that slave] spreads through word of mouth, won’t that serve as deterrence?
At the very least, I don’t think there are many idiots who would bear the risk of being caught up in such troublesome painful things to try something……
Ah, but but, if we let these people live, they might resent us and come for revenge .
Mhm~, but but, if we feed these people to the fishes, the word will be hard to spread .
There are definitely others in the same business as these people, if I’m kidnapped everyday by them, I’ll become an escape game master . I would like to avoid that if possible .
I would like for word of mouth to deter that .
That means erasing these people is not desirable . But it is also not desirable to let them move freely .
……okay, I thought of something wonderful .
“Can I talk to that person a little?”
That person is the person that has become a blood puddle generator because of Suzumoto .
“Ah, fine . ”
I got permission, so let’s try asking him immediately .
“Hey, your comrades, are there more of them?”
“No, no way I’m telling you . ”
“You, do you want to become a blood puddle generator again?”
When I pulled the dagger out of my bag, his expression froze . What Suzumoto did to him seems to have become quite a trauma . Poor thing .
“There’s 2 lackeys and 1 senior back at home base!”
“I know that . Any others?”
“No, no one else! I told you, I told you so save me!”
Hm~, okay, basically, it’s those men where I was kidnapped to .
Mhm . If it’s those 3, then even if they bite back, it will work out somehow .
Then just these people left .
“Ice and water magician-san . ”
When I called out to Hagasaki-kun, he came over .
“Are you able to encase this person in ice such that he can’t come out for a while?”
“Then please do that . As flashy as possible . ”
“[Ice Coffin]”
When he said that, the person that had been a blood puddle generator just before was enclosed within a 3m tall ice pillar instantly .
Oou, very very flashy .
“How long will this last?”
“No idea……at least 2 weeks? Because I did it at full strength . ”
I, I see . 2 weeks huh……longer than I expected, but there’s no problem with it being longer .
“Then please do the same for the rest . ”
After that the members of the group that kidnapped me were all shut inside ice pillars and it it now the turn for those manacled people that were waiting their turn .
And among them, I found a beauty-san with bright red hair……Dalia-san .

Next to her there is also the ojii-san from the inn .
A—h, they really were accomplices~ .
And once Dalia-san understood that she was also going to be frozen, she started saying something .
“You all! Won’t you be troubled without me!? You won’t be able to participate in the gladiator tournament!”
……ah .
Oh yeah . We had done the registrations for the gladiator tournament with Dalia-san .
“We can just make changes to our registration……”
“You can’t! If you could, I wouldn’t have done something so troublesome like form a party with you all and register!”
Ah~ ah~ ah~, I see . Dalia-san had prepared something she can coerce us with .
Hm~ .
But even if so, I wouldn’t want to enter the tournament with someone like this, feels like she will betray us . Or rather, she will definitely only act in the minus direction .
……mhm, okay .
“Dalia, stand . ”
“Huh? Who’re you?”
“Stand . ”
Once I got out the dagger, she obediently stood up .
……hm, she seems to be taller than me, but I guess that’s due to the heels of her shoes .
Hair length……ooh, about the same .
Skin colour……a healthy light brown . Okay, eyes are orange .
Chest volume……fu, fuhahahahahahaha! I won!
“Yai~ small breasts!”
“Sh, shut up! It’s not like you are that big either!”
Mhm . This seems fine . For the chest, well, it should be fine if I wear inconspicuous clothes .
“You can do it for her too . ”
“Hu huh!? Like I said, the tournament”
“[Ice Coffin]”
And Dalia-san also became an inhabitant of an ice pillar .
the inuits! ……wrong?
While I was talking to Dalia-san, everyone else was already frozen and with this, all of them have become ice ornaments .
Since they were frozen in an instant, they might recover once they melt . Might .
They’re not corpses either, so this should also be good for the emotional state of the ones that find them .
Even better if their comrades come looking and discover them, then spread the word .
Also okay if someone else finds them before that .
Melting this much ice seems like it will take quite a bit of time and effort anyway .
And so, we left the deserted port in the southwest .

cleaned up

“…… . so, what do we do about the tournament?”
Currently, since my MP has not recovered enough for [Teleport], we have come to that inn .
The owner is frozen, so it should be fine to borrow it for a while .
“Ah, as for that, I can do it if it’s just showing up . I can just become like Dalia-san using [Disguise] . ”
By the way, I am currently back to Rosemary-san . Of course I’m also back to maid .

By the way, I am currently back to Rosemary-san . Of course I’m also back to maid .
“……try doing it . ”
“Okay~ . [Disguise]”
I activated the mysterious light while looking at a mirror and changes to red hair, light brown skin and orange eyes .
“……the face . ”
“It’s bad!? Rude!?”
There’s nothing I can do about that .
“I’m not saying it’s bad but……it will be exposed once they see your face . ”
“It just changes colour after all…… that does change the impression quite a bit though~ . ”
Unfortunately, this [Disguise] appaears to be a skill only changes the colour of eyes, hair and skin .
No wonder volume doesn’t change .
“At worst I’ll do something about it with a mask!”
“Ah, well, yeah . ……so, can you fight?”
That’s the greatest problem~ .

just bring in the wolf

“Or rather, Dalia also registered for the Mono section, so if you become Dalia you also have to participate in the Mono section though . ”
“I’ll leave the field instatnly . ”
I can be out instantly . All I need to do is [Teleport] off the stage!
“Have you forgotten that [The winner can request something of the loser]? Are you stupid?”
When I puffed my chest out and said that, Hagasaki-kun called me stupid .
Ah mhm, I forgot . I did forget .
Yeah~, there’s also risks to losing .
Mhm~, what do to .
“But even if we find and hire someone that looks like Dalia, keeping them quiet is troublesome and more importantly, it feels like there will be another betrayal……”
Yeah . So, so……the fastest method, is .
“I just need to be able to fight . ”
“Yeah . ”
……mhm, never mind, put this on hold for a bit . Please let me put it on hold .
It’s a bit too much of an impossible game and I can’t even find a way to start .

the wolf woof wolf

“Oh yeah, this world’s people don’t seem to have [Skills] . ”
Ah, mhm . I thought that too .
[Skills] and [Magic] are different and [Skills] are only either used by otherworld people or left as [Lost Blessings] in [Excavated Items] from ruins .
When I checked how they saw [Lost Blessings] and such, mhm, everyone also had about the same view .
“But I couldn’t use most of my skills after putting on the [Sealing Manacles] . ”
Oh, does that mean Hagasaki-kun is using [Magic], not [Skills]?
“Me too……most of my techniques couldn’t work .
Oh, Kadomi-kun too!? Kadomi-kun should not have had magic-like skills though……
……ah .
“Okay, everyone, how about we take another look at our skills again?”
Maybe, it might be because .

Maybe, it might be because .

dont just cut there

And so, it’s something like this once they’re put together .

argh again

Suzumoto [Ronin]
[Decapitate] [One-Handed Sword Skill] [Leap] [Acrobatics] [Sword Dance] [Poison resistance] [Increased Recovery Speed] [Magic Sword] [Sword Draw] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Calm] [Bluff] [Demon God]
[Shippuuzan] [Tsubame] [Kawasemi] [Ageha] [Mozu] [Taka] [Ouka] [Kikuka] [Rikka] [Kagezan] [Senputsu]
(T/N: New ones(after ouka/cherry blossom): [Chrysanthemum] [Snow] [Shadow Cut] [Whirlwind])
[Seduction] [Increased Attack] [Increased Defense] [Increased Agility]
why is there dmon god wtf
Hagasaki [Sorceror]
[Water Magic] [Ice Magic] [Wind Magic] [Increased Invocation Speed] [Poison Resistance] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Light Magic] [Weather Magic] [Ballad] [Fine Tune]
[Ice Bullet] [Ice Coffin] [Water Cutter] [Clear Stream] [Wind Cutter] [Tempest] [Lens] [Ice Shield] [Ice Edge] [Water Wall] [Blizzard] [Hurricane] [Lightning] [Splash] [Solar Shot] [Water Mirror Song]
[Magic Mirror] [Increased Defense]
Hagsaki used splash!
Shachi [Scientist]
[Appraisal] [Earth Magic] [Mapping] [Construction Magic] [Emergency Evasion] [Poison Dictionary] [Investigate] [Far Sight] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Research] [Drug Dictionary] [Observe] [Experiment]
[Earth Wall] [Earth Bullet] [Cultivation] [Bog] [Poison Rain] [Poison Arrow] [Poison Bog] [Sand Castle] [Tower] [Rock Storm]
[Poison Dictionary] = [Poison Synthesis] + [Poison Resistance] + [Poison Appraisal] + [Poison Attack]
[Drug Dictionary] = [Drug Synthesis] + [Drug Resistance] + [Drug Appraisal] + [Drug Attack]
[Night Vision]
… . how is drug different
Kadomi [Knight]
[Sword Skill] [Bravery] [Decapitation] [Shield Skill] [Hunger Resistance] [Poison Resistance] [Flame Resistance] [Magic Sword] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Leap] [Endurance] [Light Magic]
[Clean Hit] [Shield Guard] [Air Slash] [Force Blade] [Fire Guard] [Energy Sword] [Explode] [Lightning] [Blast Attack] [Glorious Blade]
[Leap] [Increased Attack] [Increased Agility]
… . paladin?
Katori [Gunner]
[Archery] [Snipe] [Wind Magic] [Mechanical Construction] [Remodel] [Poison Resistance] [Increased Rapid Fire Speed] [Metalwork] [Dexterity] [Optical Constructs] [Transformation Technique] [Snipe] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Increase Output] [Maneuver] [Output Regulation]
[Needle Shot] [Wind Arrow] [Clear Breeze] [Wind Cutter][Laser Shot] [Destruction Beam] [Obliteration Beam] [Erase Beam] [Light of Destruction]
[Sure Hit] [Increased Defense]
Hariu [Assasin]
[Dagger Skill] [Dual Wield] [Discerning Eye] [Carpentry] [Acrobatics] [Poison Resistance] [Leap] [Night Vision] [Stealth] [Darkness Magic] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Three-Dimensional Understanding] [Stealth]
[Cross Cutter] [Double Slice] [Hayabusa] [Washi] [Fukuro] [Shadow Edge] [Shadow Walk] [Reaper Blade] [Shadow Wall] [Shadow Bullet] [Shroud]
[Energy Sword] [Increased Attack] [Increased Defense] [Increased Agility]

Toriumi [Guardian]
[Sword Skill] [Shield Skill] [Sturdy] [Metalwork] [Disassembly] [Handiness] [Perception] [Axe Skill] [Spear Skill] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Endurance] [Heavy Equipment Resistance] [Flame Resistance] [Increased Recovery Speed] [Art of Conversation]
[Clean Hit] [Shield Guard] [Greater Defense] [Greater Slash]  [Float Shield] [Castle Wall] [Fortress] [Clash]
[Sharp Ears] [Fire Edge] [Increased Agility]

[Sharp Ears] [Fire Edge] [Increased Agility]

Kariya [Priest]
[Staff Skill] [Light Magic] [Holy Magic] [Stonework] [Appraisal] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Gen Processing] [Handiness] [Enchant] [Combo Chant] [Natural Regeneration]
[Purify] [Holy Light] [Laser Shot] [Light Ball] [Heal] [Cure] [Shine Storm] [Ark] [Prayer] [Meteor Shower] [Auto heal]
[Light Cradle] [Increased Defense]

Maito [Maid]
[Cleaning] [Ripen] [Ballad] [Treatment] [Increased Recovery Speed] [Watering] [Clothes Manufacturing] [Dyeing] [Watch Dog Training] [Ferment] [Tanning] [Disguise] [Puppet Making] [Puppet Manipulation] [Fire Magic] [Night Vision] [Far Sight] [Handiness] [Appraisal] [Heat & Cold Resistance] [Poison Resistance] [Strong Acid Resistance] [Pain Resistance] [Babysitting]
[Prayer Song] [Wish Song] [Ignite] [Heating Control] [Extinguish]
[Clothes Manufacturing] =Textile Alchemy + Thread Spinning + Weaving + Sewing + Dyeing +Embroidery
[Teleport] [Magic Voice]
[Increased Defense] [Reduced Fall Damage] [Increased Maximum MP] [150% Maximum MP] [Reduced Movement-Type Magic MP Consumption] [Reduced Manipulation-Type Magic MP Consumption] [Increased Housework-Type Skill Effects]

… . . why so many

And well, it was something like this but .
“Oi, what’s this . Why has your skills increased by so much . ”
Ah, that is the boons from embroidery and dyeing .
Then it’s related to fire magic, ah, or, that . I got 3 resistances from getting eaten by the snake, those too .
“[Strong Acid Resistance]……”
“[Pain Resistance]……”
Somehow, Kariya and Katori are looking at that with sad expressions . I feel bad for some reason .
“Everyone, changed quite a bit . ”
“Unlike you, we’ve been fighting . ”
Well, yeah .
“Maito-san……is fighting in the kitchen! A women’s battlefield!”
Kariya’s follow-up is strangely sad .
But, that .
I don’t really see them fighting much, so I don’t really understand what techniques those are, but I’ve understood that they seem amazing .
Conversely, that’s it!
some seem ridiculous though
“So, here . Here here, look . Hagasaki-kun and Kadomi-kun’s skills are mostly katakana . ”
(T/N: aka they were english words written in Japanese alphabet, easy to translate :3)
We put the dog tags and our heads together to check, Hagasaki-kun and Kadomi-kun’s dog tags really have an unusually high proportion of katakana . I don’t even have a single katana!
“……what about it?”
“Isn’t katakana [Magic] and the rest [Skills]?”
Experiment . We had Hagasaki-kun put on the [Sealing Manacles] and try every single technique .
make the doubter do it
Results . He could use [Clear Stream] and [Water Mirror Song] . Also, he could just pour out water without particularly doing anything to it, then he could also freeze it a little .
Mhm, this matches with me . I could use [Fire Magic] with the [Sealing Manacles] on too .
……meaning, [Fire Magic] and [Water Magic] are not [Magic] but [Skills]! Therefore they can’t be sealed by [Sealing Manacles]!
And the basis for that is whether it’s written in katakana!
……it seems stupid, but is this really it~?

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