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Published at 8th of October 2019 04:50:06 PM

Chapter 94

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Both Xiao Yin and Hei Yue looked with curiosity as the ground split open . The ground did not stop shaking until the entire forge could be seen .

Large steps descended into the giant forge, Lord Qin slung the bag over his shoulder as he walked down . He went to work, setting up the forge and opening everything . Small gems on the wall lit up the hall and there was a slow hum with each one .

The small hammer that he used to open the forge was placed on a workbench .

Ming Yue followed him into the space . Hei Yue chased after her but Xiao Yin stayed outside, possibly sleepy and wanting to rest .

She was given one surprise after another by Lord Qin . All of this was new to her and to see a giant underground forge was truly shocking . It was completely different to the Jun Heng Forge . Large enough to fit a small ship in, Lord Qin's personal forge was filled with nothing but racks and racks of weapons and armor .

The center of the forge had only an anvil and a stone bed on opposite sides . Outside of the stone beds were a number of work benches, some were empty while others had unfinished works . She looked around, surveying the whole forge . Some of these weapons looked incredible, exuding an certain aura around them . Not one thing was the same as the other . Hei Yue ran around, stopping once in a while to look at the various creations .

"Many of these weapons are treasures from past blacksmiths, some are of course made by me . They stay here locked away because they have no master . "

Compared to these creations, the anvil and stone beds seemed out of place, average and ordinary although the stone beds seemed very out of place . She knew that they were important but wasn't sure exactly what they would be used for .

Seeing her stare at the anvil and the stone beds, Lord Qin explained their history and purpose .

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"This anvil is made of a mixture of special materials that I had found concocted myself . The stone beds radiate heat . The one on the right is used to melt down metals while the one on the left nurtures the blade with a gentle heat . My little hammer is handed down from my master, the previous Forgelord who obtained it from his predecessor . With each wielder, the hammer changes and grows . Each and everything here is a treasure that is made specifically to help me forge . "

Lord Qin carried the bag over to the stone bed on the right dumped everything on it . To her surprise, these precious metals began to melt in an instant . Following this bag of metals, he dumped the pieces of Splitting Moon into the mix . Turning red hot, the metals became a liquid, almost like lava . He took out an ingot mold and pushed the melted metals in with his bare hands . Afterwards, he grabbed Parting Sun and took it apart before tossing the blade in as well .

He took the little hammer from before and it began to glow red before transforming . What was once a ordinary hammer was now a large war hammer . The face was flat and smooth but the sides of the head had carvings of hammers striking anvils .

By this time, the ingot had begun to solidify and harden .

He pried out the ingot with his bare hands and placed it on the anvil .

"Girl! Get over here!" he called out to her .

"I want you to fill the ingot with your energy", he added .

She did as he told, slowly sending her power into the block of metal . It was the same sensation as sending her energy into Parting Sun, having it course through the red hot ingot .

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Lord Qin grabbed a pair of tongs and held the ingot in place as he hammered down with the giant hammer . It would be flattened into a long piece of metal before being folded on itself .

Thus came several hours of hammering and heating the ingot . Ming Yue had lost count of how many times the ingot had been folded . She just continued to feed the blade her energy . Hei Yue had left the forge by then, bored of the forge and wanting to play outside .

Every now and then, he would ask her to stop so that he could examine it . The large hammer would transform again and become much smaller and more ornate . He would tap it every now and then . His own energy coursed through the hammer and into the unfinished blade . Each time he did so, a resounding ring would be made and a spot of red would appear .

She watched while recovering, curious about what he did and could not understand what was happening . Nonetheless, she felt excited to be a part of the forging process .

The forging lasted another two days as she continued to fed the metal bar her energy . As time passed, Lord Qin became more and more delicate with the blade, spending more time looking rather than hammering .

It was beginning to take shape .

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No longer was it a rectangular bar but a long and beautiful blade quite similar to Ming Yue's Parting Sun .

At last, Lord Qin had finished the forging . With his last hammer strike, he took the blade and placed it onto the stone bed to the left of the anvil .

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"Give me your hand", he asked her .

"The last thing to do now is to give it a drop of your blood, nothing more nothing less . "

He handed her the hammer which had now become a simple knife . She made a small cut on her palm and squeezed out a drop of blood which landed squarely on the blade .

"The forging is now done . This is the second phase, molding", he explained, "What I have just done is create the template . As it is now, the weapon is in a similar state as Parting Sun, no elemental power within it but incredibly sharp and durable . However, it cannot be compared to Parting Sun's quality . By feeding it your energy and blood, the internal structure of the blade will begin to change based on what you have given it . Once the molding process is finished, you will understand what a divine weapon truly feels like . "

Ming Yue nodded, understanding that the reforging was almost finished .

She looked at the sword noting all of its differences with Parting Sun . It was an inch or so shorter and the thickness was several millimeters thicker . It was also slightly wider than before . Her excitement began to grow with each passing moment .

A little bit later, Lord Qin took the blade away and examined it once more .

"Hmm, how interesting", he said, turning the blade around .

"The composition is different from what I had thought . Eh, doesn't matter . "

He laid the blade on one of the workbenches and asked Ming Yue some questions on the scabbard and the handle . She answered them with out hesitation, asking that it would be similar to what she had before . Something that wasn't very eye-catching and easy for her to use .

In a matter of hours, he finished everything and began the final assembly . Compared to the forging, this process was quite quick . Then again, he isn't called the Forgelord for nothing .

He held up the final piece and looked at it .

"Mmmm, a masterpiece!" he announced .

He walked outside with Ming Yue and gave a casual swing at the sky . The attack was silent and incredibly quick . With it came a swift wind that shot through the sky .

"What sort of skill is this?" she thought .

To be able to cut so far was something she believed to be impossible for her, yet the Forgelord had done it .

"This is a wonderful sword!" Lord Qin exclaimed, feeling happy that his handiwork was good .

He handed it over to Ming Yue, who was still shocked by the Forgelord's strike .

"Well now, what would you like to name it?"

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