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Published at 30th of December 2018 09:24:13 PM

Chapter 20

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Roland had taken out many already taken out many testes; He wanted to impress the girl who had caught his eye with his strength . He felt a little depressed that she wasn't given him any face, maybe he needed to be a bit more noticeable . Roland has always been told he was handsome, and many women had thrown themselves at him . Roland picked up his great sword and started swinging knocking the other testes out left and right .

"Clank" His Sword clashes with another . A girl about his age had clashed with his sword . She had also had the same red-hair has him . Roland at this point becomes a little nervous; he feels the girl in front of is stronger than he is . They begin to clash swords, without the young girl's sword ever leaving her sheath

"Hey, that girl uses a similar style to yours," Rain said to Glass, Randall nods in agreement .

"It is the same"

"HUH!?" they both said

"Because I'm the one who taught her," Glass said

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Name: Clarity Regina

Lvl: 702

Race: Mermaid, Half-Intoner

Class: Demon Slayer

Element: Water, Fire

Clarity Regina is the youngest to a group of triplets born from Queen Noah . They meet before Glass ascended into Godhood and was still forced to Traverse through worlds . At the time Glass was a Traveling Swordsman, "Man," that visited the underwater Kingdom Atlantics that resided in the Infinite Ocean and Taught her the Slayer style she uses . The Infinite Ocean is a rare existence that can connect to the seas of other Oceans . Queen Noah's death sparked a War between her Older sisters: Melody and Remedy . In the end, Clarity was forced to kill Melody and became exiled from Atlantics, she now travels other worlds to improve her skills and may one-day see her teacher again .

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Glass looks sadly at Clarity, Melody did have this coming to her Afterall, but for Clarity to step in and end her life . It must have been hard for her .

"When did you do that?" Rain asked

"Who knows"

"You're not going to answer?"


Roland was having trouble with this girl it seems she was way too strong . Each time he clashed with her his arm felt as if it would go numb . But he didn't want to lose; he knows he can't beat her, So, he'll focus on defending, besides there is only one minute left . Then all-of-a-sudden Clarity backed away, Roland felt something was coming as he picked up his cape and covered himself with . The ground of the arena shock violently as a large amount of dust flew everywhere completely covering Roland completely .

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"Ding" a loud bell sound rung marking the end of A groups battle as the dust finally cleared up, revealing Roland who was safe from the attack .

Results Pts .

1 . Clarity Regina 356

2 . Roland Starfall 340

3 . Maxis Klein 281

4 . Dorothy White 275

5 . Yuyao Hastue 275

6 . Al Garcia 231

7 . North Valentina 230

8 . Aneko Yusagi 215

9 . Jane Charlotte 210

10 . Lich Keko 205

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