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Published at 30th of December 2018 09:23:40 PM

Chapter 33

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Faith is in the hen-house lost in thoughts; she had come here every day in the past month to look for a chicken's egg . When she couldn't find she walked out and into the courtyard or wizard's tower .

"You're still looking for eggs," Arthur said

"mmm," She responded emotionlessly .

"Here," he said holding a basket of eggs which immediately brought her attention, her eyes sparkled .

"Are these for me" she was a little surprised that Arthur would do something for her . Her smile was very wide and bright .

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"Yes," Arthur blushed little as he handed her the basket . Faith took an egg from the basket greedily/

"Hey, Arthur" She stared at the egg


"Have you ever tasted death?"


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"Hehe, never-mind" the next moment Faith had broken the egg consuming I raw .

Arthur had watched Faith crack open the egg eating it wrong, he was surprised, and then he was horrified as he watched her drop to the ground .

"Hey, Stupid Girl" Arthur hesitated before dropping to her and trying to shake her awake . His face had grown pale .

"Arthur" Kai had called with Merlin behind him, they both were shocked to see Faith on the floor seemingly dead . Merlin looked at his teacher in a nervous wreck and then he saw a basket full of eggs .

"Teacher, I… . " Arthur started

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"Arthur did she eat an egg" Merlin pointed to the basket

"Yes, she had been looking for one . So, I thought… . "

"She's not allowed to eat eggs that why I made the chickens impotent" Merlin was panicking as even he didn't know what to do . His teacher always had a death wish, even when Claudius was alive . But back then Claudius handled his crazy wife with ease . "She's Allergic" he whispered

"Don't Panic" A women with blonde hair and a simple white dress that has a modern appearance approached

"Are you a Dryad?" Merlin questioned on guard pulling Arthur and Kai behind him

"You could call me that," she said as she stepped closer and kneeled down to Faith and pulled her into her arms

"What are you doing?" Merlin questioned

"Bringing her home, of course" the women giggled . And then before Merlin could say anything they disappeared .

Mana woke up in the garden as she felt herself being held by strong arms . She turned to the beautiful face that was her son who always had a pure smile .

"Sunflower!" Mana called him as she gave him a warm hug .

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