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Chapter 38

Claudius was taken to a room water flowed from all sides and at the center was a pavilion where two swords where stuck to the ground . One was golden, and the other was rusted both seemed to have this glow about them . The swords felt like they would oppose each other, but live in harmony .

"These are the twin swords Excalibur and Liberator, they are seals that I protect and also your trial . To start your trial, you have to touch them both . "

"Do these swords possess a soul . "

"Yes, they have minds of their own and have an extremely stubborn personality's . They were King Grim's personal weapons in which she used when she took her human form . They were the ones who told me that Faith was Grim's student . "

"They talk?"

"Yes, when necessary" Meredith stopped in front of the pavilion "Faith is the only one who has ever pulled both of them out from their place . Excalibur would always allow a Pendragon to pull him out, but not, Liberator he would never anyone to pull him out . Faith was the exception . "

"So, all I have to do is touch them?"

"You've changed your mind . "

Claudius shook his head "My mother had always valued responsibility, and My father had always valued the country and his people . " Claudius touched the swords at the same time "It's not about what I want, it's about the people I'm to protect" The swords turned red burning his hands . Claudius didn't let go even though it hurt . His mind went towards the crown prince, the tyrant known as Troy . Troy has abused him and his brothers secretly, threatening them with more violence if they told their parents . If Troy gets the throne Avalon is doomed, he knew this and so did his brothers . To the people and his parents, Troy was the saint he never revealed his true self and only did so with his younger siblings, To display his power over them . "Troy sent those assassins after my brothers and me, all of them but me are dead aren't they" His grimaced from the pain .

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"You all were announced dead in Avalon this morning . Crown prince Troy recovered the bodies of your brothers . " Meredith said as she listens to the changes in Claudius' voice .

"I see" He closed his glittered eyes shut and small tears fell from his face as the twin swords grew hotter and hotter, their forms turning redder and redder . Claudius smelt the burning flesh of his skins, he ignored the pain . The pavilion started to shake, Claudius was trying to control his breathing and hold on to the twin swords . Then suddenly the tremors and the pain stopped, Claudius opened his eyes to find that the rusted gray sword was now a shining silver .

"Excalibur and Liberator both represent justice . Excalibur seeks to destroy the offenders while Liberator seeks to heal . You may lift your hands from them . You have passed the trial" Meredith said . Claudius took his hands from the swords as looked at them oddly, and they were healed . "Liberator healed them, and your fine" a light emerged in front of him "Take it is a piece to the amulet of passage . "

"Thank you" he whispered and then he looked at Liberator "You didn't allow anyone to pull you before, but now I think I understand why . " He placed his hand back on Liberator's hilt, and he pulled it out from its spot "You wanted to save not destroy" the swords glowed in response to his statement and he put the sword back in its spot .

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"You could have taken Liberator with you," Meredith said slowly .

"My ancestors have always chosen to destroy their enemies, I am no different . " Claudius looked back at Meredith, and he looked confused "Wait, have my ancestors taken the swords out of here before"

"Yes, but only Excalibur . "

"But, don't they seal…"

"No, the swords are the seals themselves . They can be taken anywhere" Meredith smiled "This is the room for the trials, they are placed here to test the heirs . "

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Claudius walked down from the pavilion steps towards Meredith "Faith" he said slowly

"Faith lives on the outskirts of Burne village with her student Merlin . If you want to see her again, you'll most likely find her there . "

"Thank you, again… . um . "

"Don't ask me about the other guardians . You're supposed to find them yourself" Meredith held up her left hand as she seemed to grow younger, making Claudius blink twice .

Snap, her fingers went before Claudius found himself outside close to the lake that no longer glowed . It seemed like it was morning . Remembering something Claudius rammed into his sloths looking for something . Until he found it, he pulled out the sharp piece that was the shard of the amulet of passage and signed . As he dreaded the going back home, and then thought to himself .

He wanted to see Faith again .