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Chapter 57

Yen had received her next dish to taste . It was soup-like, so she had to take her veil off . Revealing her beautiful face, giving her audience a surprise . She picked up her spoon to slowly examine the broth,

After she slowly swallowed it, she rinsed her mouth as if it was nothing .

Bai, the military official, was watching her intently, trying to take note of any expression she might make . Just as he was thinking she was an expressionless person . Yen suddenly grinned for some reason, before quickly returning to what it was before, and this time she was making a sullen face . And yet, she was tasting for poison as if it was natural . She was so strange .

He wondered what sort of face she would make next . It was the perfect time waster .

Another soup was then presented as Yen once again peered at it, her eyes had a slightly spark in expression as if she was excited to taste it . She swallowed it and smiled as though she was melting in intoxication . Her cheeks were flushed, eyes on the verge of watering . Her lips drew an arc, and from her slightly parted lips, she was truly captivating, as not a single person made a sound .

He started becoming jealous of a soup

Yen took a hand towel from her bosom and spat out what she just ate .

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"It's, poison . " She said, who was expressionless again and disappeared behind the curtain as the banquet ended with a commotion .

Yen had finished rinsing her mouth and was in the middle of zoning out when

"You were, well, quite energetic for a food taster . "

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"Pleasant day to you, Ren-sama . " She was going to reply with her usual expressionless face, but she was weary from the lingering effects of the poison . It was slightly irritating that she replied with a smile .

"Rather, aren't you the one having a pleasant day?" He suddenly grabbed her arm .

"What are you doing?" she said .

"I'm obviously taking you to the medical office . You'll become a joke if your so lively after ingesting poison . "

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In actual fact, she was energetic . She wondered what it would be like if she swallowed it without spitting it out . She was curious about what will happen to her body . Right now, her body should be numbing . She should have at least finished the remaining soup . She looked at Ren inquiringly .

"May I take the rest of the broth home?" She said her eyes sparkling

"You are, an idiot," he told her .

"I'd rather you say my aspirations to my work is high . " Well, normally, she would withdraw such aspirations . Somehow, Ren, who was usually pointlessly sparkly, had a different air about him right now . Although there's a new kanzashi on his head, the clothes he wore were the same high-class outfit from before . No, his collar was slightly disheveled . Was it because of that? His voice was somewhat subdued, and his gentle smile wasn't there either .

"He really is" Yen thought