Manowa - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Manowa 18

Let’s defeat the examiner


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“I-I lost!!”

5 minutes after the start of examination . That’s the time Jirou needed to admit defeat .

“Well, guess that’s it . ”
While Jirou was gasping out of breath, Kimberly stood there as if nothing happened .


It is the second fight, it was the continuation of the examination after the match with Yumika . This extremely one sided battle was appropriate for the examination match . Though Jirou attacked boldly, swinging his two daggers, the attacks didn’t even graze him . It ended as a one sided attack from Kimberly .

Moreover on each attack, Kimberly would explain Jirou’s faults, so the following battle became a torture for Jirou . He could have avoided it by admitting defeat, but in his case if he claimed defeat so fast he would end up failing the examination, so he had no other choices but to fight as long as possible .

While continuing to say to himself ‘since I’ve done this much’ or ‘perhaps with this’, Jirou felt the limits of his stamina and finally admitted defeat which is where we are now .


Actually Kimberly had investigated Jirou’s information after he had applied for rank C .

And he didn’t really expect battle prowess from Jirou whose main role is scouting . What could he do, does he have the eyes to see how much he should do, he is actually trying to asses those points . And actually, passing or not would have been seen at the C rank quest, at least that was the plan .


“For now, you passed . As long there’s no problem in the practical test, you may rank up to rank C . ”

Kimberly said it with a business like tone .


While collapsing, spread-eagled, he could only answer like that .

Then the third battle . Kazane turn .


“Fuh, finally it is my turn . ”

Kazane said it while stretching .

“If you don’t take this seriously, Mr . Kimberly will blast you away . ”

Yumika warns her from the side . Perhaps because of the fight, Yumika’s evaluation of Kimberly, was soaring through the roof .

“Well, I’ll do it so that at least it won’t end like that . ”

Kazane who said it looks at Kimberly with a face full of certainty .


Of course after fighting with Yumika, Kimberly realized she’s also not ordinary, but he still held a grudge because of the previous teasing . That’s also why he has no intention to open up to Kazane .


“Then, this is the last one . Kazane, come up . ”

“Yes ye-s“

Following Kimberly words, Kazane advanced to the middle of arena .

“Three swords?”

Kimberly noticed that other than the sword on her waist, Kazane also carried two other swords .

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(What is her plan?)

Kimberly tilts his head in confusion .

He had already thought that Kazane was no ordinary F rank adventurer, but in term of ability, he assumed that she was still inferior to Yumika . Or perhaps, Yumika was still hiding her true power…he also suspects something like that inside his heart . That’s why, together with Pran signal ‘start’, Kazane’s action shocked him greatly .


“Skill: ‘Golem Maker; Mr . Knight and Mr . Knight’”

Thrusting the two swords she held to the ground, she activated her skill .


As Kimberly stared dumbfounded, two clay dolls as big as Kimberly appeared from the ground . Then the two of them took the swords that were stuck to the ground, pointing the tip upside and placing the middle part in front while showing its surface, taking the posture of a knight taking an oath .


Even Kimberly looked at it in astonishment .

Seeing that, Kazane nodded in satisfaction . Then she pointed her finger at Kimberly .

“That’s your target, go defeat him!”

Hearing that the two clay knights ran simultaneously .

(So the two swords are the weapons for the clay golems . But this should not be something a rank F can do)

‘For a magician who can create golems, C rank is natural’ thought Kimberly . Since a magician is scarce, the valuation of them in the guild is different .

But Kimberly’s shock doesn’t end with that . The swords swung at him were three . That’s right, Kazane had also joined in the offence and Kimberly was forced into a 3vs1 battle .

“Tch . ”

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Even for Kimberly, facing with this he couldn’t help but feeling flustered .  He thought of hitting the sword to create a diversion, but the stronger he hits the wider the gap will be . It is clear that the three of them will use that gap and do him in . Even so, warding them little by little has regrettably no prospect . Therefore Kimberly who thought how disadvantageous his situation was, open his eyes wide and activated a skill .


A skill called [[Prediction eyes]] . It’s a skill that is able to draw information from the opponents and show the prediction of his opponents actions from that information, he also used this skill while fighting against Yumika . Of course that doesn‘t mean that if he didn’t have this skill, Yumika would have won . Only his superhuman feat of warding all of Yumika rush relied greatly on this skill .

However, will using this strong skill really increase his probability of winning?

(No way!!)

His prediction eyes only inform him of his defeat .


“I, I lost!!”

Hearing that, other than Kazane and Master, they all had a questioning look on their face . ‘With The  knight shaped golems Kazane summoned, it became 3vs1 . That’s indeed disadvantageous, but against Kazane amateurish sword skill, he should have been able to deal with it’, thought Yumika . Pran, Jirou, and Mondorie didn’t know anything about Kazane sword skill, but as they saw it, Kimberly’s sword skill should have already reached rank A . That’s why the four of them thought something like ‘how would he overturn this situations?’, while from Master viewpoint, ’when Kimberly failed to end it before the golem were summoned it’s already checkmate . ’

Kazane is a magician, and the two golems are sacrificial pawns that have no need to be protected . If he only stands on defensive he’ll become an easy target .

Master doesn’t really know Kazane skills in magic, but since she can create golems, then she should be able to use the grimoires chapter three . And in fact, Kimberly prediction eyes also detected fire magic presence in Kazane’s magic power . Even though she didn’t use magic that was enough to kill, since this is not an actual battle . (For her to adjust her power against me, the examiner, I have already lost) judged Kimberly .

“It’s my loss . ”



After observing Kimberly’s condition, she smacks her lips with a ‘tch’, and dispelled her knight’s golem magic . With ‘Zusasasa’ sound they crumbled and became two sand piles .

“I wanted to show you more, you see . ”

“This is not just about fighting, but it’s an examination match . When you summoned that golem, you had actually already passed, Kazane . ”

Hearing that, Kazane expression turned ‘eh? Is that so?’, Master also showed a questioning look, and even Yumika, Jirou and Mondorie . Only one person who understood the circumstance—Pran—nodded and while still unable to hide her surprise she said;

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“For an intermediate level summoner, as long as they had capability of a D rank, they can enter rank C directly . ”


Name    : Yuihama Kazane

Occupation    : Adventurer

Equipment    : Two Handed Steel Sword, Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plainclothes,Leather Trouser, Leather Shoes, Pouch

Level    : 17

Vitality    : 50

Magic Power    : 83

Strength    : 18

Agility    : 13

Endurance    : 13

Wisdom    : 26

Dexterity    : 15

Spells    : [[Fly]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skills    : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Charge]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]]


Kazane    : Look, this is the face of a winner

Yumika    : That’s just a self-satisfied look