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Published at 31st of May 2019 08:47:54 PM

Chapter 30

“Fumu . This is the first time I’ve obtained it without breaking it . ”

I pick up the Time Gods Scythe <Tokigami> .

A true magic tool chooses its owner and it seems I’m not compatible with the scythe .

Whenever I defeated Eugo Ra Raviaz in the past I always ended up breaking it .

I hold up my hand and form a magic circle which sucks <Tokigami> in .

I sent it to my treasury . You never know, it might be useful for something .

Now then .

I turn my demon eyes to the place where Aivis perished .

I see . I thought the flow of magic power was strange .

“Resurrection <Ingaru> . ”

Magic circles form at the same time as the magic activates .

The skeletal body shines with a bright light and was revived .

It was Aivis Necron .

If an origin is destroyed then <Ingaru> can’t bring them back so how did Aivis revive?

There’s only one answer .

The principle destroying sword Venuzdonoa destroyed the origins of 2 beings that were hostile to me . One was a mazoku and another was Eugo Ra Raviaz, however, there appears to have been one more origin . Before fusing with Eugo Ra Raviaz it had already fused with Aivis .

“Wake up my flesh and blood subordinate . ”

Light appeared in the eyes of the skeleton when I gave it some magic power .

It vaguely stared at me and said .

“… . . I have been forgetful for a long time…… . My own lord…… I remember now, however, my origin has learned fear . I finally returned to myself after seeing thy battle style……”

Aivis raised his body and knelt before me .

“Forgive me my beloved demon lord Arnos Voldigod-sama . ”

Apparently, this appears to be the real Aivis Necron .

“What happened to you?”

“… . I do not know… . . My memory has been erased, however, it’s probable that 2000 years ago after Arnos-sama had reincarnated I was murdered by someone . Our origins were fused and I was taken over……”

Is that just a guess on his part?

Well, his memory was completely wiped after all . Guessing is all he’s got .

“During the great magic training, I spoke to you in the classroom . Did they already know?”

Aivis nods .

Someone killed Aivis and fused with him . Is that someone one the Old Seven Demon Emperors? Was Aivis being played?

That person knew I was the founder and decided to kill me .

Time Manipulation <Lebaido> and Recollection <Evii> is only effective on those you designate . During the great magic training, I tried to read Aivis’ memory but because it was gone I obviously could not read it .

To read the past of the person who fused with Aivis would be impossible as I would need to know their origin .

“I see . They purposely showed me the unfinished fusion magic . ”

Because of its limited fusion time or maybe it was short on purpose they drew my attention away from Aivis and maybe noticing he was fused with someone else .

“Did the other Old Seven Demon Emperors lose their memories like you?”

“Possibly, or they might have deleted the knowledge of who did it from their own minds . ”

I was betrayed? Not an impossible story .

Oh well, I’ve got no way of knowing and guessing won’t help .

I touch Aivis’ forehead with my fingertip .

“Receive this correct memory from me . It’s not much, but it’s from when you were born until I reincarnated . ”

I transmitted the memories to Aivis with Thought Transmission <Liikus> .

“Your orders?”

“The person who fused with you was probably an underling of this Avos Dillheavia though his existence is not yet confirmed . At the very least there is someone who is hostile to me and knows I’m the founder . ”

Shame I couldn’t get some information from the mazoku who was fused with Aivis . Oh well, it couldn’t be helped . I was up against the power of Eugo Ra Raviaz so I couldn’t take any chances . Besides, my top priority at the moment is Sasha & Misha .

“Avos Dillheavia will be watching me and dealing with a mazoku from the age of myths will be troublesome . Even if I kill them they can probably reincarnate and they won’t be so stupid as to casually appear in the demon kings castle since I can turn them into rust on the blade of Venuzdonoa . ”

Aivis keeps his head lowered listening to my words .

“I’ll ride on that fellow’s expectations . I’ll spend my time in the school as usual . If they are planning something they will show movement sooner or later . If I put on airs and declare myself they will make sure I’ll spend my time chasing my tail and escape . If they escape it could be hundreds or thousands of years before they resurface . ”

A mazokus life is long and the person imitating me has already waited a long time . No matter how long it takes we can afford to wait for the perfect opportunity .

“Okay then . Since you died here Avos Dillheavia might relax a bit and be less cautious . ”

Now Aivis is believed dead he can investigate secretly from the shadows .

“Examine the rest of the Old Seven Demon Emperors . ”

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“Your will . ”

It’s about time . Should I finish up here?

“Past Modification <Ingudu>”

When I used that magic the white space began to quickly regain colour . The hands on the Magic Clock <Teru> begin to go round and round then start moving correctly again .

By defeating Eugo Ra Raviaz time has begun to move normally again .

I noticed that Aivis had already disappeared .

“… . . Wha… . . ?”

Hearing a mutter from behind I turn around and see Sasha looking up at the ceiling .

“… . That’s not moonlight . That’s sunlight………”

She sounds surprised .

“The space that Eugo Ra Raviaz created was isolated from the world and when I killed him we became unable to return to the time we left . As a result, we have arrived a few hours ahead . ”

“Morning sun?” Misha says .

“Yeah . ”

“…… . I thought yesterday was my last day……”

I laugh .

“I said there’s no such thing as impossible . ”

Misha’s face takes on a puzzled look for a moment before firmly nodding .

“… . Nn…… . ”

Sasha suddenly jumps on Misha forcefully and hugs her tightly .

“Misha . I’m glad…… I’m so glad . You see… . . errrm… . ” Sasha says while looking embarrassed .

“Saying that I hate you . I’m so sorry . I love you . I want you to live Misha . ”

“Me too . ” Misha takes Sasha’s hand . “I also want Sasha to live . ”

“Un . ”

They happily hold hands then hug each other again .

Misha gently strokes Sasha’s head who’s currently crying .

Even though she’s crying she’s also laughing .

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Fumu . It’s a very heartwarming scene .

While I’m looking at the 2 sisters they nod at each other like they’ve made up their mind on something and turn to me .

“Errrm… . Arnos……… . . sama…… . ?”

I inadvertently laugh at Sasha’s attitude .

“Wha, why are you laughing… . !? Ah, no errm……”

Sasha’s face floats a grateful look .

The origin magic had succeeded that’s why I cast Past Modification . The past is now altered and those 2 are very much alive now .

In other words, they now believe I’m the founder demon king Arnos Voldigod from 2000 years ago and since they believed in me the origin magic succeeded .

“Sasha . Peace isn’t bad at all . ” I say to her causing her to look puzzled .

“In this place, a little rudeness does not lead to loss of life . I got tired of a deteriorating world that only had fighting . I reincarnated here and I must say its a good time . This is the world I wanted to create . ”

My decision and gamble to divide the world into 4 seems to have gone well even if there was a slight miscalculation .

“Don’t stand on ceremony so much . What about the time you forcefully kissed me?”

“Eh… . wha…wait……don’t say it……!”

Sasha’s face turns bright red .

Next to her Misha mutters

“… . Kiss… . . ?”

“No… . Wrong! Friend . It was a kiss between friends! Nothing more to it… . . !”

“Hou . I see . While you were under Thought Domain <Liknos> I’m sure I heard you say from your heart that you wanted a continuation of that lov—”

“Aaaaaaah ahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh!!”

To drown out my words Sasha keeps yelling loudly .

“What are you laughing at mongrel! I’m telling you now you misheard it!! Because I was going to die I just said anything! That’s all! Understand!!”

I can’t help but find it funny how this angry girl speaks to me .

Aah . It’s a good age after all .

“Are you calling the founder a mongrel?”

“Whether you are the founder or not is irrelevant . In this time you are a mongrel . ”

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Her manner of speaking is funny so I laughed again .

“You can stay as you are . ”

“I was going to even without you saying so . ”

Sasha looks the other way .

“Misha is fine as she is . ”

Misha nods .

“Arnos is my friend . ”

“That’s right . ”

The Magic Clock <Teru> shows the time as 7:30am .

“Should we go back? It’s a perfect score if we get back to the entrance by 9am . ”

I point to the Kings Sceptre Sasha was still holding .

“I’m amazed . You’ve just gone through all of that yet you’re worried about an exam score?”

“I’ve changed the past on a number of occasions but I’ve never got a perfect score in a dungeon exam . ”

Sasha’s eyes widen in surprise causing me to laugh again .

“C’mon . Let’s hurry up . ”

“… . . Dead end… . . ” Misha points with her finger .

“Aah, that’s true . ”

I stamp my foot making a loud noise and the topography changes again .

After about a minute the dead end turns into a path again .

“After the exam is over do you want to come over to my house?”

“Why? What’s there?”

“My mother is sure to be preparing a feast and waiting . Also . ” I start laughing . “It’s both of your birthdays . ”

Sasha smiles while listening to me .

“I’ll accept that invitation . ”

Misha looked at me and nodded .

“I’ll go . ”

The 3 of us walked back to the entrance of the dungeon .

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