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Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A - Volume 1 - Chapter 1

Published at 28th of February 2016 08:20:55 PM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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To Be Edited:

From childhood, we have been told that we possess a unique <<character>>.

Whenever we heard people say that everyone is different, that maintaining our own values is good, and that differentiating ourselves further is even better, we would- how should I put it… feel a sort of excitement and happiness brought from our feeling of individuality. We are individuals. In this world no two people are the same. In other words, I believed I was ‘special’

Upon further analysis of this line of thought, it becomes apparent that everyone also hears these words, they too believe in individuality. In the end, it seemed like we were similar through our differences. Unfortunately, I had never fully analysed, nor considered this issue, in fact, even if I had paid attention, I think I would’ve believed that I, myself am the only special one. In this case, it is guaranteed that I am not the only person that believes that they are special.

However, I only had this way of thinking at the beginning.

Afterwards, by watching others gradually change, using their character to excuse “not being able to study” and “being bad at physical exercise” I begin to feel there is something strange going on.

Isn’t that what character is?

Following that idea and continuing without narrowing that line of thought, the excitement that I felt initially after hearing about <<Characters>>, like a balloon bought from a ‘Ennichi’ |1|, it gradually loses its air. At the same time, I began to understand the reasons why adults told us those words.

When I was roughly ten years old, I would intently listen to the words of adults, making amusing expressions in accordance with their words, believing them to be words of the gospel.

After entering fifth grade of primary school, the girls were the first to undergo change.

During PE Lessons, Girls would separate from boys when changing their clothes, participation in sports carnivals and activities also became separated in male/female events. A lot of friends I used to play with stopped playing the same games with me. What should I say about this? It seems as though the overall shape of the girl’s body had changed. Coming back from running during PE, don’t we find…some difference in the smell of our sweat? Towards the female gender, the quick speed at which they pass through puberty make it seem as though they are becoming another species of existence. I continually feel a type of feeling -an uncomfortable feeling. However, other boys also underwent the change, following their nature, they began to harass1 those of the opposite gender.

In comparing with females, I, a male, can be said to have had little change, unlike the change of the female body, which can be comparable to a comedy skit mixed with movie special effects. Even entering junior high2, my voice underwent change, my body3stretched up and pubic hair began to grow on my body. However, my rate of change, if put simply and directly, it is not worth making note of.

Using the changes to the female as an example, there is no need to go into the changes I had.

And then …

At that time, I want it to not only be me — everyone, and even the change of the comedic leveling up far exceeds that of the male species. From my observations in comparison to the male gender, the ones that need to be special is the majority of girls4. But from this I begin to understand the adult’s word of “character”. What one person says is and what is not, is ‘dependent on their own nature’.

The reason is extremely simple and easy to understand.

Because at the time, “the real thing” or something like “the real thing” would come to show their qualities. As they grow like the sprouts of a seed, it becomes obvious, their growth supports the fact that they are not the same as us.

Their change can be considered the same as the atmosphere felt in a movie.

Even as one of the mere mortals among others like me, some dare to say that their character is very special, fully aware of the characteristics of the real things.

From what we have seen till now, we finally understand why adults take care to strongly emphasize and push individuality onto us.

The reason is very simple.

Because no matter the intention, the result will still affect others, we will from then onwards truly face it, it is better to wait until after the sun has risen up such that the regular morning mists and the uncertainty has disappeared, because adults want to let us come to an understanding. During our lifetimes, no matter the circumstances, no matter what happens, we will only be the supporting actor.

Therefore, adults will pour their heart and strength in order to come up with ideas to not let us feel the same regrets that they previously had or their own self depreciation.

To Be TLCed

Yet the way in which they come up with the method, is mostly to sell the idea of individuality. The adults’ aim, mainly to let use believe that we individually are very special.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to say that this method that this method is successful.

For example, if it was said that I was a rock from a river bed, ignoring the differences in size and shape, a rock is a rock no matter how you look at it. Yet in the face of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones… there is really no way for me to lift up my head, stick out my chest and proudly declare that I am special. Some people are able to lie through their teeth to say that, but I can’t

Therefore, I—we will from early on accept ourselves as ordinary, come to grips with ourselves, and endorse the fact that we have an ordinary “character”.

And yet, if it is asked whether or not we envy those who truly had individuality……the answer is maybe not.

Maybe like that.

From looking at them, I innately come to feel, what special really is—it is not fully good, nor fully bad, but something that really stands out.

At the same time, inside I understand, what everyone says special is, it is something that exceeds the bounds of knowledge and personality, someone that everyone around them has called special right from the start.

Thus, from when I came to understand that, if asked whether or not I want to follow them, follow those that have a 《Persona》–ah, I will have to politely decline.

I don’t need the role of 《Hero》, 《Maou》 or 《Wizard》—even having the role of a 《Villager》 , for me, I feel that I already have too much character.

Before graduating from the government middle school, I continuously carry that idea.

If it is not so much like this, I really have no idea how to support the way in which we live.

“My……My biggest hatred is of the human race!”5

On the first day of middle high life, in a seating pattern set out as male/female, sitting in front of me is a female student with extremely long hair. During the once a year student introductions held after changing classes, after announcing our names to the class, in such a clear voice that it is almost impossible to mishear that voice resounding around the classroom, the statement was made.

In that one moment, the classroom was shrouded in absolute silence.

I pretend in my heart that I misheard. Maybe she said she has a hatred of relatives 6, maybe a really big issue needs to be considered, huh?Or said, she has a hatred of Japanese Pekingese Dogs 7?A type of dog similar to that of the pug dog.8 I am have a very big hatred of that type of dog, Everyone, please don’t mention that kind of thing in front of me—Like these slightly exaggerated possible meanings.

“May……May I ask……”

The female teacher using humongous katakana characters wrote on the blackboard ‘Jean Dekka’ 9. Her stature was all but big and tall, the only thing about them was her impressive chest 10, letting out a smile that has been plastered on as though their cheeks have been forcibly pulled into place, standing there kneeding her hands as though squeezing the skin of a watermelon.

TL rant: does anyone understand what I mean?

“Excuse me, Ryugamine student.”11

Not Wrong.

She truly is called that name.

Ryugamine, Ryugamine Ouko. She just a moment ago had already desribed the way in which her name was written, her surname was written as Sakurako12 and is pronounced as Ouko.13 Actually why would you use that pronunciation? It turns out there are actually students in the class with people whose names are weird. Whatever, that sort of pronounciation is not one befitting that of a young lady. Perhaps it is simply the name of a character from a manga or else a certain role that reflects the name.

“What exactly did you just say……?”



Not only me, I think everyone in the classroom lifts that heads up for a look. What is it?Above seems to only be ordinary ceiling boards.

“eeeeeto……” 15

Oh?Ah, so it is that type of noise! In fact she did not say above, she only let out a weird noise out of surprise.

“I, I, I, I…”

So bad. 16

I couldn’t laugh.

“I……I said!”

Ryugamine Ouko straightened her spine, the whole person immobile. Her posture, 10 points for perfection. It is asthough she has a steel support structure penetrating as deeply as possible int her body following along her back. Her stature can be felt as really short, maybe not even 150cm? A head of waistlength black hair in the light rays shining from outside the window, the tidy and straight hair reflecting the light. Even though it is described that way, it should absolutely carry along the meaning that the hair is not shiny because it is oily and unclean. In conclusion, it is a hair of head that is able to move people.

“I:My biggest hatred is of the human Race! I only want to at the beginning of the new year, to firstly let everyone hear that point! Announcement complete!”

Ryugamine Ouko in a sound like a fuu fuu sound boldly saluted. To whom is she saluting to? Roughly at the teacher.

Big boobed teacher … you really did not need to return the salute.

Rygamine as though having passed through a large incident let out a huge sigh of air, and then in a normal manner similar to that of young girls, using her hands to press from her rear down on the checkered short skirt straightening it out, sat down. Her shoulders fell, relaxing as if having let something heavy off her chest.


The entire classroom did not even have the sound of a crow or bird. Big boobed teacher blinked her purple eyes several times, let down the hand that involuntarily saluted, and then in an uncomfortable manner, put her hand together with her fingers crossed as if praying, praying her utmost to find words to say. She appears to be trying to grab onto something, and yet is unable to touch it, as if a malignant spirit (possible for youkai, check TLC) had hidden it away.

This group of mean spirited spirits truly cause people to overflow with anger. They are constantly seen coming out in exams, stealing the answers that were excruciatingly memorised at the last moment as if praying to Buddha for a miracle. Even if rumours say, they are the teachers, that for the sake of students, want them to carefully study what they learn in class, but this situation and that one should not be the same.

But- just regarding the most recent introdauction, where was the main point in what was said?

I don’t understand why she would speicifally make an announcement about it. It is not about the previous Pekingese dog, nor is it a specific type of animal, insect or food. Nor something in this world which someone would usually disclose their hatred of, it is as if it is a method such that the period of middle high life can be perfectly filled without problems due to misunderstanding. But if it was me, I would not reveal such a weakness to everyone.

And yet, what Ryugamine said is “Human kind”.

Why only that one single point, that level of thinking and criteria is truly too big, it is even bigger than what I can get my head around. Who does she intend to get into a fight with?

Unless she is a – 《Persona》?

Maybe they already have been decided as one of the special children.

《Personas》, when grown up, they will automatically come under employ as a special government employee. In light of the fact that everyone has their own personality, going into their world, they are able to creat Games, Animes or Light Novels, they becomes the characters that everyone describes in relation to the 《story》.

As rumours go, inside the so called 《Fairy Tale World》17describing a complex story world, 《Hero》 , 《Wizard》 and others of that type of persona, they are able to display the power of their 《Name》. In simple terms, they have the ability to push themselves to the limit and use spells.

However, in this world, they are simply regarded as being a weird freak.

In the eyes of a normal person, those people’s 《character》 are always followed by trouble, yet they receive protection and benefits from the country. They do thing that bring about profits for this country, on this point, I am not clear about what they do, or what types of profits are reaped. After all, this matter is confidential.

Unfortunately, I know the 《Hero》 and 《Wizard》 rely on that kind of job; they live a highly glamorous kind of lifestyle. They are really wealthy. Similar to what is aired on the net and television, we are constantly reminded of their living situation. Their home is a large mansion in a place which we do not know about, driving around back and forth in an expensive car, but each year, they only need to work for a few months in order to sustain their lifestyle.

That world is not equal, the highest echelons of society is made up of that group of people. Like all us other normal mortals, even if you say you want the role of another, you can only be the role of 《Villager》, unfortunately 《Villager》 only does jobs that seem to be minimum wage, and in fact it is very labourous work. From what I know, there is no adult willing to do that kind of job for the sake of the job making them happy.

But as the rumours go, even from a young age, their 《Character》 can already be seen, constantly, just like Ryugamine uttereing something alarming, something that will attract the attentions of everyone around the, those types of unsettling phrases –

But, I completely feel that in her words, that there is the slightest feeling of her trying her hardest.
Repeating that, her manner is too proper.

From what I know, 《Persona》, in order to display themselves, they become incapable of suppressing themselves. In fact, they take joy in causing people to think of their outstanding roles along with their unique fashion sense, also, the school rules especially agree to facilitate this point.

Yet, I can see the girl whose name is Ouka Ryugamine, wearing an ordinary uniform. What she spoke of – could possibly have come as a result of a 《Persona’s》eccentric personality affecting her?

-In the time I was contemplating that idea, Ouka Ryugamine turned around. Not caring about my desires, she absolutely was not turning her head around because she had possibly heard my heart’s distress18, but this sudden action, gave me no time to prepare are all. I looked her squarely in the face, unable to stop myself, I took in a breath of air.
Truthfully, I am extremely amazed.

From hearing her recent words, I originally thought that she should be a very bad lady, but very unexpectedly, Ouka Ryugamine would not be described only as a beautiful girl, but should be described to have a cute doll like face. Because the sound of her voice once heard can not be said to be excessively high, therefore, the fact is that her growth is not fully cooked19, this point especially causes people to feel surprise.

But, she truly grew up to be extremely cute.

Even if we are talking about individuality, Ouka Ryugamine’s face is already special enough by itself. Directly speaking, it is something totally different from any other person’s existence. Even including that frightening manner of speech, yet in her face, it becomes murky and unclear. In this time, forgetting what is seen on television, to this day, I have not seen a girl so cute with my own two eyes. There is a saying that being beautiful is an advantage, but I feel that growing up to become cute also has the same advantages, so much so that I can’t hold myself any longer, I just want to shout and rant that this world truly is not fair.

“…May I ask…”

She said something! Not right, for what reason am I making a fuss about nothing much? But she has her mouth open as if about to say something! Did she not say anything in the first place?

But in the end, my ordinarily simple mind, had already taken the words spoken out by Ouka Ryugamine and made them into an alarming idea, it already feels as if she is a special existence.

Her extra deep voice is extremely unbefitting of her youthful features, but they do not feel wrong for her. What has been said until now, her chest cannot be treated to having grown much during her growth spurt. However, in front of the big boobed teacher, it can be said the same for anyone.

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“…Why are you not speaking?”

What do you want me to reply about? Nor is there anybody asking me questions. In other words, she has already asked me the question? Ah! Hard but not impossible, she’s pointing out the previous matter?Yet it is said, she hopesto get my opinion as a classmate, in regards to the matter of her hatred of human kind and to provide an opinion on it? If this example is about that, for that I can only claim ignorance on the matter. But after all is said and done, I already won’t not discuss the opposition’s point of view, even I won’t discuss personal matters in such a public setting.

In my conscious, I am coming up with different ideas on what is being asked, and yet — it really isn’t like that.

The situation is not like that.

“Eeto…It is your turn? Introduction…”


I try to put on a calm façade, all the while my heart is letting out the despairing cry of that of a wounded beast.

True, I had already forgotten about that matter!

It seems that it is really my turn for self introductions! Because we are not going according to surnames, but are going through it according to the seating arrangement, so after Ryugaminehas finished, it became my turn!

Ah ah, how could I make such a sky reaching mistake within my thoughts!

How did I have thoughts about how she was specially asking for me to say something regarding a certain topic? What I needed was not a reason, I would not have my current mindset if that was such the case!

Huwah! Do you fully understand?

I tasted for the first time in my life the true taste of embarrassment! I can say with absolute certainty, all the times I have felt embarrassed before cannot be treated as having been embarrassed at all. Even including that time during the farewell assembly, where I was the only person out of the half of the the class playing one of the leading roles to make a mistake with their lines onstage, or during the times where I am unable to locate my diary and began making a fuss and randomly accusing others of taking it for a prank, when at the very end, it was located within my own storage locker. I have never felt this embarrassed before.

The me in this moment, has truly unwittingly walked into a very scary curse!

Calm down!

I need to calm down!

This situation can be found very often! Yet in this situation, would anyone around me understand why my heart is beating so urgently? Would Ouka Ryugamine understand? They are unable to figure out the reason.

I try my hardest to placate myself.

Gulping three times, I could not bear in any way to look at the questioning face of which the eyebrows had scrunched up that belonged to Ouka Ryugamine, I then proceeded to put her out of my line of sight and stood up.

Following that, I gave my self introduction and then sat down.

I think I should be doing it like this.

I should have given the name Satou Jirou, which is quite a common name, and declare towards every that I am an ordinary and a bit of personal information that is not unusual.

I only say should, it is because I can’t remember.

I should have faced the front desk, spoken a few words, but for some unfortunate reason, I can’t remember what I said. I’ve dug myself a hole, I might have given myself a ridiculous nickname that would cause people to smile bitterly if heard, I cannot be sure I said this.

No! I trust that I absolutely would not have done that!

After looking at her tilt her head, without a single word, turned around to faced the front, and then properly straightened her spine.

From that moment on, until the time the instructor finished, the only thing that i could remember is her back’s figure.

Only having movement in her hair, her small and frail shoulders. No matter how you try to stretch it, her figure can’t be called full, even without the uniform, it is easy to tell she has a small body. 20

Regarding that matter, I know another who is a genuinely “special” girl.

“Mmh, after all they are the 《Maou》.”

Another mere mortal alongside me is Saitou Hajime, on one hand ripping open the bag of fried noodle octopus roasted bread which he had bought from the canteen, on the other replying.The person discussed just now was not me. After all is said, what is up with the carbohydrate x 3 bread?

“Truth or a lie!?”

Another person, also from among the many normal people is Kimura Shouhei, while speaking took the crammed full of rice thermal bento box and delivered the contents to his mouth. Until this point in time, someone who lets the inside of his hair shine, most likely because of his plans to enter the baseball team. Why only those entering into the baseball team cannot leave their hair to grow long? I still don’t feel that having long hair would affect a persons ability to play ball.

“Oi…Stop spitting out rice as you please…”

Saitou twisted his mouth in protest.


Kimura in a joking manner picked up all the rice that had fallen onto the table and ate them.

It is the truth.

Where has your side dishes gone? How in the world can you eat plain white rice in so contentedly. I ate what I made myself – even saying so myself, it is cold food – fried chicken bento, in a part of my heart, I consider whether or not to give a piece to them, but I do not want to make them feel as if they need to give me some next time.

Me giving food to everyone might be seen as me butting into their business, as such, I banished that way of thinking. In fact, he had already sprinkled salt onto the rice, again on it, if taking that bento, we can form a rice ball 21, if that is so, enquiring further and adding other products into the rice would become irrelevent.

“You really spoke the truth?”

At the sight of Kimura while tapping his chopstick, asked a question in reply.

“Again, making sure, however.”

Saitou displayed his teeth which were covered in seaweed, nodding his head in reply.

“After hearing her words, it is not hard to figure out right? In fact, her family is super rich. Ouka Ryugamine is not the same as us.”

I pretend not to have heard, the sound of his voice contained a slight hint of envy; afraid Kimura is also the same. this is the silent agreement between us normal people of knowing, but not speaking it out loud, it is our way of dealing with the world. Even if we envy the items others have, but what we are unable to obtain, it is useless.

“Therefore said, her parents are also 《Persona》?” I ask.

“No, they are normal 《Villagers》, rumour says that they simply are rich. And it is not as if only personas are the only ones who are rich, is that not wrong?

About this matter.

“It is my first time seeing someone as a Maou.” Kimura said. “The school I previously went to didn’t have one. Satou, you?”

“My school also didn’t have any.”

Even so, there are other “special” people, but that person is a completely different girl compared with the Maou. Maou should have a type relevant rare ability, so rare in fact that within the whole coutry, there is roughly only 10 of them in existence. So meeting others opposite to that girl, the ability that they possess should be one that is rarely seen. Fact is, it is rare to find these two being in such close quarters together – it is truly a difficult to find rare event. Even so, that is not matter we should rejoice at.

Kimura while licking his chopstick, continued on to say:

“But, meeting the Maou seems like an ordinary occurence.”

Ordinary? Is the inside ordinary?

It is as if my expression betrayed me, Saitou joked:

“Everyone is saying that. I have previously been in the same class as her for three years, at that time, I originally had that kind of thought. However, you will quickly come to understand, the truly amazing people is not that flock-”

Saitou covertly points towards towards the seat located behind, there is a weird person located there.

“-knowing about that person, from just a peek of Ouka Ryugamine, she seems to be the same as us.”

That type of person is very easy to explain. 《Witch》 will dress up in the manner of a 《Witch》, 《Necromancer》would also dress up in such a manner following it’s theme. 《Rider》 and 《Swordsman》 types of people can be easily distinguished by sight from far away.

But Ouka Ryugamine is not the same. She wears the same uniform as us, in fact, there does not seem to be any unfulfilled satisfaction {this sentence looks like it is either in the wrong place or it is missing some context}. This matter is extremely weird. Because even including the girl I count as the most special, they constantly carry a replica sword on her back. Or it can be said, Ryugamine will only show her true features in a private?

“-Obviously like that.”


Suddenly, the sound of words came from the side of the desk, harmfully scaring me so that I nearly dropped the fried chicken in my hand.

Checking with my eyes, a familiar girl was crouched over the floor, sicsicsocsoc (onomatopoeia for something I think means sneaky) doing something I don’t know, on her back was the case for carrying the replica sword, shaking from side to side in an uncaring manner.

Tsubasa Hikarigaoka… at what time did you pop out! And also, who is it that gave you permission look through my bag in such a happy and obvious manner!

“Don’t randomly look through other people’s stuff, idiot.”22

I used the handle of my chopsticks and lightly knocked on Tsubasa’s head of golden hair.

The slightly forward leaning Tsubasa, dicdicguuguu (onomatopoeia for who knows what) stood up and pushed her hair backwards. Under the uniform, her ample breasts swayed from the action of her arms, as if it would soon cause the outer clothing to tear apart. Following the rules of nature, Kimura and Saitou were forced to gulp back down their drool. Despite that, there is no way to compare this with the water melon sized boobs of the big boobed teacher, but her size can be comparable to a growing rockmelon, so it is not surprising that it will finish in the same way. Even though I have been used to it since an early age, sometimes I still can’t control my heart from racing.

“What about it.”

Tsubasa put her hand on her hips, facing away, looked at me out of the corner of her eyes. The supporting strap of the sword slid into the gap between her breasts, causing her chest to stick out in display. Even if Kimura and Saitou stare unblinkingly, does not give the slightest crap. The reason is simple, because this girl-our actions just don’t register in her heart, so even if we all just stare at her, she will feel nothing towards it.

…I repeated the secret. Actually, even if I extend my hand and touch her, she would not react.

Following the example of a puppy burrowing under a skirt, it is not as if you would not kick the puppy away. Even so, she converses with us in a really normal manner, but originally, she is unable to put us onto the same plane of existence – not because she does not do it, but because she is unable to do it – from that, she will not have unhappy feelings. But, she will still feel embarassed.

Even with that, on the other hand, I don’t want to take action. We are all humans, yet it is not possible to be done. In another way of speaking, she would not consider us in the same category of human, meaning when she becomes unhappy, there is the chance for her to consider us in the same category as things that are not even human. She will uncaringly search through other people’s bags for that reason.

However, I did not plan to obediently allow her to search through my school bag.

This is not for Personas who are the centre of《Fairy Tale World》. No matter what kind of special existence they are, this world did not come into existence from their common sense.

“Haven’t I already mentioned, telling you not to without reason, randomly look throught other people’s school bag? This world isn’t as if you can do anything you want. ”

“I understood from an early age.”

Tsubasalet out an unhappy hmph sound.

“Therefore, I will open your school bag. Unless you aren’t allowing me to open it.”

“Why are you letting out an ‘I need to thank you’ aura! Since you understand, then there is no need to even open mine in the first place!”

“Ah, it is not possible. Absolutely nothing can be done about it.”

Tsubasa raised a hand, slightly tilting in our face.

“Because it is the nature of a 《Hero》.”

“How is searching through other people’s bags and desks considereda nature! I ask you, earlier, were you specifically waiting for when I wasn’t there, then went and searched under my bed, and then placed them out rather than returning them? You know that after my mum saw them, that night’s meal was filled with an awkward atmosphere!”

I repeatedly questioned Tsubasa, unsatisfacturally pouting my mouth.

“That matter was brought on by your own actions. Who told you to place sex magazines in such an easy to find place. You don’t have any sort of creativity!”

At the sight of Tsubasa with her shoulders shaking from laughter, friend Saitou, in a downcast manner clasped their hands together and said to me: “…Our condolences.”

Stop. That is really bad luck! As if I will from now on continue to meet incidents similar to this! Even if it is guaranteed to continue!

“Your friend?”

Towards Tsubasa’s sudden question, I immediately answer.

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“This here is Kimura and this is Saitou. ”

“Kimura san, Saitou san, douzo yoroshiku. My name is Tsubasa Hikarigaoka, I am a 《Hero》.”

Tsubasa displayed a smile that she would absolutely not use on me, faintly smiled at them in a friendly manner, in fact, leaning forward slightly to converse. Oi, your chest is shaking.

Kimura and Saitou both were amazed in such a way that no words came out.

They wouldn’t normally react like that, not without reason. Because, personas, did no consider us mere mortals worthy of their care. Towards them, we are just like empty spaces in the air, only when they want to see us will we interact with them in return. Just like we would not take notice of the small ants beneath our feet

However, Tsubasa wasn’t the same.

Maybe it is because it is a specialty of the Hero, in conclusion, she would not just ignore our existence, absolutely wouldn’t. On the contrary, she would frequently make small talk and interact with us, rather than uncaringly leaving us alone. Her main goal is to do good deeds, at the sight of someone having difficulties; she would extend a helping hand, all the while, whole heartedly participating in volunteering activities.

Therefore, Tsubasa is loved by everyone, everyone believes that she is a good person. Or most of it is due to being a Hero, the unmentioned parts – for example, tossing through other people’s bags – only picking on me, as such, she will attract ridiculous events towards her, everyone will keep one eye opened, while shutting the other eye blind.

“Is this the first time that you have seen a hero?”

“That’s, that’s right…”

Saitou and Kimura replied in unison. You two, your eyes are shining. It won’t be long before Tsubasa’s Ledearship qualities draw you in? I am not very sure of this, but according to rumous, that is one of the abilities affiltrated with her.

“– Therefore?”

Even if I was the one who broke the conversation topic, I know that if I continue to argue with her, I won’t gain any victory, so I decide to change the topic, returning back to the original topic.

“Why is it now always trus?”

“Wut?” Tsubasa displayed an expression of confusion “What did you say again?”

Why are you asking me a question in reply!

“Maou la Maou! I am asking you why she is so ordinary!”

Tsubasa suddently came to an understanding, displaying a face full of uninterest. Her emotion, was the same as someone being asked why octopus balls contains octopus.

Looking at her, it is as if she feels the question was not worthy of being asked. Tsubasa seemed as though she was being asked a regular question, but still seriously answered the question.

Tsubasa leaned back on the table behind her and answered:

“That’s why she is only a Maou, because she is she. Only by her lonesome self, without having to rely on the support of other people. Me included, Persona’s have a reliance for supporters. Like in the other world where it allows me to keep being me, the object that I rely on such as my 《Emperio Sword》. Unfortunately, she, Maou can solely rely upon her own thinking, her thinking is the anchor to her existence. So with just a quick glance, it is unable to tell that there are any differences.”

Even after listening to your words several times, I am still unable to fully understand them. Look, Kimura and Saitou are also baffled.

Tsubasa let out a faint smile.

“You guys don’t understand what was said, right?”

Isn’t that smile having connotations as looking down on us as if we were idiots. Or is it that I over considered it, but that is inexcusable and brought about a wave of regret, containg a hint of malice in the smile.

“No, even if I do not know why, I still understand it!”

Is that true, Kimura?

Tsubasa, for a moment, let out an amazed expression, but her expression of amazement suddently changed into a happy smile.

…This matter, what are you gonna do about it?

I suddenly felt that those emotions contained a sense of unhappiness.

Finally, Kimura as if having pent up something really big.

“Your meaning is, her ideaology replaces the need for a physical object, compared to others, she is extreme, right? Because even including wizards and necromancers behind you, they will not one first meeting, immediately say something along the lines of ‘biggest disgust for human kind’.”

“So she had said those kinds of words!”

Tsubasa, what are you laughting at?

“Truly like the Maou! Even so, it is very similar to what the Maou would normally say. However, what you say is not wrong, Kimura san.”

…Kimura. Why is your face going red? You probably have misunderstood something, That person treats everyone she meets like that! You shouldn’t think like that in a million years!

“Come, let me give you a suitable reward.”

Tsubasa took from the pocket of her skirt, taking out something that she constantly keeps on person: a stamp that does not require an ink pad, and then taking off the lid, pressed onto the back of Kimura’s hand. The stamps picture for some onknown reason was the face of a rabbit. Maybe it is because she previously had a extreme liking of rabbit, kind of relationship.

“That is the Hero’s symbol. You only need to do good deeds, by collection ten stamps before they fade away-”

“And … and then?”

The sound of your laboured breathing is loud!

“-Then you will have extremely good health.” 23

Tsubasa as if saying “But the contents are secret” stuck up a finger, and placed it against her lips, at the same time, blinking an eye.

Not like that.

Kimura, Saitou. Why are you guys looking at me with those kinds of eyes. I completely do not understand what she is talking about with the good health. I also have not collected it before.


Tsubasa returned the stamp to her pocket and asked, while looking at me.

“That most important Maou is currently where? I want to go and greet her.”

“Don’t know. Please, could you not say it as if I had hidden her somewhere.”

“Wah, you don’t know?”

Tsubasa uncaringly displayed a disappointed expression, while mumbling words blaming me. This person only deals with me so harshly.

Ah! You just said “Because you are a 《Villager》”! You are singling me out with that line!

…Really, that is enough.

Regarding my character, if taken from a game perspective, is an any time any place with no previous requirement carrier of information – if described in a cooler manner, it would be NPC – Non Playable Character24, but that does not mean I will know everything that you want to ask me. Also on a side note, this type of character due to a troublesome technique would on reflex answer the 《Persona’s》 questions.25

“I roughly guess she is at the toilet.”

Saitou uttered.

You are really well informed. Even if you just saw her leave, you ability to solve the riddle of her location is supernatural. If it was me, I wouldn’t know that girls would go to that place after leaving the classroom.

“Aah, it’s like that! Thank you.”

This woman, would only treat all those other than me in such a close manner.

“Come, you also get a stamp.”

She once again took and the stamp and on the back of Saitou’s hand pressed on the rabbit symbol.

No need to make a haha laugh, Saitou.

“She should be coming back really soon?”

“Aah, it is not like that.”

Saitou shook the hand with the stamp on it.

“She did not go to use the toilet. I don’t think she will return so quickly.”

Tsubasa in an unsure manner, considered the thought.

It is hard to blame her for that, Because I also really want to know the reason. Saitou, I don’t understand want you wanted to say?

Saitou laughed while replying to us.

“She goes and eats in the restroom. That rumour began during middle high school. A single person isolated and eating their lunch alone in the toilet – Ah, no matter, in conclusion, it should be like that.”

“Is that the truth?”

I understand why Kimura would press his hand to his head. I also have no way of eating in the toilet. That place is use to excrete, not to eat. Also, it is really hard to describe that place as being clean. Or maybe it could be said, there is a huge gap in the difference between the gents and ladies.

“The Maou is eating her lunch alone in the toilet…”

Kimura tilted his neck, the manner is quite unexpected.


I can reason what he could not explain. Ryugamine would eat in the toilet, maybe it is because she does not want others to know that she does not have any friends.

Maou would definitely not have students following her and eating lunch with her leaving her hurt, that point leaves me confused.

I thought because of her hatred of humans, being able to be isolated would be more of a match for her.

Back to the original matter, At the very bottom of it all, what is with the light in her eyes? That group of personas would not see us in the same line of sight, because she is the Maou, Personas according to what you said are self obsessed, not caring what others thing.

“I understand, I will return.”

Tsubasa as if nothing had happened, bluntly gave up.

“…Why do you need to return?”

“Yes, I will return!”

Pouting unexpectedly, she putting her hands on her hips and pushing out her chest. The originally ample chest of hers was pushed out further, letting Kimura and Saitou stare until both eyes were shining. Oi, you better learn to stop at the appropriate time. You may not care, but your actions have caused you danger from the other girls of this class as indicated by the cold disapproval from their eyes.

“Because, it is rare for the Maou to be next to me. Because I am a Hero, I cannot leave this matter aside uncarringly?”

Please don’t worry about this. Because you will only blow the matter out of proportions.

“No Problem!”

Tsubasa confidently shook her fist.

“Leave it all to me! I will protect this grade – No, I will protect the school, this whole town and not let the Maou harm it!”

No need for your troubles.

“See you! Jirou!”

So dangerous! During the motion of her turning around, the sword on her back nearly cut my face! But, Tsubasa did not even give it the slightest of her attention, not right, she was just ignorant of it, just left the classroom only caring about her own problems.

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…Few, she can be considered gone.

“That is the first time I have met a hero.”

Kimura opened his mouth, Saitou also nodded his head in affirmation. Evan saying that. After all, the Maou and the Hero, even if they are 《Special》 from amongst that group of people, they are special, a rare existence.

“But, you are truly freaky.”

Kimura in a heartfelt manner of admirability spoke to me.

“In what way am I freaky?”

“Normally, our group of peoeple, would absolutely never be called using out names by those peoplein greeting. However, she not only call you by your surname, in fact she calls you with your first name as well, it is nothing more than a name!”

Oh, originally, the one you pointed at is that one.

“Because we have known each other for a long time.”

“How long do you mean by a long time? Do you mean during the period of government middle school?”

I faced Saitou, shaking my head in reply.

“Even longer compared to that. Very Regretfully, I – and that person are childhood friends.”

Tsubasa Hikarigaoka lives opposite me – the situation is like that.

Because of school zones, from when I was in kindergarten, we have been going to the same school.

Even so, during the time I was in kindergarten, not knowing the existence of heroes, from among us, she was already showing differences, at that time I could only feel something about that girl, she has a special lifestyle and happily plays the character of a heroine.

However, looking back carefully, at the time, she was already from an early age giving off the character of a Hero.

After graduating into primary school, Tsubasa’s need to help others changed to become harsher, changing to become more active, serious, even the teachers also discovered her being different. After all, without asking permission and looking through other people’s properties, invading people’s homes without their permission, in that name of helping others, using unrestrained force, in the name of justice, only considering the result, using that type of method to approach all issues.

Her methods are so extreme that I thought that that woman was a demon.

But after entering upper primary level of schooling, the situation seemed to improve. From that time onwards, 《Special》students would begin to take lessons that were different from us, studies that prepared them for future situations. At the same time, us normal people would mostly go around playing soccer or basketball, at the time, I did not understand what those people were doing.

Afterwards, Tsubasa began to carry a sword around with her, we understood from then on, she – they are 《Special》, and we aren’t.

Tsubasa Hikarigaoka’s specific actions began to shrink down a lot, but did not completely stop. She just merely made smaller, condensed, reducing the area she convered to a centralised group.

Picking on me.

I became her locked on target.

Not only searching through the school bag, also invading homes and turning them into a mee, she only ever did these things to me. I don’t know the reason. After asking several times, she merely replies that it is a Hero’s character. That right, being called by the Hero without the use of a family name, perhaps being called like that is a really rare thing. But! I have to pay a price for that, I have to suffer through her exposing my childhood secrets! Because that person has even stolen a look through my diary! After finding about that incident during the first year primary school, I have not written a journal since that time: horrible, It is a habbit that I have kept since that time.

So – Kimura, Saitou.

“You guys now understand the issues with the previous thing, do you want to switch places with me?”

Even saying so, I really want to do that. A boy being a childhood friend with the Hero, and now being stuck in the same class as the Maou, that kin of rare example, if you want, I can immediately switch with you.

“No need, I refuse.”

“No need, I refuse.”

A complete refusal coming from both of their mouths at me!

As it maybe, the Maou, Ouka Ryugamine and I are just in the same class – my heart had that thought.

Tsubasa and I are childhood friends, we were already friends before she has even begun to display the character of a Hero, yet she call be called one of the more friendly among the Personas, otherwise, originally those types of people will not show an interest towards us normal people.

Now, our most important people – teacher, paresnts and 《Fairy Tale World》 related official personel etc, you only need to be ordinary, they will all treat us with the same manner, not putting us in their site, causing people to be unable to resist doubting whether or not they are unable to see normal people

No matter what, me and the Maou – Ouka Ryugamine only sit closely together. From now, Tsubasa, that person has a very good chance of coming back uninvited again, resulting in me and those around me being affected, but that is a matter regarding those two people, I am completely a bystander – I wish it was like that.


“I … I wish to nominate myself!”

When the teacher returned to class and requested for nominees for class president, seeing a hand suddenly raised up into int air in front of my eyes, I had a sudden small moment of fright, having the immediate thought “The Maou wants to control the whole class” sort of unsettling though, there were no other thoughts associated.

But, big boobed teacher began to let show shivers of fear towards us students, looking around the classroom with eyes pleading for healp. It is guaranteed, everyone, me included in the group, no one raised their hands.

That is guaranteed.

This is not something related to the fact that Ryugamine is the Maou, but because by government middle school third year, everyone knows that the position of class president comes with a lot of trouble. Not only dealing with small matters that arise from the teachers and students, they are also forced to carry the burden on dealing with the different wishes and ideas, unfortunately there is no rewards at the end of this job. It may be said that it is possible to beg the teacher to write a better reference letter for when you graduate, but the price you pay does not match the effort for effort, that is a point that is made clear.

Apart from Tsubasa, I cannot fathom why there would be anybody willing to promote themselves for that type of job. During government school first year, she became class president for a year, and then participated in the election for the student council, during the two years following, taking her duties of the student coucil very seriously. I think her work record should have become legend; rumours began to circulate from the middle school at which I studied – not caring if they are good, or bad events.

If Tsubasa and I are in the same class, she would already have automatically volunteered herself. However, the one that won would be guaranteed to be her.

It would become a Hero versus Maou battle, those that are not familiar with Tsubasa will most likely vote for her; even those that are close to her, will want to vote for her for fear of letting the Maou control the whole class. However, I know very well the things that Tsubasa does to me alone.

Even so, Tsubasa is not here.

“There really are no more nominees?”

It seems as though every student turned their faces away, letting their head face down, pretend as though they do not see the teacher’s pleading eyes. From the way the teacher spoke, if no one felt the need to nominate themselves, she would talk a person into feeling like they needed to nominate themselves anyway.

Uh … not only that, something is not right.

After all, Ryugamine has already nominated herself. Even if I know why the teacher has a wsih for the Maou not to be the class representative, you can’t just throw people aside uncarringly. That is just beyond reason.

Ah, the more I think about it, the more unhappy I become.

About individual personality, it should be said that it comes to you. The result is the same as when it was with Tsubasa previously, because she had too strong a personality, there was a need to suppress her, that sort of doing really causes people to become angry. (TL Note: this will need retranslation as the chinese may have had typos here.)


Since it’s like that, I am unable to control my emotions and raised up my hand.

As a result, there is only the reault of big boobed teacher quite directly letting out a breath of air. Her originally straight shoulders fell down, both her eyebrows also relaxed. And so, from the teacher relaxing her body, the front of her slothes became loose, allowing us to sneak glances at the dip between her breats, I tried my hardest to not look in that direction. It is as if going from an outside winter temperature into a warm room and letting out a relaxing air, the students all let out that sort of sound.


Very regretfully, the matter is not what you want it to be.

I stand up, take a deep breath.

“Since she is the only nominee, shouldn’t it be decided then?”

Clearly, I stated that.

Everyone’s reaction was expected.

The teacher’s expression changed to that of someone about to cry, from the students came murmers of discontent, worried noises. Amongst those are noises of people blaming me. I put on a smiling face, looking at those blaming me, I continue by asking:

“Why don’t you take up the job?”

Clearly, I truly said that out with my own mouth.

The classrooms atmosphere suddenly changed to one that frosted over with a thin layer of ice as tension filled the place. Uwah, I began to get goose bumps. It’s the truth, why would I do such a stupid thing? After all, I am only an ordinary student, yet the environment has changed to become difficult.

Whatever, there is nothing I can do about that matter.

Who told me to make my character this way.

I wish I could act more appropriately at the right times – but I am unable to do so. There is no way for me to give up on my character.

So everytime I meet that kind of situation, I become unable to stop myself, unable to recognise myself as a normal person – as though caught in a net, catching a school of fishes that is uniform like villagers, yet unable to suppress myself from doing that kind of thing. It is our shield and armour. If we throw it away we will get hurt. However, even if I understand that point, if placed in that kind of situation … I become unable to control myself.

Simply as a 《Villager》, I cannot bear such a simple matter.

For what reason is that? Could it possibly have been an influence from being with the Hero for so long, so we have been ffected in an unknown way? After all, that girl’s sense of justice is not just for fun.

I have said that which I wanted to say.

Even if I feel that I have done something stupid, I will not feel any sort of regret, nor will I regret this.

By the time I noticed, Maou – Ouka Ryugamine had already turned around, looked at me with her face turned partway. Her clean face was expressionless. I do not feel that this is a shame. No, truthfully speaking, it is regretful. But whatever, originially I had not said that because of her, I simply could not bear myself.

But –

“-Ah, I also agree.”

An aid appeared. Seeing the teacher let out a “Saitou, you also agree?” type of emotion, Saitou assuredly nodded his head.

“Throughout all of government middle school, I was constantly in the same class as Ryugamine, She became the class president during first year, the classrooms atmosphere was very calm, even compared to other classes, it was better. Umm, how should I put this? I think there was nobody brave enough to bring about the Maou trouble to the grade, nor was there anyone brave enough to oppose the Maou class president type of situation.”

“So the fact is like that.” Big breasted teacher muttered to herself.

The whole class fell into a moment of unease.

However, I can explain the reasoning behind his phrase. Because I have also had a similar situation in the past. Even if the one was the Hero, not the Maou, but I previously during middle high can say that the reason is is the same, a continuous state of peacefulness. Saying so, there is absolutely no problem, the one sole person responsible for causing problems was Tsubasa, everyone else was very nice, and the school was extremely quiet. It can be said, it is because everyone was afraid of meeting their end in a disappearance due to the Hero, also the Hero made it seem like this was a possibility. And so, I completely understand why Saitou believes the Maou should become the class president, everyone now will also think carefully.

The teacher looks around the class.

“Ah … That is … Since there are no more nominees, are we to trouble Ryugamine-san with the position of the class president, ah …”

In the end, while speaking, the teacher looked for signs of rebellion, but she already knew from early on there would be no rejections. The inside of the classroom was noiseless like the flat waves in a lake, so quiet that there wasn’t even a coughing noise to break the silence, everyone silently accepted the teacher’s words. Deep was that matter. Even if people think, by simply not opening their mouths, the situation will become like this.

“And so…the position of class president is to be given to Ryugamine san.”

Scattered unenthusiastic applause was heard.

The people that applauded, are those Persona similar to Ryugamine. They are the Magician, Necromance and Dragon. The other included the Monk. From rumours, it is said that our class has a higher than normal amount of Personas, maybe that might be the effect of the Maou? Not taking that into account, they all exist with relationships that are not reflective of the Hero-Maou relationship. So that world has neither enemies, nor are their allies.

“呃, that is … The next thing is, I want to also decide on the position of vice class president …”

Decker-sensei sneaked another look across us.

“Is there anyone who wishes … No other volunteers?”

It is a fact. No one raises their hand up.

It only needed the teacher to sweep her eyes around the four corners of the room for the students to move out of the line of sight. Even the persona’s, there is no one willing to become the Maou’s underling. I – I also don’t want to. I have already decided to refuse. The reason? Going all the way, it is because of my relationship with Tsubasa. If Ryugamine is the class president, the vice president will be put into the same corner has her, that is, I would becomes Tsubasa’s only target. I am certain to meet calamity … I can only think of that, I become unable to control my shivering.


After saying that, the teacher repeated “I thought so”. Saying that she though to … certainly I don’t have the right to be critical, but saying those kinds of words is too much. Aren’t you the teacher? Saying those kinds of words are a bit too direct.

Continuing on, Sensei claps her hands, as though having come up with an idea.

“Seeing as it is like that, we will just have to nominate someone. Even if you are not very familiar with one and another, some of you will have gone to the same middle school as each other, right? If need be, you can use those impressions of each other to nominate someone, that is good.”

The teacher once again looked around the room, unfortunately there was nobody who would meet her eyes, students in comparison to earlier directly look away. Someone had even looked as if they had fainted, while another just openly lied down on the table. That person is Kimura.

The result is as expected – this time nobody raises thir hand. That is guaranteed. If you nominate someone, that person would hold a grudge, going even further, the class may then isolate you.

Because of that. The following is what the teacher decided.

However, Sensei will most likely select from those that are Persona. If it is not so, the class president and the vice class president will be unable to communicate. If they are unable to communicate, there would be no meaning to select bother a class president and a vice class president.

Deckar-sensei exaggeratedly let her shoulders droop.

Sensei does not want to be hated by the student body. But, I do not think that will happen. Even so, the teacher is on our side, they are also a normal person. Saying that in another way, personas, even when pointed at, they would not feel embarrassed about it.

“There is nobody wishing to volunteer?”

She once again asked around, but it is expected that nobody would raise their hads. At that time, sensei let out a sigh. In the end, bringing the trouble to it’s final moment, a hand immediately moved, raised in front of my eyes. It is Ouka Ryugamine.

“Ryugamine san? Right! It should be like that. If you the class president are willing to pick someone, nothing could be better. Tell us who you wish to nominate, or you may simply point to them?I see, it is decided, you can pick whoever you want. Ah, that’s right, that’s how it will be done.”

Deckar-sensei placed her hands on her chest, nodding her head several times while speaking. Every time she nods her head, her extravagant chest follows in action, such that people did not know where they should be looking … please consider the people! All the boys are trying to lean forward and get a better view! Even I am included!

However, atleast for me, this happiness only lasted for a very very short moment.

Ouka Ryugamine like announcing Heaven’s judgement to the Earth, slowly bring down her index finger, closing the other fingers of her raised hand into a fist, turning her upper body, all the while moving her arm, as if poking her finger in my direction.

Eh?What? The matter just now?

“My vice class president… I hope it will be taken up by this person!”

“Ah? What?”

Inside the classroom, no matter if it was a normal person or a persona, there were no differences between the people. The situation resulted in everyone murmuring, there is a meaning in there, this can only be a miracle. But, I was the only one unable to connect the different parts of the discussion, mesmirised by the tip of Ryugamine’s shiny fingernail.

“Afterwards, it is possible for it to become very painful and bitter, but you need to put more effort and bear through it.”

Inside the staffroom. Decker-sensei sat on an armchair, using a tone as if recently having banished the spirit that had possessed her. Unfortunately sensei, your words are powerless!26


During the moment I let out a sight, at the moment I was about to push my hair up, Decker-sensei reacted in the same way as when I had raised my hand earlier. She immediately stiffened up, the whole body and the chair backed up. Crashing into the corner of her neighbour’s desk that was piled with a mountain of books.

“Ah! Ah!”

It was too late to stop it, an avalanche occurred.


“…This is not my fault.”

Anticipating what I’d say, Decker-sensei stared at me in the eye, however, immediately let out a dismayful sigh. The two drooping eyebrows looked as though they were about to fall off.

“I understand…unfortunately, don’t you feel that the one who is in the wrong is Nakamura-sensei? I mean, you saw it yourself.”

Sensei pointed at the table in a teary eyed manner.

“Nakamura-Sensei’s table should only reach here. Unfortunately, his materials have crossed over the boundary, no matter what I say to him, he will not mend his ways! It has already piled to such a height … It should have already fallen over, don’t you agree? Don’t you think that even if I hadn’t knocked it, that pile of material would have already fallen over by itself?”

“Umm … I guess?”

“Am I right?!”

Decker-Sensei’s face lit up as though she just received a million supporters. Sorry, Sensei. I feel that it is an invasion of area, but, even if I talk to Nakamura-sensei, nothing would change. What can the view of a student within the system do.

The main point is not like that.

“Teacher, I cannot do it.”

I cut straight to the topic. Decker-sensei let out a surprised expression, she understood what I was talking about without asking. Letting out a sigh, she murmured “You’re right”.

“I don’t know why Ryugamine pointed to me, but I don’t think I’m qualified. Do we not see each other on the same level?”

Letting out a groan in disagreement, sensei let up as if she had thought of something, then replied,

“Unfortunately, Satou-san, haven’t you already been recognised by the Hero Tsubasa Hikarigaoka-san? the fact that she calls you by your name has become a little topic within the staffroom, you know?”

Who made this known!

“T…That’s not wrong, but she and I are childhood friends, I was associated with her before her sense of wanting justice developed … Ryugamine is not the same.”

“Umm … what we can say is, we want you to think of some idea, however – “

Please carefully think it over!

“But, looking at the matter from the school’s viewpoint, your association with that person is desirable, therefore I feel that leaving this type of matter and arranging for you to take up the position is the right action to take.”


“Look. The Hero and the Maou are opposite existences, but by simply folding it up neatly inbetween, the positions of the two will become similar, is that not so? So it can be said, if you, the one who has followed the Hero for a long time, supports Ryugamine-san, the school won’t need to worry. ”

“What is that supposed to mean?!”

“I-it isn’t me. The lifestyle guidance teachers like the deputy principal said so and because I haven’t been here long, my position is weak and so I can’t oppose this…”

I wouldn’t know about these things! I only enrolled in this school during spring!

“The situation is just like that, I’m pleading with you!”

Decker-sensei was bowing her head as if praying until I stopped her with my hand. This was considerably awkward. All the other teachers were watching!

“Ah ~ that’s enough!”

I can’t stand this! At the sound of my voice, the teacher raised her head. I could see a look of relief and pleasure across her face.


“Mm, what’s the matter!”

“I object!”

Sensei’s face looked as though it was beaten up by an unseen hand. So, it is impossible to concede. The Hero is already enough to give me a headache, how could I also take care of one Maou!

Anyways, in the opposite view, that thing had no meaning at all.

It is guaranteed that.

I didn’t want the position and asked who would want it, however, nobody else wanted it either. If I decline the position, nobody else would want it either.

In the end, it was decided that Ryugamine Ouko would be class president, and that I would be vice president. Other committee members were decided in their own ways.

“What is the meaning of this?!”

Finally, I mean. During the next lunch break, Tsubasa, unnaturally ignoring Kimura and Saito, stared at me coldly.

“Have you fallen as low as to become the Maou’s underling?!”

I didn’t really become anything like that, nor am I feeling down. So, who did you hear this from? As usual, she’s the first to find out.

“…There’s nothing I could do. Ryugamine was selected, and I was nominated by her. None of the other nominees were present either…”

When I looked at Kimura and Saito, both of them looked away.

“There was nothing I could do, right?”

“How about it?”

Tsubasa folded her arms across her chest and snorted.27


“You have become the Maou’s subordinate, haven’t you? You can’t do anything? Ha! Honestly, it isn’t that you can’t do anything, it’s that you don’t want to!  So that is your determination! Surely this is also part of the plan for humanity’s annihilation!”

“You are talking about the matter of class president?”

When I asked, she had a huge frown across her face.

“No, I’m talking about you becoming vice class president! Do you understand?”

Tsubasa pointed her finger at the tip of my nose.

“The Maou could annihilate humanity at any time. It is because she is a demon.”

“It can’t be…”

I almost laughed, but Tsubasa’s finger, like a sword, didn’t allow it to come out.

“It’s true! It’s a similar case to the sword on my back. It’s…characteristic of the Maou!”


 TL Notes:

The harass used here is meant to mean slightly sexually like peeking into change rooms and a slap on the butt sort of harassment.  Junior high, equivalent to years 7 – 9.  The Chinese use of body (身材) is usually used to mean BWH, but this is a guy so. -_-  could also mean: the male gender needs to be more special than a majority of the girls. due to poor grammar and how you read the sentence  Human race: 人類 – じんるい – jinrui  Relatives: 親類 – しんるい – shinrui  Japanese Chin as Japanese don’t have any Pekingese breed: 狆類 -ちんるい – chinrui  Check jap TLC as this maybe referring to Japanese Chin and therefore it might be pekingese. Pekingese and pugs look very different: Pekingese vs Pug and also Pekingese vs Japanese Chin  This is a guess from what I could find in jap raw wait for TLC to translate the jap for a better name  The word impressive replaces the chinese words 雄偉 which is usually a description that usually refers to a mans 6 pack or masculine  This may be san not student  櫻子 – さくらこ – sakurako  おうこ – ouko, possible jap is 王子 meaning prince, however prince is normally written as おうじ but the second kanji, 子, can be read as こ    Up: うえ – Ue  Japanese equivalent of an umm  Can be replaced with ‘So unlucky’ Exact translation is Children’s Story World  can mean heart beat or character’s thoughts  I think they mean well done a a well cooked steak is described as well done and we are talking about a person, not a slice of meat  I think it is meant to be even with clothes on, but this is what it says.  Probably onigiri: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onigiri  Stupid egg, or possibly the chinese for baka  Chinese word used means healthy, but it doesn’t make sens in the context given  Chinese text use non playboy personality  Text uses technique but in rpg terms ability might be better or skill  Instead of powerless chinese use the phrase for meaningless  At me 

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