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Chapter 1

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Part 01 – The Marriage was Arranged

その1 結婚が決まりました

Translation by Solistia
Edited by Sam (of Xant & Minions)

“Marietta, your marriage has been decided.”

“……Marriage?” Summoned by her father, the king of Stellaus, Marietta steeled herself for whatever bad news might come after seeing his grave countenance. However, upon hearing the subject was her marriage, she couldn’t help but be confused. Wasn’t marriage…a good thing?

Her father was always going on about how he’d find a wonderful husband for his third daughter, Marietta. As the youngest princess, she was always fawned over by her elder brothers and sisters, as well as her parents. In such an environment, most princesses would grow up selfish and spoiled, but thankfully Marietta was a gentle girl; all the love she received turned her into a charming young lady.

She was also already 18. It wouldn’t have been odd for her to have a fiance at that age, so getting betrothed now should be a matter of course.

“Oh, that’s so wonderful, thank you father! So, tell me, who is it?” Marietta held her hands in front of her chest, waiting excitedly for her father’s reply. Standing that way, the fair, blond-haired, blue-eyed Marietta looked like an adorable doll. He must be royalty. How old is he? What color is his hair? What colored eyes would hold me in their visage? “Oh, do you happen to have a portrait of him?”

“Indeed……we do have a portrait. However, he is not of royal blood……” Marietta’s eyes suddenly locked onto her father, and the king of Stellaus continued in a quiet tone. “He is a General. Belvant Fergus, the General of Oltaire, is to be your husband.”

“A General?”

“That’s right.”

“Oltaire? The superpower Oltaire? ……Did something happen, some urgent military matter, to make you need a relationship with them?”

“…Truly you are a clever girl, Marietta.” Reflecting in the king’s eyes was his sweet Marietta, whose adorable appearance belied her wisdom and intellect, and his expression became strained. “And you are correct.”

“Then, could it be that by marrying this General we will be able to avoid some kind of war?”

“How did you know?”

“If we were to form a solid relationship with Oltaire, we would have the power to refuse unreasonable demands from other countries.”

“But still, how did you arrive at that conclusion?”

“Because, Father, you are always going on about how you’ll find me the perfect prince to live a peaceful life with. But now, you’re suddenly talking of handing me over to a General from the militant superpower Oltaire. If my memory serves me right, Oltaire has no princes of a marriageable age at the moment.”

“You are right. The only remaining unwed prince is just 4-years old. What’s more, the Oltaire royal family is currently looking to bestow a reward upon their General; such as a princess from an allied country.”

“And I qualify as such a prize, is what you’re saying.” Marietta did not mind of course, and nodded her head in understanding. “As a member of the royal family, I am fully prepared to marry for the sake of the country. To be able to do this for my people fills me with happiness.”

“Oh Marietta, such generosity.”

“Father, I am already 18 and a proper adult.” Marietta raised her chin sharply, as if to say ‘look how I’ve matured’…and failed. Her body was both short and slender. Her older sisters were all voluptuous in the chest, but, how would one describe it…it was quite obvious her chest was nigh nonexistent. She had truly believed that one day she would blossom as her sisters did, but at 18 years of age, such a thing had yet to occur.

That’s why, with her body like that, you could describe her with a single word: cute.

“Now then, what kind of person is this General? I would appreciate it if you could tell me.”

“Yes, you see…”

General Fergus. Before that name typically appeared titles the likes of “He Who Silences Crying Children (out of fear)”, or “Advent of the Fearsome Demon Lord”, and so on and so forth. Born into the lower nobility, with his strength and sharp intellect he quickly rose to the rank of General at the young age of 30. His glare alone caused small animals to hide, and even the branches of immovable trees would tremble. When he stepped onto the battlefield no enemy would live to tell the tale, and whatever the circumstances, without batting an eyelash, even against the most well-laid plans he could forcibly bring about victory from under his opponent’s feet; he was a warrior, fierce and terrifying as a god.

Thus, the king of Stellaus went to extreme lengths to beat around the bush as long as possible in his explanation to Marietta. “And that, is his portrait.” The chamberlain came in carrying the portrait under his arm and presented it to the princess.

Depicted in the portrait, his body indeed looked strong, and from his light brown hair to his icey blue stare piercing through Marietta, he did look like a demon…no, like a warrior. There may have been some artistic liberties taken by the painter, but it still exuded a fair amount of intensity. The portrait had revealed a man that could easily crush Marietta’s throat with a single hand.

“He also…appears to be quite tall.” Seeing Marietta trembling while covering her mouth with both hands made the king of Stellaus’ heart clench. “He could probably easily lift me with one hand.”

“I-I hear he’s both a strong and good-looking man. Marietta, I believe he’s a man who would protect someone as lovely as you.”

“Yes……I get that impression. I’m certain he would be my knight in shining armor……” Marietta had become teary-eyed. “It’s decided, Father, I shall go to this man. How soon until I depart for Oltaire?”

“In one week’s time……”

“As you wish. I must hurry and pack my belongings. …May I take this painting with me?” the young girl requested, and the king of Stellaus was no longer able to hold back his tears.


“This is the man who will become my husband……?” Upon returning to her room, Marietta closely examined the painting of her ferociously-faced fiance again. “How……how dreamy he is!” She was so deeply affected that, while teary eyed, Marietta’s face turned bright red as she softly exclaimed to herself.

“Such a strong physique with taut muscles, I’m certain he wields the sword as lightly as a feather. He could easily sweep me off my feet with one arm……eee, I’m so embarrassed!” Daydreaming about her expressionless knight embracing her, Marietta writhed about bashfully by herself. He’s like an aloof knight from a fairy tale brought to life. Whatever shall I do, my heart will beat out of my chest if I don’t see him soon.

“My Lord Belvant……My Lord Husband……” Marietta’s white fingers caressed the painting, and then she hugged it. “I’m so happy! I can’t wait, simply can’t wait to see him! My dreamy General!”

After all, Princess Marietta was a girl with a muscle fetish.