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Married 24 Times - Chapter 17

Published at 24th of August 2019 07:58:35 AM

Chapter 17

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The next morning, there were bags under my eyes . Julian had never even come up to bed . 'I'll see you', my ass! I looked at my phone . It was 5 in the morning . This bastard had made me so nervous I couldn't sleep . I tossed my phone away to the other side of the bed and covered my face with my hands .

Where was he?

I kicked at the sheets in anger, screaming into my palms . I thought my heart was going to explode last night! A long sigh escaped from beneath my hands . I lay there on the bed, unsure if I should attempt to sleep or if I should get up and get a head start on the day . He really wasn't ever coming .

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I rolled over onto my stomach, spreading out as much as I could . Fine . If he wanted me to sleep alone, then I would . I'd sleep all day .

My eyes flew open at the sound of a car engine starting up . I clawed through the bedsheets to find my phone for the time . I managed to find it . '6:27' . This was around the time Julian always left for work . I heard the car start to pull away from the house . Wait!

I rushed to the window and shoved the curtain aside . In the dim morning light I could see Julian's taillights as they disappeared down the driveway .

He had been home after all . He just hadn't wanted to share a bed . I slumped back into the giant bed . It was way too big for one person . I tried to push down the emotion rising in my chest . This wasn't the first disappointment I faced as Julian's wife and I was certain it wouldn't be the last . I forgot for a moment last night how Julian really saw me . That kiss was so out of the blue, I couldn't help but feel it meant something .

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I brushed my fingertips over my lips, trying to remember exactly how it had felt . Instead of remembering Julian's lips from last night, I remembered a different kiss .

'The ocean waves crashed against the beach outside . There was a dimly lit hallway . And a man pressed himself against me in the hallway . The smell of alcohol was heavy in the air . I kept pushing at him to get him off, but he wouldn't move . He wouldn't move!'

I shuddered at the memory . When . . . when did that happen? My fingertips were shaking . I felt an urge to scrub my lips with soap . I struggled to remember more . As gross as the memory made me feel, I needed to know when that had happened . Who was that man?

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I stood up from the bed with new determination . Forget my eye bags . Right now, I needed to figure out at least one mystery in my life . There were too many plaguing me . Would they ever stop piling up? This was too frustrating . I resolved myself to solving at least one mystery today, even if it were only a small one .

I opened the master bedroom doors with as little noise as possible and headed down the hall towards a door on the left . This was a room that was always off-limits no matter what . In all my lives, I was always forbidden from entering . I had attempted to peek many times, but always failed . Now, I looked up and down the hallway . I could hear a vacuum running downstairs . Ileana must be cleaning . I tried the handle and was shocked to find it unlocked . Quiet as a mouse, I slipped inside and shut the door carefully behind me .

I found myself in a dark room, lit only by the slivers of dawn breaking through cracks in the curtains . In the center of the room was a large desk with many papers and a computer . On the walls were floor to ceiling shelves filled with books . I spun in a circle . Other than the space for the windows, books covered every wall . This amount of books . . . could one person really read all these? I knew Julian liked to read, but I didn't realize it was to this extent .

I ran my fingers along some of the spines before I realized what I was doing . I couldn't get distracted! I was on a mission . I needed to stay focused .

I went to the desk first . I pulled open the drawers one by one . The first held nothing but pens and the like . The second were neatly arranged files . After looking them over, I realized they were only business reports . I put them back in place and moved to the third drawer . It was locked . There was a keyhole on the front, but I obviously didn't have any key and it wasn't as if I knew how to pick a lock . I moved onto the fourth drawer .

This one opened to reveal what looked like a junk drawer . There were jars full of paper clips or rubber bands, notepads and spare staples . I couldn't find anything that looked like it might be out of place . I shut the drawer in dejection . There was nothing here .

My eyes moved to the top of the desk . Other than some official-looking work papers I couldn't understand, there was the computer . I turned it on and sat in the large office chair . The computer hadn't been shutdown all the way, only put into sleep mode . A screen came up with the last thing Julian had been doing . There were many windows, most of them drafts of emails to work associates .

I ignored all the windows and opened his computer files . A new window appeared and on the sidebar I saw what I was looking for: 'My Photos' . I double clicked on the small icon and pulled up the contents of his photo folder .

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